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Wasted Kendra -- a Flash of Desperation

10/22/2008 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that all the girls at the mansion are being replaced by younger, trashier, twin-ier models, a stumbling, bumbling Kendra Wilkinson had to find some way to remain relevant after partying in a Hollywood nightclub last night.
Kendra Wilkinson: Click to watch
Yeah, this works.


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Fan Since 2007!!!    


Ye offend me, mate!

Have at you!

2195 days ago


I like the Girls Next Door, but don't understand why they feel the need to constantly flash themselves. Get a grip.

2195 days ago

100% Me    

haha, i thought it was a babies head also.

Can we all say "white trailer trash"?????

Also, i am so over this Big Mr. P! This man can't work? Please Get A JOB!!!!

2195 days ago

Black Teef    

She looks sad. Those rocks on her chest look painful. Guess several years of slurping old man semen will do that to a gal.

2195 days ago


Oh Yeah Kendra you look very forkable....nice accomplishment. No other woman has 1...So you get out there and Do some willies. *LOL* just another dumbass who thinks she is speical....low lifes like you come a dime a dozen and Even Ugly Fat gross woman get laid with a snap of their fingers. So have fun being some mans trash.

2195 days ago


Yikes, that surgeon SHOULD be outed as someone else said. That's a bad job.

2195 days ago


Well folks...take a look at her mother! That woman obviously shows wear and tare like a old used up car. Kendra grew up without a father figure so, you can't really blame her for being who she is. A girl like that who is trailor trash,..suddenly becomes semi-known and lives in Hef's mansion.... everything is thrown quick and this girl has no brains to handle it well.
Hef looks for girls that are brain dead and therefor, obviously you are not going to see Kendra at any decent, classy event. This girl is all about T & A! There is nothing substantial about her way of thinking nor her way of acting. You are even lucky if this girl is literate! She can't speak properly, let alone read properly. Having a conversation with her is like talking to a 6 yr old child. You can be raised trailor trash-like but as you get older, you would think someone would want to try to change and break the spell.... ????

2195 days ago


Wow! There are some jealous uptight b*tches commenting on here! Kendra likes to flash, if you watch GND you know that. If you don't, why watch or comment on the vid? Some are so uptight I wonder what they are doing visiting TMZ in the 1st place! She's a beautiful young girl having a good time. Deal with it or don't watch!

2195 days ago


She's trash. Good luck finding work to keep up your lifestyle now. Maybe Larry Flynt will take care of you.
Good luck with everything Kendra!
Your gonna need it.

2195 days ago


HEYYY #42.... uptight? You must be another dumb b*****! Women are so DUMB!! I am no harvard graduate however I feel like my level of thought processing is beyond most women's. People are NOT jealous of Kendra nor are they uptight.. Flashing your round mellons in public isn't something that a classy lady does! Kendra's IQ is at a level where I'm surprised her brain allows her to breathe oxygen! You, for one are a complete moron and a disgrace to all women. It is shocking how dumb most women are, I understand why most men tap and leave....If I was a dude, I'd do the same. Your typical female is insecure beyond the normal level and the brain seems to be under-developed! French is my 1st language and I am sure I speak better English than Kendra and most people in the United States! SAD!

2195 days ago


I think she would be the first to tell the truth about what really went on with Hef ... as far as the current ex-trio. Cmon Kendra, inquiring minds want to know.

2195 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

The headline could've been "Kendra nurses her newborn",
Nobody would've known...

2195 days ago


Hef was what made Kendra relevent. Her boobs might land her a job as a stripper but we won't be seeing her in any films or TV shows. Hef got her "foot in the door" for a few things where she had the chance to sink or swim and she sank. This shot of her boob is PATHETIC. Hef was Kendras 15 minutes of fame, it's over.

2195 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


I be through with ye,
Wenches, ye know where to find me...

2195 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Nay, nay,

Me parting words,
Ye best all be not challenging me craft, for I, Dr. Ripper, Esq. have prevaled over a century now in your fetid memory. I may begoe from yon post but I shall return hence for there shall always be likes of Miss Kendra to fill my pleasure...

Pull my license, ye say? Nay, nay never...

Now begone, the likes o' ye...

2195 days ago
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