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Serena Williams

Handles the Swell

10/14/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing more powerful than Serena Williams' backhand ... is her backside. While surfing in Hawaii with her man Common, Serena showed off why she's really the number one seed.

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I am a white girl and I would love to have half of that ass!

2200 days ago


I am deeply offended by the comments on this board. Such as: I didn't know gorillas had big butts; or how can a fur covered monkey swim without drowning; I didn't know there was such a thing as sea monkeys. I will sue this site if this continues.

Serena is a champion show her some respect NOW!!!!!!!

2200 days ago

just wondering    

to number 43 ~ No, I do not have self esteem issue, I am just fine with my body. I am 32, 5' 2" and weigh 102 pounds. I look fine, not great but fine. I merely feel that large nasty women with asses like this should cover up. And she looks like a man.

2200 days ago

Aussie Mom    

Oh shut up #50, if you are so offended you don't really have to read a single word. Most of these comments are made to get under someone's skin.... and I make no racial remarks here. You fell to the bait. So get over it and find someone else to sue .. some people just get too worked up over comments. They are what they are. They are done to show what someone is thinking so if you can't stand the heat don't read it.

2200 days ago


Ugh...that's what lots of roids and pork rinds will do to you. Oh yeah, and her father is a racist.

2200 days ago


her a$$ is hungry.It is eating her swimsuit. For my 2 cents,that butt is too huge for her. She might be good tennis player but she needs to work on that butt. as far as the guy goes, he smells money.

2200 days ago


They can swim? Huh.....

2200 days ago

I know    

# 5Sha' Nea

Stop lumping all Black women together, I by no means have a shape like this, I am slim like Halle and Ciara. I hate when this race does that, not every person within any race all looks the same. You sound so ghetto doing this. I like Serena and I'm sure her shape and body works for her because she's an athlete, just like mine works for me. All black women look like this, please save it.

2200 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

Sure OMG#52

Sure you don't have self esteem issues. I'm also sure that Serena could give a flying f*** what your opinions are. Have another donut and a drink of your Haterade. hahahaha

2200 days ago


when pamela lee have them fake ass double ds hanging out nobody says thats nasty, her curves are in the back and real, and she is the best tennis player. damn haters, yall just giving her free advertisment

2200 days ago

something smells    

that is a great butt. round and lifted.

2200 days ago


SEE? Thank you Rob for clarifying that....it's just a bunch of skinny bitches talking crap about Serena anyhow....they all need to go eat a cracker!

2200 days ago

i'd be proud too    

shes got a good butt and i dont kno where number 5 has been and i kno that im directly connected to pure african but came out half black due to white paternal genes n let me tell ya

my ass is flat like a pancake....thanks to the wite genes HA

think beyonces ass, where its a nice curve going IN on the lower back but its basically a flat white girls ass on ahalf black woman


2200 days ago


****Anokie you complete IDIOT...Common is a VERY well known rapper, musician and actor. He has PLENTY of his own $$ and has been around a lot longer than Serena has been playing tennis....if you don't know your facts....please just sit on your hands ok??

2200 days ago

Deven Richardson    

When they tell Serena to "haul ass", she has to make two or three trips!

2200 days ago
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