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Mysteries and Twists

In Hudson Murders

10/25/2008 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 7-year-old nephew of Jennifer Hudson is still missing. The suspect in the murders of her mother and brother is in custody. And there are several interesting twists.

William Balfour, the estranged husband of Hudson's sister, Julia, is in custody but isn't talking. In a cryptic statement, a Chicago PD spokeswoman said investigators are talking to "a number of people in custody." She didn't explain further.

Cops say at least one of the victims had defensive wounds, which led them to believe the shootings involved domestic violence.

Here's the most interesting thing -- neighbors in the area who know the family well say a few weeks ago a family member tried stealing a car, which triggered a heated argument in which the would-be thief promised revenge. No one was named specifically, but Balfour spent nearly 7 years in prison for attempted murder, vehicular hijacking and possession of a stolen vehicle.

On Julia's MySpace page, recently posted a picture of Jason (one of the victims) in a vehicle. The caption below reads, "Jason picking up my ass from work, cause William bitch ass sold my car."


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Oh, so Jennifer's sister is ghetto. This is a mess! I hope she distances herself from this crowd, heals and continues to soar.
May God bless her.

2189 days ago


What happened to the mother of this 7 year old?

2189 days ago


HelenTootToot......Unless John McCain is Matlock (and they are about the same age) then voting for him will not solve this crime or any other blackon black crime that has occurred. God Bless Jennifer Hudson and her family through this horrific situation. Stay strong if you can, if not cry and grieve as you see fit.

2189 days ago


May Christ has mercy on this family...comfort Jennifer and all her family...God please bring back this 7 year nephew back safely! In Jesus name I pray...AMEN. +

2189 days ago


The God who Loves us knows our expiration date. Death is an open door to eturnal life with Jesus. God's timing is perfect - even in death My prayers are with you and your family. Be strong Jennifer.

2189 days ago


WANT. TOTALLY IGNORE THEM AND THEIR FOOLISHNESS. Remember! "Resist the devil and he will flee from you.'
Also, "He who angers you, controls you!

Pray for Jennifer Hudson's family. That is what they will be needing the most.

2189 days ago


I have literally just heard this on BBC News. I just can't even comprehend the grief Jennifer is feeling right now. Not just to lose your Big Bro and Mum- but to have them so violently ripped out of your life for no good reason before their time. It is disgusting. I hope they find the perpetrator, I pray in Jesus name they find her Nephew to add some light at the end of the tunnel after these events. People need to watch who they are inviting into their family homes. I know say I wouldn't be getting married to a man with ATTEMPTED MURDER convictions. Also, I think people need to have some respect for this story and not use the page as toot for their political beliefs. I'm impartial cus I'm from the UK but ppl need to realise, not matter who wins, the sad truth is people will still kill people and there will still be good and and bad in the world. 1 president isn't goin to change that. Nuff love xXx

2188 days ago


Now the picture says nothing!!! Why is this woman on myspace changing her pictures...

Myspace should be your last concern. I feel like she's trying to cover something up. I believe that she might have been involved...but I think things might have gotten out of control.

It is sad that this 7 year old boy is now dead and probably because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

2187 days ago


There is no such thing as black on black crime. Why is it called black on black crime? What? Do they call whites killing whites, Asians killing Asians or Mexicans killing Mexicans white on white crime, etc? Blacks do kill blacks ans whites kill whites. Should blacks start killing more whites? It's racist to hold blacks to a different standard. I am tired of the scapegoating of blacks as if whites descended straight from heaven. I say, stop white on white perversion, stop white on white serial killing, stop white on white crime. Get off the meth and Oxycontin and go to prison instead of getting your privileged probation you sick people. And to the racists on this site, yo mama.

2187 days ago


Are you all f#*king kidding me? This woman has lost THREE. not 1, not 2, but THREE of her family members, and you all are sitting here worried about who the next president will be, or if racism is solved!!!!! This is the number one reason why murder happens! People kill of jealousy, envy and HATE!!!! They kill because they are full of themselves, and don't think about anyone, or their actions after the fact. HOW DARE YOU all sit here and do this why this woman and her family is grieving, HOW DARE YOU accuse the mother of the boy. HOW DARE YOU think that this woman had a hit out on her family. May God have mercy on your souls, and I hope nobody runs up in your house and shoot your ass in the head and leave your child or sister/brother to find you six hours later.

2186 days ago


My heart goes out to the Hudson family. This is devastating. And, to have to put up with such disrespect and racist statements is unforgiveable. The Republicans party claim to be the party who are so religous and self righteous, but
I do not feel the love here for this devasted family. It definitely makes me wonder ...what God you really serve? I mean
how could you? How dare you! What type of demon are you trying to hide yourself in sheeps clothings. Do know this...
everything you do God see's it, and everything you say he hears it.

2185 days ago


I do not think William Balfour is the killer, Jason Hudson was shot in the leg and never sought out medical care, Jason was a drug dealer and I think this is a drug killing. I pray the real killers are found soon, and I do pray for this family.

2178 days ago


Now back to the story.... I don't know what to believe anymore about this. The police are not talking about it anymore so it makes you think there is no more evidence. I am almost starting to believe William is innocent and it may have something to do with Jason, but you never know. I really hope they do get enough evidence to convict the right person whether it's William or someone else. We can only pray like we prayed for Obama to become our President and look what happened, sorry said I was done with that, but I can't help myself! much love, even for the rebublicans. we dealt with Bush for two terms and survived sIt's funny how nobody is talking now, like helentoottoot or whatever her name is. Since you made this political guess what? OBAMA WON!!!!! So you are probably in bed depressed and crying right now cause you have no life, but trust me CHANGE GONNA COME!!! GO OBAMA!!!!
o COME ON give Obama a chance you never know.

2178 days ago


#57 many many many white folk were dumb enough to vote for Obama, tell me in a year if you are happy with that man, I voted for BobBarr.

I still think this is a drug crime, Jason was a drug dealer, he wasshot in the leg but refused medical help, schools were closed on friday so Julian was home but what drug dealer would know that Julian would be home????

I say stop the drugs and stop the crime, drug use brings only death. My opo.

2178 days ago
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