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Tito Manhandles Jenna's Baby Bump

11/11/2008 2:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her soon-to-be baby daddy Tito Ortiz at her side, pregnant porn star Jenna Jameson put on her Palin glasses and gave a G-rated glimpse of her growing womb outside an Olive Garden.

Due early next year, Jenna is carrying two little ones inside her.


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Yayy! She looks cute and healthy, hopefully this will last past the pregnancy.

2142 days ago


Hey! Moss does grow on a rolling stone!

2142 days ago


I would think her womb would be pretty much polluted by now

2142 days ago


I'm happy for her. I remember her saying on her E! THS that she really wanted kids.

2142 days ago


Ongoing best wishes for the happy parents to be, Jenna and Tito.

2142 days ago


Response to ferraripryncess: if you look carefully, it looks like Tito's hand is in front of Jenna's chest and it's on her belly and that means Jenna's size could be quite large. The picture at that angle, the sun angle, the clothes, just make it look like she's not that big out front yet. It's party illusion. I'm familiar with camera lenses and sun angle illusions and if that photo was taken from a distance with a zoom lens, it might further squish the image, making Jenna look even more 2D. And if she's only at 17 weeks anyway, what's the problem?

2142 days ago

Bob Booie    

Just think if they are twin girls in 18 years they can take their clothes off on Howard Sterns show

2142 days ago


"Jenna Jameson put on her Palin glasses"

2142 days ago

miss sheree    

What amazes me is the number of men who actually think that sleeping with hundreds maybe even thousands of guys makes a woman desirable....I just don't get it...who wants to sleep behind all that semen...shot everywhere inside your who marry strippers and porn chicks - I just don't get it.

I have two daughters and I would not want them sleeping with HUNDREDS of men who have slept with HUNDREDS of women....its just so nasty.

Why do you guys like whores?

2142 days ago


I wish her all the best, but I cringe at what those poor children will face later in life. Money will do but so much to protect them from reality. Oh well...

2142 days ago

damn ur dumb    

I'm surprised the baby hasn't fallen out....I guess her vaginaplasty actually worked

2142 days ago

damn ur dumb    

She's having twins because of all that seman stored over the years. Don't be surprised if one of the babies comes out mexican and the other one comes out asian. He should definitely get a paternity test.

2142 days ago


I have a lot of respect for Jenna. Yes, she is a very high profile porn star. But when you look past that, she's a really kind, down to earth person, and believe it or not, she DOES have morals. Years ago when she fell in love and got married, she DID continue to do porn. HOWEVER, the only male partner she had in her videos from then on was her HUSBAND. She did continue to do videos with female partners, and hey, I'm not into that, put it was something that both Jenna and her husband were comfortable with. At this time in her life, she began expressing her desire to become a mother, and she has been quoted saying that as SOON as she is ever to become pregnant, the porn is over, Zip. Nada. Done. Unfortunately for her, she went through a divorce not long ago, but the fact is now that she is pregnant, she is done with the porn. Hopefully her children will grow up and respect the fact that, "Hey! Mom was a porn star. But she gave it up for me!"

God bless her, and good luck to her and her babies!

2142 days ago

John Edwards    

Makes you wonder if people really think things through? Shame they will grow up knowing their mom was aporn star.

2141 days ago


#56 cara, I hope you don't have kids and you get yourself sterilized. Your convoluted rationalization of this seedy crap is astounding. You respect somebody who doesn't respect herself, and then hope her children will respect her to boot. Most of the people who have left the porn/sex business have deep, troubling regrets and have worked hard to overcome that and the events in their lives that drove them to it. Why don;t you respect them instead. Or does that feel wrong to you, given that your brain must be installed in your head upside down and backwards. Charles Manson was a very high profile murderer. "BUT WHEN YOU LOOK PAST THAT"..............

2141 days ago
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