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Supermodel Iman

Good Genes or Good Docs?

10/26/2008 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As a supermodel Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid Bowie, aka Iman, knows how to give good face, but is it all hers?

Here's the 20-year-old Somalian beauty at the beginning of her career in 1975 (left) -- and the 53-year-old version at a NYC event on Thursday (right).

Apparently, aging is not in this season.

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Are you freakin kidding? In 75 she looked like a bit part player from Shaka Zulu. So I guess you "Genes" believers are telling me she EVOLVED into a hottie over 33 years? Bogus!

2191 days ago


17. Are you freakin kidding? In 75 she looked like a bit part player from Shaka Zulu. So I guess you "Genes" believers are telling me she EVOLVED into a hottie over 33 years? Bogus!

Posted at 8:35AM on Oct 26th 2008 by Roger C.

Actually, I did a bit of research. You know, using google. And that pic they used was not the best one to make comparisons (I wonder why that is?). It is the eye makeup that is very offending. But in other pictures, she looks the same then as she does now.

2191 days ago


She does not look as if she went under the knife, but she may have used a skin lightning or bleaching product.

2191 days ago


#12 you are so right! I am White and horrified but what I see most other white women doing to their skin. Blacks have a much better self-image in general. especially when it comes to skin and weight. Actually, I find it sad when I see beautiful women like Iman or Beyonce lightening their skin to appear more "white". I think their darker skin is part of what makes them so beautiful.

2191 days ago


It is a well-known fact that Iman was involved in a terrible taxicab crash years ago in NYC...she wasn't wearing her seatbelt and flew face-first into the partition window. The plastic surgeons had to basically rebuild her face...

2191 days ago


That looks like a completely different person, that face is totally different, different eyebrows, cheeks, NOSE, lips, CHIN, everything is different. i guess people dont judge her so harshly here cuz shes not that famous anymore, theres a saying that sayz u know ur famous when people u dont even know hate u.

2191 days ago


Sure that's not a male impersonator?

2191 days ago


Here is a recount of Iman's accident from Oprah's magazine:

2191 days ago


What the h*ll is wrong with you people? GOOD DOCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? BLACK PEOPLE DON'T AGE LIKE WHITE PEOPLE. I tell you, during their teen years and up to 30, white women are as hot as they can get. And they've always had great looking bodies. I MEAN THAT!!! But 30 and beyond, white women start aging in dog years. If if wasn't for makeup, I tell you, it would be a crime for white women to go out in public. Now don't get me wrong, I still like dating white women as much as I do any nationality (I'm one of the few people on this earth who truly have the inability to be prejudice) and I feel bad saying the above, but hey, what is true is true. One final thing. OF ALL THE WOMEN I'VE GONE TO BED WITH, WHITE WOMEN ARE BY FAR THE BEST LOVERS ON THE PLANET.................BAR NONE!!!!! BLACK WOMEN, SECOND, ASIANS THIRD.

2191 days ago


If you look at her first picture at age 20 you can see under the black eyeshadow that she has very hangy/droopy eyelids. I got the same problem myself and when I do my makeup like hers you dont see it as much so thats a great makeup for hangy eyelids.. but then on the second picture she has more lifted eyelids then she must have had when she was borned.. because in my family we got hangy eyelids but no wrinkles.. so yes she definately had eyelift surgery. I'm gonna have that too because truth to be told it makes you feel tired all the time, it feels kinda heavy on the eyes.

2191 days ago

Guess Who?    

It's natural. "Black don't crack"! Black skin doesn't show age in the same way that white skin does, especially blacks with darker skintones. It's a blessing that God has given us to overcome all the curses the world places on us for our skin.

2191 days ago


For the one that said that black women don't use Botox, Vanessa Williams, a black women swears by her use of it. It is true though that black women due to the melonin in their skin don't age as quickly as white women. I am a bit shocked by the change in the color of Iman's skin. She used to be so much darker, of course some of that can be based on the fact that in the earlier pic was right after leaving Africa where she was closer to the equator and had more sun, but not all of it can be attirbuted to that, she has ligthened considerably.

2191 days ago


It is obviously natural, not cosmetic. Majority of black women age well. Give Iman credit where credit is due.

2191 days ago


It is true that blacks don't age that white people do. They hold up better. I am fair skinned, and I don't go out in the sun either although I can tell I have aged faster than others.

2191 days ago

Marty? Is that you?    

I said Good Genes.... and I think if you take away the hair style and put shorter hair on her, she'd look years older

2191 days ago
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