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Live from Upper Darby High ... It's Stamatina Fey

11/10/2008 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before "SNL," "30 Rock" and doing the best impersonation ever, Tina Fey was better known as Elizabeth Stamatina Fey at Pennsylvania's Upper Darby High School in 1988.

It's amazing what a pair of Palin glasses can do for a gal.


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Please, you people wish you were as hot/funny/brilliant as Tina Fey.

And RJ too, please explain to me what exactly she did to Sarah Palin? Performed a skit? All the presidential candidates were made fun of on SNL and you don't hear them crying. Besides, Sarah Palin is a douche just like you.

2137 days ago

two cents    

google is your friend... LOL...

The scar issue: Fey was quoted in the November 25, 2001, New York Times as saying: "It's a childhood injury that was kind of grim. And it kind of bums my parents out for me to talk about it".

Whatever the hell THAT means. LOL. TMZ-get on the case of the scar, will you? Inquiring minds want to know. =)

2137 days ago


She was and still is homely. Instead of glasses, she should try a paper bag

2137 days ago


alice, And why would I explain anything to you? Go pop your zits.

2137 days ago


RJ Too...You are the moron...You have more anger about her skits than Palin...all she did was mimic her lines word for word. It's not hard to make fun of Palin...she gives you the material...

2137 days ago


I can't stand this pseudo-intellectual piece of compost who acts like she is smarter and better than others.
And I'm an Obama voting Democrat.

2137 days ago


Soooo, shall we assume that everyone upset with the way Tina parodied Sarah is also upset with Amy Poehler for making fun of Hilary?

That's pretty much what I thought.

2137 days ago


"Baby Mama" was a really bad movie. Amy Poehler is not funny. And nobody cares who makes fun of Hillary Clinton.

2137 days ago


Rest assured, the people defending this hack Tina Fey look as homely as her and are just jealous of Sarah Palins beauty and brains.

2137 days ago


Whoa @ 30...calm down and take your meds!! It's comedy...I'm glad I don't take this stuff as seriously as some of you. I guess that's why I'm happy!!! Yeah!!!

2137 days ago


RJ too,

Ooohh, intelligent comeback. Now I see why you're a Palin fan. Loser.

2137 days ago

also went to UD    

I also knew Tina growing up - we lived on the same street and I am very aware of how she got her scar and can totally understand that she chooses not to share it with the public - let's just say if you have the internet you can find things out the newspapers that are archived - but not everything about everyone needs to public even if they are public. I never knew anyone who called Tina anything but Tina Stamatina was her given name yes but she never went by anything but Tina. Nor was she stuck up or snooty. The drama kids in UD all act like that - I think it is because of the arts - I really do not think it is her personality - she is very shy and a very kind person. You really need to stop basing decisions on shows, movies, and gossip and learn to know people before you bash them

2137 days ago


@ are sounding so childish...I guess I need to talk to you like a child...Stop it..and stop it right now for I put you in the corner!!

2137 days ago


Yo Stamatina (sp?) Undoubtedly the DUMBEST name I have ever heard! No wonder she's a comic. Bless her heart. She's painfully UGLY, through and through.

2137 days ago

yadda yadda    

Ugly then and ugly now. I hate this bitch!!!

2137 days ago
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