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Britney: Y'all Are My Peers, Right?

10/16/2008 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsA jury has been selected in the trial of the century -- Britney driving without a valid license. Opening statements will begin shortly.

Brit's lawyer, Michael Flanagan, asked prospective jurors, "Are there any people in this room who think Britney Spears is an absolute train wreck...0 being a train wreck, 10 being normal?" Most people on the panel gave Britney a 5. But one juror who got dismissed gave her a 0, saying "She runs around half naked!"

The prosecutor asked, "Does anyone think this is a colossal waste of time?" It was both rhetorical and ironic, since he refuses to drop this ridiculous case.


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I am a lawyer. My point was, everyone is entitled to a jury trial if they so chose. That is the defendant's right, that is not a choice the prosecutor makes. Whether or not the defendant was offerd a plea deal is soley within the prosecutor's discretion. If she didn't like the deal, then by all means she should go to trial. That is how the legal system is supposed to work. She gets her day in court like everyone else.

2196 days ago


the taxpayers have just forked over billions to bail out stupid ass businessmen and now they're forking out thousands on a brit brit fluff case?

2196 days ago


I wish I could go back to when Britney was a trainwreck. I am willing
to bet that a majority of the people not posting positive for her said
nasty things about her prior to her dad getting her life back
together. In saying that, if she was able to walk away from this
you all would be complaining how celebs get away with everything, yet
because her lawyer advised her not to please guilty, she gets a trial
- duh I'm not a lawyer but I can read the back of my tickets. It is a
constitutional right to go before a jury. Another thing, Brit got
away with alot of things so I think it's about time she gets nailed
with something. Hit and Runs? Driving with a kid on her lap. This
brings up another point - she has so many tickets and fines and
charges against, this may be small but her history caught up with

2196 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I think Britney should wear her lime green bra at the trail. It should impress and distract some of the jurors.

2196 days ago


come on people like there is nothing else they can use tapayers money on, like shes the only one in cali who ever drove without a license maybe if she wasn't followed around every day with a camera up her ass and in her face ,why don't the paps follow around all the perverts and child molesters walking around at least you'll know where they are at

2196 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I mean trial. Spellcheck can't do it all.

2196 days ago


Oooh. Jill you sound a bit jealous ;] cant compare?

2196 days ago


Damn, is it just me or could a better photo have been used? Now my freakin eyes hurt.

2196 days ago


No wonder no one trusts lawyers, it's all about their ego's.

2195 days ago


And of course......the big bucks. Cause ya need those for the convertible Beemer---which offers plenty of headroom for the inflated ego.

2195 days ago

just shut up about britney!!    

no, i've always liked britney, even when she was @ the low points in her life. but with this...i just don't buy that britney spears is the only person living in cali (even in that jurisdiction) that's been ticketed for having an out of state driver's license. and if those people's punishment is just to pay a fine and they can even mail it...i don't see the need to take this to court. she should be treated like anyone else and i'm sure it was an honest mistake. hell, even i didn't know that! but to waste court time and costs over a case like this, when she's not the first person in cali to have an out of state driver's license, is absolutlely ridiculous!! this prosecutor is coming across as a bully to me! again, if she was the first and only person that did that...ok fine! but she's not. cuz think of all the out of state tourists that have had rental cars and got tickets...all they had was their out of state license. or retirees or college students. and yet, he feels it's justified to take britney to court. (rolls eyes)

2195 days ago

smells like Britney Spears    

What's "ironic " is that TMZ is covering this despite thinking it's "ridiculous".

2194 days ago


Prosecutor is a CREEP!! He is a an officer of the Court... That Court has an ethical obligation to distribute justice equitabely. Justice should be nameless, faceless, colorless. He had no right to treat Britney "different" because she is a celebrity. Here in an age of more awareness about Disability Rights and Discrimination suits,,,,, yet we still administer justice variably depending upon who the defendant is! This is discrimination and this creepy prosecutor knows it! SOMEBODY: PLEASE FILE AN ETHICS COMPLAINT AGAINST THE PROSECUTOR FOR OBSTRUCTION OF EQUITABLE JUSTIICE! Anyway.... who would want to "convict" a Princess of Pop!! ..... Our Sweet Britney Spears!

2113 days ago
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