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Keanu Photog Testifies About Bumper Thumper

10/28/2008 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The photographer who is suing Keanu Reeves for personal injury claims the actor really did drive into him ... and it hurt like a mutha.
Keanu Reeves: Click to watch
Alison Silva is testifying right now. He says he was at a home Keanu was visiting when Reeves left. Silva claims he was busy snapping pictures when Reeves' car lurched forward, striking him in the right knee. Silva says that's what caused him to drop his camera onto the hood of the car.

Silva says he stumbled backwards and hit the ground. But here's the best part. Silva testified the time between hitting his hand on the car and hitting the ground was 20 to 30 seconds. Really?

Silva says he immediately felt pain in his right knee and neck.

Reeves testified earlier today he doesn't remember ever touching Silva.

The testimony continues.


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Off The Rack    

So if he was hit in his knee and fell does he get two black eyes??

2095 days ago


Hmmm. One of them clearly doesn't remember what happened.

2095 days ago


Go get him Matrix boy!!!!!!!

2095 days ago


Hey, it's called hazard of the job. If you don't want to be run over get a real job. I'd run his ass down too! Loser.

2095 days ago


Um, was he hit in the knee or the face?

2095 days ago


These low-lifes make money from the misery of others and if they get hurt in the process, they want even more money. The People need to say when enough is enough and not give the pappers a dime....ever.... The jury needs to find Keanu not guilty!

2095 days ago

Gimme a Break...    

Maybe he was slow motion falling like the effects in the Matrix?

2095 days ago


Most kids when growing up are taught not to stand in front of or in the path of a moving car . This guy shouldn't blame Keanu just because no one took the time to teach him that.

2095 days ago

bewildered bystander    

Not sure if California follows the Common Law Principal of "Assumption of the Risk" whereas if one conducts himself in an inherently dangerous occupation or activity he voluntarily assumes some, if not all of the risk of injury. Seems like stepping out in front of a moving car is an inherently dangerous activity that reasonable people do not ordinarily undertake, this man is highly compensated and if he is STUPID enough to get in harms way, he only has HIMSELF to blame. He is another predatory parasite looking for a big payday and hopefully the Judge and or Jury will see right through this charade.

2095 days ago

Big Mr. P    

Folks in a 2001 interview Hussein Obama stated that the liberal Civil Rights movement lost it's focus and it's opportunity to push through wealth distribution when it did not rely on the Supreme Court to push through Wealth Distribution. My friends, this is Socialism at it's worst and we must stop the Marxist Socialist from running this country. Vote McCain/Palin on Nov 4th.

2095 days ago


Sounds to me like someone isn't making enough money with his photography. Maybe he should get a real job and earn his own wages instead of suing for his cash. I'm sure it gets frustrating with photographers hanging around all the time. Everyone needs space and privacy. There should be a law that allows the actors and actress's to lash out when the photographers bother them. Or atleast a law that protects them from being sued when they themselves become a pain in the ass.

2095 days ago

al loanese    

This idiot...(the pap) just wants money...he hounded Keeanu like a dog and got hurt...why is it keeanus fault when this slimebucket was in his face. the next time i hope they run over this piece of feces and kill good panty waste of a man (the pap, not Keeanu)

2095 days ago


Poor guy has had about the same bad luck the past 10 years as me.

2095 days ago


I don't reallly get this. Doesn't a lawsuit have to be prove that someone acted with malice or negligence and then caused damage to another person? I don't know anything more about this than what I just read today, but doesn't seem to me that either person's testimony says that Keanu Reeves was negligent or malicious. Than again, what do I know: I'm no lawyer.

2095 days ago


Some of those photographers are way too aggressive when it comes to celebrities. Remember Princess Diana. It's enough to make you realize people are going to get hurt, or worse.

And to you, Big Mr. P: You're an idiot. You say Hussein Obama? How about mcCAIN, with the mark of CAIN on his face? The mark of a MURDERER? He loves war and he loves to kill. Now go $^@# yourself.

2095 days ago
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