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Guy Gets Richier

10/19/2008 11:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A story has been circulating that Madonna has struck a deal with Guy Ritchie -- a story published in The Sun. If true, the pain Guy may have felt over the marriage may be buried in cash.

According to the paper, Guy will get a cool $60 million, in addition to a country estate and a London pub. He's already got millions, but this really would set him up.

We can't confirm the settlement, but based on what we know it's no surprise that it could have been a done deal before the ink was dry on the divorce papers. Back in July, we were told the marriage was over and the couple planned to string out the announcement to coincide with the release of her movie and concert. The plan was for news to leak out in dribs and drabs, pushing Madonna back in the news and then the big announcement would come around November. It certainly played out that way.

As for Madge, don't cry for her too much. If she really is paying Guy $60 mil, it's something her half-billion dollar fortune can take.

Unclear what arrangement they've made re: custody.

UPDATE: Madonna's publicist released this statement: "I will not be commenting on the various reports regarding the divorce or of the settlement which has not been finalized." So there.


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she is still the Queen of Skank!

2194 days ago


He should get half of the old fart's money and not a penny less!

2194 days ago


ONLY 60 Mil? Guy you are a total idiot! She is a skanky old self absorbed B**CH! You shouldn't except anything less then HALF of everything!!!!!!!!

MADONNA keep your legs closed you old granny! It's disgusting not hot!

2194 days ago


They lasted way longer then I thought they would. She is sooo nasty!

2194 days ago

Lenn K.    

Madonna is soooo messed up. Even her divorce has to be timed for a maxium publicity grab. Guy, get back in there demand as least 200 million and tell her that's my basement figure. Tell her you'll write a book and the real inside of living with a kook and a whore.

2194 days ago


its clear the same person posted 1- 4 on here because it comes from the same retarded mind of that skank who raids every post on the internet attacking Madonna , leave her alone and get your own life for a change your only making her more famous and richer

2194 days ago


I think he's great. He doesn't want a big nasty divorce fight over money all over the papers. Look at it this way - he may only get 60 mil, but he's RID of her!!!!!

2194 days ago


Guy don't deservea dime all he did was hit the pubs and ho for 7 years while Madonna busted her ass working like a dog to make what she has, your all twisted nd need to grow up. MADONNA RULES!

2194 days ago


Ritchie not Richie

2194 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    


Reality check, LOTS of people can't stand Madonna's skanky ass. She's a foul-mouthed know-it-all and a world class bitch. I'd like to see her disappear, but unfortuately, she'll subject humanity with her crap for many years to come....since she can't drag her old ass off the stage. Finally, her current tour is a rerun of the last three tours. It's the same old sh!t.

2194 days ago

Rip It Up    

Good for Guy! He's dumped the c*nt!

2194 days ago

Truth Detective    

Madonna is disgusting white trash. She's uneducated and her statements show she speaks from the gutter. Guy Ritchie's quality of life has just improved 100% by kicing her to the curb. The $60 million is added gravey.

Madonna needs to STFU, but she won't because she has NO CLASS.

2194 days ago


First off, I think Madonna is a talentless, self-involved freak. She had one good song, "Papa Don't Preach," and she did a great job of lip-synching in "Evita" (I mean that sincerely). What I don't see in any of these comments is how the children may be affected. I don't know anything about Guy, except I find him attractive, but apparently he does not like gay men or any of Madonna's gay friends, including her gay brother. But that's no reason to judge him; that's just unfortunate. The point is: The children will now be left without parents (which, in Madonna's case, they probably were anyway). But in Madonna's and perhaps Guy's world as well, it seems the main focus of ALL the articles is on "what's Guy going to get." Who gives a flying f**k? What I want to know is why Madonna felt compelled to go adopt a child from another country and to take that child away from his own father, and then... for what... ? So she could make an album where she shows us her box on the cover? So she can ditch her husband... and then trash him in her own stupid concert? So, what, now she's a teenager getting back at her ex? Is this the only thing this narcissistic woman can do? I simply do not understand why people think she's interesting.

She should be ashamed of herself and her focus should be her children, not her vagina. She has earned so much money, why the hell doesn't she do something of value instead of parading around her bits? But then, I guess that's all she has to offer. I'm glad Guy is getting away from her. Let him find a real woman who actually has something to offer in the way of emotional maturity; I'm sure the children will benefit from it as well. Madge, get off your high horse and do something of value with your life and for the world. With a half-billion to you name, you actually COULD change the world and help people, instead of just waving your Venus flytrap in our faces.

2194 days ago


I actually think that Guy is decent man. I think he went into this marriage thinking (naively so) that this would be a partnership. It seemed to start that way then Madonna became Madonna again. She missed being in the spotlight, and when she made her 10th comeback she just kind of forgot she had a husband. Guy probably went to the pub to get a break and feel like a man again instead of Madonna's shadow. I think he as any woman would deserves some of the cash... Not all but some. I really think he is just so relieved for this all to be over, and he does not have to go around pretending that they have a marriage. I feel from her comments during her concert that she is mad that the divorce news came out when it did. I think she wanted him to continue the act and he had had enough. Well if she is with A-Rod look for them to be out and about as soon as the divorce is signed. If it is someone else then the same. She is 50, I know not old, but she has seen enough life to have handled things better. I wish Guy luck, and hope he finds someone a little less profile. He seems like a man who needs to be the MAN. There is nothing wrong with that.

2194 days ago


Walke up guys, the ol' whore is back on the market!

2194 days ago
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