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Chicago PD

Pursuing Car Dispute Theory

10/25/2008 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources now tell TMZ they are indeed looking into what appears to be a dispute over a car in the investigation of the murders of Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother.

As we reported below, Julia, the estranged wife of suspect William Balfour, complained that Balfour wrongfully sold a car, causing her to hitch a ride with brother Jason, one of the victims.

Several neighbors last night talked about a recent dispute over stealing a car, in which an unnamed family member promised "revenge."

TMZ has spoken with several other neighbors this morning who say Julia complained to them that William Balfour sold one of their cars without permission. One neighbor told TMZ the dispute got so heated William threatened to "kill Julia's family" but she didn't report it because she didn't take it seriously.

As for the dispute over the car being the trigger, our sources say cops are pursuing the lead but are looking at everything.

And our law enforcement sources say people other than Balfour have been interviewed as well.

UPDATE: WFLD in Chicago has confirmed the FBI is now assisting the search for Julia's 7-year-old son, Julian King.


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Former Jamie Foxx Fan    

This is horrible....

2192 days ago


This is so horrific it defies words!...but my question is where is Julia Hudson? They keep saying Julian is missing and have an Amber Alert for him, but no mention of Julia, his mother. The only mention so far is she worked her her shift at the bus company and hasn't been seen since??? Is she another victim or anothr suspect???????

2192 days ago


Other sites are now reporting that it was Julia that found her mother after she came home from work. I hope she is okay, as well as her son.

2192 days ago


To me, that was a dumb move on Julia's behalf, if he had threatened to kill her family when he has a record of attempted murder, EVERYTHING should be taken seriously. More than likely she didn't report it because she loved him to the point where he thought he would change when he obviously hasn;t by attempting to steal cars and selling cars and now could have possibly killed her family. This is such a devastating time for JHud and God pray that little boy will be found.

2192 days ago


What a revolting family.

2192 days ago



...oh really? So how would that explain other crimes and killings committed by all races? If we shunned and tossed aside every race that committed serious crimes, guess what? It wouldn't be a WHITE house -- it would be an EMPTY house.

2192 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

This girl just lost 2 family members and you (TMZ) are making a mockery of this tragic ordeal. You are a bunch of shameless children. What are you trying to say they got what they had coming? You people are shameless monsters.

2192 days ago


You need to moderate these forums.
The comments by Truth Teller are disgusting.
Please remove that comment.
Truth Teller is a loser racist.

2192 days ago


I live in chicago.... and englewood (where hudsons mother lives) is the WORST part of chicago... you would think that jenniffer after making all that money would buy her mother a home in a better neighboorhood or a suburb of chicago... thats sad

2192 days ago


Does she not talk to the family? Surely she had to have been aware they were all sharing one freakin car! What? she couldn't buy her mom and sis a car??!! She just left them far behind when she got famous. She has their blood on her hands. She is selfish and cold. She isn't even a very good singer.

2192 days ago


"thuglife" at its finest! ...or was there a McCain/Palin sticker on the car?

2192 days ago

Phil N ATL    

On Julia's my space page it says that she last logged in today (10/25)....or was that the MY SPACE administration...logging in...but WHERE is JULIA...she says William is "her man"....and aint she so much. Poor Family. God Bless!

2192 days ago


THis entire scene is so tragic - i'm sure all our hearts go out to the family. As far as Balfour is concerned - his family is freaking nuts I think - CNN is reporting that "Davis-Balfour (suspect's mom) said she had asked police to allow her 15-year-old daughter, Sensuous, to talk with William Balfour, but said authorities would not let her speak to him. " What sort of mother names her daughter "Sensuous". How the Hudson's got hooked up with these people I'll never understand.

2192 days ago


Nobody cares about this nobody and her family. She isn't a star and has no talent. She bought her award so she could feel better about herself. It happens all the time in Hollywood, I would know, I've sent checks to the acadamy.
Isn't Brittney going crazy somewhere?? Go cover her. This in not "celeb" news.

2192 days ago


This happened in Chicago. I wonder why the family didn't defend themselves with their firearms....Oh, that's right! In Chicago, only the criminals are allowed guns. How stupid of me. That being said, this is a shame, and lawmakers failed this family, by guaranteeing that they would never be able to defend themselves legally, while this POS is running around their city with illegal weapons. In July 2008, there we 62 murders in Chicago, which is more deaths than soldiers in Iraq since May 2008, a friggin war zone! How is obama working for you, Chicago?

2192 days ago
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