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Suge Knight -- Large and Been Charged

11/16/2008 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suge Knight has officially been charged with three crimes by the Clark County Justice Court from an alleged August beatdown of his girlfriend in Las Vegas.

Knight faces two felony charges of possession of a controlled substance (meth and hydrocodone) and one count misdemeanor battery.

Suge allegedly punched his girlfriend of three years, Melissa Isaac, in the back of the head while they were driving -- and she in turn grabbed the wheel and forced the car into a curb.

Melissa fled from the car, and Suge pursued -- and that's when Vegas police showed up and made the arrest.

Cops told us they saw Suge kick her in the head.


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a fine race that's fo' su'

2164 days ago

The Hulkster    

what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....maybe he and the juice can share a cell

2164 days ago

Loud and talentless    

That poor guy. He's always been such fine human being. Eventually of course, one of the other tribal leaders, ie: Lil' "Brain" Wayne, DipDiddy or 30cent (adjusted for inflation) will gun ol' Sweet 'N Low down. If they run down to Atlanta they can borrow a weapon from T.I. before he goes to what they refer to as their "home away from home."
Maybe ol' Sweet 'N Low will find "hisself" a cellie that looks like 'Lil Kim to be his WIFE during his stay at the Soap-On-A-Rope Motel.

2164 days ago

Pascal Bernard    

i hope he's found guilty and goes to jail, meets a bigger guy than him named buba

2164 days ago

Audrina HOT    

Ohhhh how thy mighty hath fallen (as theyd say)

I have a feeling he's going to get alot of time for this one.

2164 days ago

Audrina HOT    

Haha #6 that was too funny

2164 days ago


Please people..Stop Black on Black Crime now...It's destroying are good country..Please Police, I am almost sure you didnt see Surge kick anybody..Thats how rumours start..He is a nice guy..Please stop Black on Black Crime now..Thanks for your help...I am thinking to start a club for this terrible issue..Please let me know if any of you ,would be interested in joining..

2164 days ago

buckeyeluvr are an absolute jack @ss!!!! Why is "black on black crime" so much worse than any other "type" of crime??? Why is it that everyone needs to stop "black on black" opposed to CRIME????? Why should it matter what race you are? How about we just focus on CRIME, and not the race thats commiting the crime or the race of the vicitim!!! I dont see a bunch of people (or ANYONE for that matter) trying to stop "white on white" crime!!! Why? Maybe its because race shouldnt be the issue! I mean (and frankly, I dont care if this offends you), I hear so much about how how white people are so prejudice (and some are, yes) and how we need to look beyond skin color. And I AGREE! However, it's people LIKE YOU that continue to make race a factor in EVERYTHING! People like you need to make up your minds! Do you want everyone to look past skin color.......or should we just see color? Because all that you seem to be concerned with was his skin color. WHO CARES what color he is!
Also, how do YOU know that the cops DIDNT see him kick her in the head???? He has been caught doing stuff like that over and over again! But, you think the COPS are lying??? How ignorant are you???? Just because SOME cops might be like that, not all are! I think we should look at this guy and keep in mind the person in question! And, next time, maybe you should think aboput what you say before you say it. Because you came off like a real closed minded idiot!

2164 days ago

Triple Play    

# 10 are on drugs or are you just a freaking IDIOT? BTW I hope that SUGE gets all that he deserves back in lock up. If he got knocked out be someone half his size he will make a good bunk buddy and be someones BITZH in jail. Put him in with OJ birds and brothers of color should stick together

2164 days ago


This the guy that got knocked out by that skinny taxi driver dude a couple months ago?

Judges are going to be hardtime on Black Rappers acting up...with Obama now in Vogue and the Prez to be, this acting the part of a fool, and prison culture being hip is going the way of the TRL----gone with wind. doing your homework, showing up to work on time, tucking in your shirt, pulling up your pants and being polite to women will be the new things to emulate---not what Suge Knight brought us. He cost a lot of innocent youth their lives over the last decade and a half.

He carrying meth? That figures---shows what his priority is, it hasnt been Black Youths success that is for sure.

Thank goodness this nonsense will soon be behind us as the thing to do and follow.

2164 days ago


well well number 11( by you are an idiot)..I take it you might be the racist,thinking he is quilty all-ready..You need to focus more on the issuses today..Black on Black Crime is a problem..You need to face this problem head on..anyways..I don't think I want you in my Club anyways..We need strong and dedicated people for this very important issue...,

2164 days ago


Helentoottoo, you weren't there so stfu you piece of filth. This is why cops get a bad rap. This could have been captured on Utube and you'd still defend this black man, thats how you people roll.

2164 days ago


I thought crime was caused by poverty.

2164 days ago


helentoottoo, I dont think IM the racist here! I dont recall mentioning my race. How do you know what color I am? Are you assuming I'm white? Maybe I am...maybe I'm not! And I am stronger and more dedicated to what matters than you could imagine. And you might want to read the rest of the comments there, champ, cause I dont seem to be the only one who thinks your an idiot! I wouldnt immediately think he was guilty if he didnt already have a loooong rap sheet! He is KNOWN for this type of behavior! If you think for ONE MINUTE he isnt're an idiot! And you think I'M the one with the problem here?! THAT is truly laughable! Let me guess....OJ didnt do it either, did he?

2164 days ago


YAWN.... give it up already Cleetus and Rosco...So he's black...whooptie freakin' doo...It must be a miserable existence to monitor message boards for negative stories about blacks just so you can spew your racist hate... sucks to be you

2164 days ago
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