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Clooney: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem

10/9/2008 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There aren't too many 47-year-olds who can take off their shirts and still have the ladies (and some men) drooling -- and for that, we salute you George Clooney.
George Clooney: Click to watch


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Over It Already    

No dear, it's not JM and SP logging on - it's real people. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, okay? I'm an independent and I dont' want to vote for either McCain or Obama - but what choice do I have really? Unfortunately, this country forces one to belong to either the R or D categories, which I abhor!! They both have bad opinions/plans on the most important issues in today's world... but all each of them care about is the 'TITLE'. How very sad. I don't agree with everything these posters have to say about the candidates, and obviously either do you. But they are entitled to their opinions. American people are afraid, as well they should be, about what either of these boneheads will ultimately bring to the table to help us. Don't count on either of them to do as you wish. Whichever one of these 'changers' or 'mavericks' wins, we need to make them accountable... we need to hold them to their 'promises'. The only problem is, I don't like the promises their spouting. So which of these lesser evils do we put into office? What a drag. P.S. How did the George Clooney story turn into a political one? Hell, I don't know, I'm just playing along. ;-)

2207 days ago


guest- you need to be a guest on Meet The Press and share all of this information with the sheep- Or "entertainment tonight" since thats were Nobama supporters get all of their serious news and political info.

2207 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

He is hot.. love the somethin' somethin' bulging in his shorts. He is hot hot hot.

2207 days ago


oooooh, didn't even see that..thanks!

2207 days ago

Laure H    

George Clooney is a first class piece of S--T. He is a white version of o.j. simpson. Where does he think he'd be if it was'nt for being on e.r for 5 yrs. and now to snub them,( oh he was good enough to be on there the first 5 yrs , now that he's a big shot , or so he thinks he is he's not good enough to be on their final season) They (e.r) and the fans made him, he would'nt be where he is now if it wasn't for that show. What a JERK you are clooney the LOONEY.

2205 days ago


I was in Puerto Rico last week. I was told by a fellow hotel guest that George Clooney was staying at our hotel (La Concha). The video clip provided confirms it as he is sitting on the furniture by the beach.

2202 days ago


I can't stand men that don't have any hair on their chests...they look too fem. A man is supposed to be masculine, which means hairy. Ugh, smooth men are quite the turn off. George NO hair on your chest, or are you trying to be a fem or are you being disgusting and shaving it for some yucky, pathetic reason? Gross. We like you Geroge, look more manly, please!

2200 days ago


Oh yes...the campaign. Who to vote for? Tough question and some are easily spoon-fed by the media to sway in one direction or another instead of thinking for themselves. Our second president was John Adams, who was a Federalist. His Vice President: Thomas Jefferson was a Republican. Why does it have to be one party or the other? Doesn't it make more sense to mix it up? This election has been one of the most challenging since I started voting: 1988. Enough said so get off the TMZ web site for now; you can look at George Clooney later. Do some research and make up your own minds when you GO VOTE on November 4th!!!!

2198 days ago

i love clooney    

leave george clooney alone. no matter what he will always be sexy!!!

2124 days ago
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