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Gerard Butler Sucks Some Serious Face

11/11/2008 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"300" hunk Gerard Butler's date said they just "played games" on the Santa Monica pier last night. Yeah ... lots of tonsil hockey.
Gerard Butler: Click to watch
OK, seriously, this is the most passionate, on-screen kiss since "The Notebook."


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I'm a big fan of Gerard too, but I remember a time where he seemed more humble and really loved acting. It seems he is turning into a "movie star" now and not so much an actor. I don't think the Gerard I first saw would be making out in front of the cameras for attention. I don't wanna see that everytime I hear something about him in the news now, and lately that is all it's been is him with a new girl every week. He needs to keep this stuff private because people will lose respect for him as a great actor and just see him a the new male whore celebrity.

2108 days ago


Wow, that looks like one of the kisses me and the guy I'm seeing share when we say bye. I guess we have some competition going on.

2108 days ago



2108 days ago

Suzy from Texas    

#23, you might have had me believing that all your five friends said he sucked in the sack, but you lost me at the small penis. If you lied about that, you were probably lying about all the other stuff, too.

2108 days ago


are you kidding me? Let the Man do what comes naturally, if he wants to smooch in public, so be it, this doesn't make him a Ho....he's hot we all know it, who ever she is, shes damn lucky

2108 days ago


Lucky girl! He seems like a really good kisser! She looks like a nice girl, closer to his age this time.

Too bad he's probably gonna break her heart! She should run while she still can as I'm sure she can find a serious guy who wants to be only with her.

GB said recently he's not looking anytime soon into settling down.

Well, we'll see. If he ever introduces her as his girlfriend and shows her around, then we'll know he's getting more serious.

I hope so for her.

2108 days ago


If Gerry wanted to prove to the world that he is NOT gay, (as some would suppose) why wouldn't he just take a date to his premiers or other social occasions where he could be photographed professionally? Why would he stage crappy and unflattering photos with the razzoid, when he can get all the press he needs through legitimate sources?

The paid girlfriend theory makes no sense. He was just kissin' a beautiful girl.

2108 days ago


#38- Great comment... I totally agree with you...

2108 days ago


I agree Dianne!!
Hell, when I see people snogging in public, it makes me want to join in!!

2108 days ago

The Woman    

Her name is Kristi Korzec. She went to school in Haddonfield, NJ.

2108 days ago


Oh my, that is a hot video and so romantic really.

Walking on the Santa Monica Pier, the blue sky, the sparkling ocean and warm sand. Then duck into the arcade for a little smooching. That is my idea of a nice time.

I agree Dianne # 42 there is nothing wrong with kissing in public. I'm happy for him to have a nice girl to hang out with.

I always wondered what he kissed like in real life, and that looks so good, so very good to me.

2108 days ago


Her name is Kristi Korzec... she's 30 years old and is from:
"Entourage" (production secretary) (14 episodes, 2005) (production assistant) (7 episodes, 2004)
- The Abyss (2005) TV episode (production secretary)
- Exodus (2005) TV episode (production secretary)
- Good Morning Saigon (2005) TV episode (production secretary)
- Blue Balls Lagoon (2005) TV episode (production secretary)
- The Bat Mitzvah (2005) TV episode (production secretary)
(16 more

2108 days ago


Gerard was spotted screwing a snake last week. Later that day he was seen screwing a pile of rocks because he thought there was a snake in it.

2108 days ago

jolie 101    

I have slept with Gerard,two years ago in NYC. He did a modeling promo bit for Jagguar with myself and one other girl. He came on to her and I the whole time. I went to lunch with him the next day and we were friends with benefits for a year.When I relocated to France I met and married my current love. Gerard is a very nice man but he lacks the seriuosness that all of the characters that he plays has,It is so easy to think that he is as fabulous as King Leonidus(spelled wrong) or as sensitive as Ps ilove you,because he is not. He is just a normal ,extremely forward,extremely flirtaous guy that is absolutely NOT like his character. However he really is a nice caring man,maybe just lost or lonely,he is very clingy and sweet. The answer to the how was he question.... Fine,I,ve had worse and better and his penis is average size maybe 6 inches.MONIQUE

2108 days ago


Re #47 - Gerard is as you say a very charming and caring guy - a pretty fair summary of a sweet guy - right through from his days in London a long while ago when he was a young actor - he is as he always was a very 'addictive personality' (booze, nicotine, danger - lots of running in front of cars and picking arguments from my memory) and I think maybe now, replaced with sex! He is a lovely very old fashioned 'bloke' (thankfully) - but he now seems to live full time in a city where there is 'access to excess' in anything that he can possibly desire with the funds and fame to have whatever he wants! not much help when you are the sort of person who needs a few boundaries now and again. I know that he is deeply ambitious for his future, and he wanta to be counted as a serious A+ list artist, but I fear that he hasn't worked out that those major artists with whom he should be in company, don't get caught out like him. Yes, too, Margaret his mum would proberly be embarrased as hell to see the way he seems to carry on at the moment. All that said, I wish him all the very very best for the start of his 40th year and hope that he finds a way to dodge the Paparazzi more sucessfully in the future.

2108 days ago
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