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Cops: "Bachelor" Gal Fought Squad Car, Lost

11/17/2008 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The season six winner of "The Bachelor" continued her losing streak with law enforcement this weekend -- after cops say she unleashed a drunken, unprovoked attack on an innocent cop car.

Mary Delgado -- who was arrested last year for allegedly punching her fiance, "Bachelor" Byron Velvick -- was busted again on Saturday night for public intoxication, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct at Lorina's Cantina in Del Rio, Texas.

We're told the Cantina called the cops because Delgado refused to leave the bar, saying it was her "constitutional right" to stay as long as she wanted.

Cops told us Mary became "loud and belligerent" while being transported to jail, and kicked the radio inside the squad car (which didn't have the usual backseat perp cage).

Delgado was released from the Val Verde County Correctional Facility after Mr. Bachelor posted her bond. Punch me once, shame on me...


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Jenny pruski    

How disgusting is this women ,she's low life trash,why would she ever end up on television is just nuts,the truth comes out,stupid drunkin thing,hope she gets a huge fine and about 10,000 hours community work maybe she can find a husband in a food kitchen.

2163 days ago


Kicked the radio inside the squad car. Hmmm. Seems that someone is wearing her ovaries on the outside.

2163 days ago

james mason    

shes a pig..i bet her breath smells like a sewer...keep drinking..things will get better...right

2163 days ago


Who is this woman, what was her "claim to fame," and what has she contributed to pop culture? Can anybody answer any of these questions? Is this just some "Jane Doe" that accepted a final rose, meaning she was the one... But isn't that's what they all say? I gave up watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette a long time ago, like when Andrew Firestone was the bachelor. So I guess you can say this chick who got arrested, finally did get her long overdue 15 minutes of fame!!

2163 days ago

Surfer Dude    

Lipstick on a pig is still a pig....!!!

2163 days ago


One of the most photographed people of all time "ELVIS", NEVER gave photographers of any kind a hard time. He knew it was part of the business he was in, and knew it was their job or a fans desire, and he has had more photos taken than any celebrity or sports figure I know of.

2163 days ago


#18 you are an idiot! It is not the establishment’s fault that Mary Delgado can't control her drinking. They didn't pour the alcohol down her neck or force her at gunpoint to drink. They did cut her off when they realized she had too much to drink and had to call the police when she became unruly. By YOUR asinine lefty logic, grocery stores are at fault when shoppers are obese or restaurants are at fault when an overweight patron orders too much food from their menu. Your logic dictates that the restaurant manager must approach a patron and cut them off from the food when they deem the patron has had too much to eat. Adults are responsible for their actions and should be held accountable when they overindulge. People need to take responsibility for their lives and stop blaming others for their actions/problems. Delgado needs to get help for her alcohol addiction and maybe when her fiance recovers from his last beat down he can enroll her in AA.

2163 days ago


She has an addictive personality for alcohol. He does too...probably for sex or crazy women. They both are passionate people, who like plenty of fire in their life.

2163 days ago


# 23- she is Cuban descent, not Mexican, but even if she were, both nationalities are Latino/Hispanic ...dahhhh! For your education- those terms are used when one is unsure what latino nationality specifically the person descends from.

2163 days ago

WTF Hmmmm    

Again like a previous writer wrote. How did her legs make it to the front seat.. Must have been arrested by officer N Stick AKA Officer Night Stick.

2163 days ago



2163 days ago

A bartender who knows the rules    

This si for comment number 18. Inkling. I am a bartender in South Texas. I do know the rules and legalities. The problem lies in that us as bartenders do not know what the patron has drank or if they have done drugs at home before even coming up to the bar. You can serve someone 1 beer and they will be drunker than Cooter Brown. Yes the liability does lie on the bartender but the liability should also lie with the patron and they should be held more responsible than the bartender. We are nothing more than trained babysitters to a bunch of over grown children. I love my job and alot of time it is a blast but there are times when it can get squirrely also. So, please don't just blame the bartender blame the ones who are being the idiots who are acting like little hoodlums.

2163 days ago


eve eat a burger would yah petta head

2163 days ago


She looks pretty cute even in her mug shot. She is a looker. Too bad she is so crazy.

2163 days ago


She is just auditioning for the next Dr Drew Celebrity Rehab. I mean, she clearly has nothing else going on.

2163 days ago
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