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Hef's Evil Twins Bust Out

10/14/2008 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a couple Vegas cocktail waitresses on the loose, the Shannon sisters escaped Hugh Hefner's clutches for a night out -- and nobody was injured!
Shannon Twins: Click to watch
They didn't say much about their past arrests for alleged battery ... but those mug shots really say it all.


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They are so nasty! Look at the other two with them, is that the aunts? Eating up the cameras! What trash. NASTY NASTY STD INFECTED CHEETO LOOKING twins. Sister sharing, ummmm ewww

2167 days ago


And Anthony, it's hopeless dude. Everyone knows that Celeste and Angela are whores JUST like the twins. Give it up already. Where are all the friends and associates, rushing to defend the honor of this group of Twin Trailer Trash? That's right Anthony. It's YOU and ONLY YOU.
There's no honor to defend. Now, if you don't want to get kicked in the face, ya better get back to writing comments about how "hot" the twins and their aunts are. LOL. Good luck with that.

2167 days ago


I'm glad they don't have implants YET... Heffy Pufin Mufin will buy em' and see yall..
I'm not one of those catty bitches who hate on every beautiful woman but lets get real here, these 2 are NOT, I repeat NOT hot at all. I find NOTHING appealing about them. Their personality sucks, they have no style and that cheap dress...well thank their up bringing. You can't just throw 2 WT girls in a big mansion and expect them to have class. It is true, money doesn't buy class nor good taste. Heff Pufin Mufin must be getting eye ball fuzzy because I do NOT see the sex appeal in them. Why is TMZ even telling them that they look beautiful tonight! DUDE, do you wanna get laid that badly???
As much as I dislike Kendra for being a ghetto wanna be, I think I prefer her and Holly more than these 2 rats.

What is with moving in whores in the mansion? Why are these girls are class-less and so desperate to be famous?
Being famous YALL, well its not all that its cut out to be. It sucks, you have no privacy and if you are talentless media whore.... a C LISTER... OR A D LISTER, welll you get cut to pieces my media and life sucks. These 2 inbreds are on the road to nothing. TWINS>? how gross... 2 is too much!

2167 days ago


I don't understand why so many people are being bitchy and rude when talking about these twins... First of all I think that anyone who has a mug shot taken looks like crap... I saw pictures of these twins when they were all done up and they are not ugly or skanky at all. Do u think all the playmates and Hef's former girlfriends rolled out of bed looking the way they do? No, it is amazing what makeup can do.They may be gold diggers, they may want fame and to live at the playboy mansion.... oh well, do u honestly think Kendra was in love with Hef? PLEASE.... she was after the money, and dumber then a box of rocks. Holly was geniune and beautiful and in love with Hef... the rest of em... NOT. These twins did not break anyone up, they did nothing wrong. They got in a fight, big deal.... I think people are just jelous that two 19 year old twins are about to become famous................. leave em alone.... at least they don't have a bunch of nasty plastic surgery...

2167 days ago



They look dirty and smelly, Hef it's time to stay out of the henhouse, it's full of SKANKS!!!

argh! I puked a little in my mouth :-(

2167 days ago


they most likely will turn into ALMOST every other girl who lives in hollywood and gets lot of attention because she is young and cheesy hollywood guys pay attention to them. they might forget that there is a country OUTSIDE of hollywood too. just because someone is being filmed and on tv doesnt really mean anything. its fun im sure i admit i would like to be followed around my cameras but i would just be myself, which is, a crazy weirdo! but fun and seeking attention, somehow!?!!! getting lost in a world of the internet, sadly...i have alot to offer the world! anyways, i remember seeing a casting for playboy searching for young girls with a year at the mansion etc etc. i never answered it of course! its all getting so over-rated! rolls eyes

2167 days ago


You can take the girl out the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl...........

2167 days ago


The only one that looks like Trailer Trash is Jamal who threatens to kick someones head in on a comment list. If you hate them so much why have you been following the headlines on the Twins since they broke out? Sounds like a little jealousy issue. I really also think that there close associates and family wouldn't stoop to the level of Jamal!

Anyways I live in Fl. and work at the WingHouse! I've never met the twins but have heard really good storys of them. In fact they helped my Best Friend one night after she was in an accident. They didn't leave the hospitol until her family got in from the east coast which took like 6 hrs. That to me is a Heart of Gold, especially since they didn't know her all that well. I'm most "def" going to watch them and the new GND. I've always been a fan of Holly, Bridgette, and Kendra and am sad to see them leave but hey, more power to them! Can't wait to see fresh faces and a kind of new theme! (Kevin your right I think Holly started to look depressed) I think it would be really cool to watch a reality show with twins. I have twins in my family and know first hand how entertaining it can be! Plus I've heard they can really get the party started and love having fun. I'm all with that! Good luck to them both. Were ruitin for you! FSU

2167 days ago

Another story    

Hef must be blind or on the rebound.If this two twins ever get on rhe show i'm not watching.

2167 days ago


whore in training. Hef shouldn't even have them as girlfriends... they need to be home going to college.

2167 days ago


re: 23 HEY DUMBASS I omit an 'a' from je'a'lousy and you start posting insults ?


Even TMZ makes spelling errors on these boards. I believe the truth in my remarks made you mad. Try posting something about the TMZ topic.

2167 days ago

Yvette the gossip queen    

I could sum it up, SKANKS!!!!!!!

2165 days ago
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