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Sienna and Balthazar -- No Nudes is Good Nudes

10/20/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scandalicious Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty went on another ridiculous getaway off the coast of Italy this weekend -- and kept their clothes on the entire time!! At least in public...


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Everytime I watch Brothers ans Sisters and see him, I become enraged. What a low life!

2194 days ago


They must be aboard the USS Homewrecker. Hey Balthazar, how are WIFE and CHILDREN doning?

Huh, I wonder how they were found in the whole great big ocean? Did Sienna tip the paps off for pictures of how happy they are? What a couple of losers!!

2194 days ago


Sienna Miller is ugly as hell. No amount of beauty can make up for her white-trash evil behavior. I hope Rosetta Getty finds her in an alley and beats the crap our of her.

Take heart, Rosetta, when Sienna gets a few years on her, she won't be pretty, she'll have no skills or talents, no friends, and no one will want her.

2194 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Can you please give us a break from these two? Really, we don't give a f*ck about either of them. Don't you have something better to do with your and our time?

2194 days ago


I love how America makes any public figures personal life their business, I think his wife and kids went through enough that they dont need a daily reminder splashed all over the place. He might be a real sob but people should have some respect for his family how would you like the world giving you their opinions on your marriage?! BACK OFF!

2194 days ago



Here's the thing, if these two were not out screwing around while he is still married, there would be no story. If they could back off until he got the b@lls to file for divorce, they would not be on TMZ right now. THAT'S acting with disrespect for his family. Having sex with a 26-year-old girl while your 38-year-old wife (who supported you while you were addicted to heroine) is disrespect.

I hope these two fall of the edge of the earth. IThe public wouldn't pay to see Sienna have relations with a mule right now.

The paps are the paps. Sienna loves them. She loves having her picture taken.

2194 days ago


does this jerk ever spend time with his children, take them on holiday at least. All these lies he told about how he was looking forward to the birth of his last child and loves coming home . This relationship is all about sex for him and the Getty name and money for her, Hope they both rot in hell for what they ahve done to his wife and children.

2194 days ago


Yawn.....Sienna needs to be bitched slapped....Balt needs to be kicked in his shriveled nuts...The family that he tossed needs to take a deep breath and move on---His wife has my sincere sympathy!!!

2194 days ago


Actually, these two adults can srew as much as they want and it's none of your busines. Married or not.
They dont belong to your church and they don't have to go by your rules.

2194 days ago


Why doesn't he divorce his wife if he is SO MUCH in love with this woman?

2194 days ago


Yeah he sure is working hard to get his wife back. Haha!

2194 days ago



The "rules" involved here are wedding vows that Balthazar chose to take and Sienna chose to help him break. That's that the church but a legal binding contract. We are not pulling this stuff out of our butss, you know.

Yup, they can screw all they want, but they better deal with the fact that some people don't take kindly to a guy abandoning his family to float on a boat with Tramporina

2194 days ago



2194 days ago


okay, so, just because you havent dealt with these sorts of things in your lives does not make it okay for you to judge others. Get some manners and dont be so rude! Who knows what thier relationship is really like, we are not them, so even to consider an assumption of what they may be feeling is most likely wrong. Who is to say that one day, you may fall in love with someone else while married or while in the midst of a divorce? Do you try to test the bonds of your marriage or do you test the strengh of your new relationship? No answer is really the right one. It depends on what is right for them, not what you think is right. Go ahead and share your judgements, but realize in shouting thier names in judgement God will cast his eyes on you as well. Not to say that I am a regular attendee of church, but really, I do believe in something out there.
And PS it does take two to tango, as it does in all relationhips. Dont just blame one, both have made mistakes, be sure of that!

2194 days ago


Funny how this woman cried victim when Jude cheated on her with the nanny. She was just so traumatized that she went out and did the same thing to some other family. So much for sisterhood.

2194 days ago
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