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Pregnant Man Pregnant Again

11/13/2008 1:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Beatie, the former woman turned transgendered pregnant man who gave birth to a baby girl earlier this year, is once again with child.

The 34-year-old female father is in his first trimester, according to ABC News. In an interview airing Friday, Beatie tells Barbara Walters he did not go back on testosterone after giving birth to biological daughter Susan in June, in hopes of getting pregnant again. It worked.

Beatie is due June 12 -- just in time for Father's Day.


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He is legaly a man becuase he dose have a fully functional pennis. Take an anatomy class, you can have both parts. Many are born with both. Many Dr. say that mens testicals are womens overies just droped. Think about that next time anyone wants to say he can not be a man. They did not go looking for the attention, people call them for the interviews. Many are just mad that no matter how many they sleep with they can't get the same attention.

2175 days ago

Hayley B    

Wow - people are so hateful.

#108 - he does not have a functional penis. If you watched the Barbara Walters special, you would have seen where Thomas explained that whole issue.

I have to admit the whole story made me very uncomfortable. BUT after watching him speak on the special, and watching him with his daughter, I felt more compassion than anything. What a hard road to take.

The soul has no gender. He identifies as male. He is legally registered as a male, which is why they declare he is the first "male" to give birth. However, transgendered couples have been having babies for awhile - it's not a new concept.

There seems to be a lot of love and support in their family, including from the grown daughters of Thomas's wife. His wife had a hysterectomy and could not carry their child - Thomas did not want to, but they felt it was their only choice. They did not want a stranger carrying their baby when they had a viable option in front of them. It must have taken a lot of courage for Thomas to stop the hormones, to get a period and to become pregnant. Those are essentially female things and in essence, he must have felt like he was betraying his true self. BUT the longing to raise a child together won out.

Susan seems like a delighful, well-loved and well-cared for child. They will raise her to be accepting of others - which means not judging what's on the outside. Quite an important lesson, imo.

I wish them love and success with their family.

2175 days ago


This is a woman not a man SHE still has all her repurductive organs,just because SHE got her breast cut down some sizes and taking shots to make her look like a man doesn't mean SHE is a man. All I know is, i feel sorry for their kids to be stuck in the middle of THEIR confused parents.

2175 days ago


would you please leave the more man a lone. if he wants to have a baby that is up to him. i'm here to tell you that men have more room in their bodies to care a baby then women do. and the man/women has both sex organs that is why he can get pregant. i know other people that are like he is but they are girls. they were born with both male & female organs. why it happens no one knows but it does. you might think that it is sick but it is not. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF A REAL MAN COULD GET PREGANT??

2175 days ago


I seen the Barbara Walters special. They seem like very nice people. But I'm very glad to see that so many other people agree with what I thought was obvious right off! This is NOT a man. I could get plastic surgery to look like my favorite movie star and I still wouldn't be that person. She has artificially made herself look like a man- & that doesn't make her a man! I feel sorry for the hateful things being thrown their way however I think they should have kept it all a secret- even from the baby. Some people think we are making strides in this society. This isn't making strides. This is playing GOD and taking things into our own hands. And even though it seems to me that the thing that gets the most intolerance are Christians with Biblical beliefs and morals- here it comes anyway------ God created man (and it was good) and then He created woman for the man! (also good) Their parts work perfectly together just the way God made them and then he told them to be fruitful and multiply. Which addresses what this is really all about. 2 women with one doing whatever to her body so she can play a man. And then bringing a baby or babies into this confusion.

2175 days ago

Real WOMAN MOM of 3    

I think that this is so disgusting!! And as for the person who was freaking out on the "christians", do you really think that God is ok with transgenders?!God created us the way he wanted us when we were born! He didn't want us to change. Haven't you even read the Bible? Our bodies are to be treated as temples. I feel for that beautiful baby, Susan, and the new one. Talk about raising a confused child!! This is just crazy & pathetic that these two people are trying to make money off of these precious children!! The media shouldn't be promoting this crap!!

2175 days ago



2174 days ago


PLEASE DON'T SAY THIS IS A MAN.IT MAKES ME SICK.................IT'S A FEMALE RETARDS.......................................

2174 days ago

Real WOMAN MOM of 3    

There is a reason that GOD made women!! To carry babies. Only God can play GOD, not everone else. If he wanted men to get pregnant he'd have made it that way. It 's pathetic that my children live in a time where this kind of crap is going on. It's a good thing that they haven't heard about this somewhere already.

2174 days ago


stop calling her a man. you need balls and a penis. this is a woman, and woman have babies. I know several women who a pregnant, they are not in your column. stop writing things you know very well are not true.

2172 days ago


Why does the media keep calling her a pregnant man, she's a pregnant FEMALE. If she was really man she wouldn't be able to have children.

8, you the one being narrow minded by assuming that the people who can't accept this are christians. There are non christians who can't accept transgender people raising kids.

2172 days ago

TaDiraj Jones    

People have a problem w/Beatie b/c her actions challenge that “knowing” sense of what is right and wrong; normal or abnormal and, her actions, like Prop 8, affects us all. If it were normal for Beatie to reproduce, she and Nancy would have been able to do so WITHOUT a sperm donor. However, she admits to borrowing the characteristics of manhood; a penis (syringe) and a sperm to get pregnant.

Beatie admitted to Barbara Walters that she feels she is a man “in [her] mind.” Gifted w/the ability to create, humans often go against the natural course of nature. One thing that is true about nature, when men, and those who profess to be men, cannot determine right from wrong, nature responds.

God created male and female to copulate and reproduce not two women or two men. This is why no matter what is done socially/physically, Beatie remains a woman. We can vote against it and she can defy the naysayers by having more babies, but the true test is yet to come. Nature has a way of checking us humans when we get out of line, e.g., the environment.

While I do not hate the GLTB community, I do not agree with their abnormal lifestyle. Eat, drink, and be merry today, but in the end, judgment will come then we’ll ALL know what is right and wrong.


2172 days ago


Really, who cares. Our country is in such turmoil and our soldiers are exhausted. Focus on something important, people.

2172 days ago


hey !!!!! u guys are hate and narrow mind!! let them alone and make a family and happy... so as long they accept who they are ... the number one is respect this soceity thank !

2171 days ago
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