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Tito Manhandles Jenna's Baby Bump

11/11/2008 2:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her soon-to-be baby daddy Tito Ortiz at her side, pregnant porn star Jenna Jameson put on her Palin glasses and gave a G-rated glimpse of her growing womb outside an Olive Garden.

Due early next year, Jenna is carrying two little ones inside her.


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Ellie Mae Clampett    

I'm glad she's trying to have a normal life, but I can't help but feel bad for her children. I can't imagine they will ever have a normal, well-adjusted life having a mother who made a living the way she did. If I found out my mother had sex with numerous guys for money, I'd be suicidal.

2081 days ago

I Heart NKOTB!!!    

I wonder if they'll have to peel the scabs off her rotten pu**y before she pushes those infected little STDs out? Oh yes I said it! Ha Ha!
I wonder (if they're girls) would she mind them following in her scabby footsteps?

2081 days ago


Omg!! I can't even imagine what kind of mother that dirty whore is going to be. I think she is probably only good at one thing and that is sexing up dirty men. Please leave parenting to people with good morals....god knows what her children will grow up to be like.

2081 days ago


To raise a child one must have moral conduct. One must be a role model. One must have a clue on how to give a teen advice. One must not have 5000 skeletons in their closet for their child to find one day. One needs to know about safe sex.

This is why Jenna should be last person on the planet who is allowed to have children. All kidding aside, I can not believe she has decised to have kids. For those of you defending her- HUH? Put yourself in the kids shoes about 15 years from now. The horror of finding out WHAT your 'mom' is! You are liars if you think otherwise. Enough said.

2081 days ago


Wow - i wouldn't even recognize them both - been to that Olive Garden numerous times...

2081 days ago


Ditto what OCHockey said- one of my best friends lives right next to that Olive Garden, another lives in the same neighborhood where they bought that house. I'd never be able to pick them out unless I'd seen this. That said, the city we're talking about here is about an hour away from any of the celeb-heavy or pap-heavy areas, so those photogs must have been really, really bored

2081 days ago


wow.. for the fact that she is almost 17 weeks along and is carrying twins... her belly should be much bigger. i wonder if she really is pregnant or if something has happened. when i was almost 17 weeks pregnant i was showing alot more than jenna.... and i'm the same height as she is and i'm thin just like she is.... plus... her boobs don't look like they've gotten much bigger. mine are real, not fake like hers, and my boobs at almost 17 weeks were much bigger than hers look.

maybe this is just a bad picture and from a bad angle.

we'll just have to wait and see what the real deal is....

2081 days ago


wow ferraripryncess...u think highly of yourself.

2081 days ago


hey! I have an idea, why not call it what it is - a baby. It's not a womb, it's not a bump and it's not just 'little ones." Way to dehumanize babies!

2081 days ago


antime anyplace YIPEE....... bring it. hands down i win.

2081 days ago


She looks amazing,..she needed a little weight on her. Now, I must say, carrying twins, she should be a little bigger. Congrats!!

2081 days ago


Judge much?

2081 days ago


You guys should really do your research before you start bashing Jenna. You all sound like the same TMZ reporters you all can't stand.
FYI, Adolescents have the highest STD ratio when compared to ANY specific group, including prostitutes and porn stars. So get off your soapboxes and start educating your kids before they go and do something you all are being so righteous about. Jenna officially retired from pornographic performances in January this year.
She had her implants removed in August 2007 and made the statement that she was going to retire.
She runs a multi-million dollar business and i'm pretty sure all of her skeletons are WAY out of the closet.
Her past DID catch up to her and she had to have a vaginoplasty in 2007, yikes, huh? Grow up people.

2081 days ago



2081 days ago


I know she has always wanted children I didn't even know she Pregnant. this is news to me. Whatever you say about her I am happy if she is happy. Perhaps this is what she needs in life to have a soul purpose. I wish her luck.

2081 days ago
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