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Jason Lewis: "Sex" on the Beach

11/17/2008 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It is hard to believe that Samantha Jones broke up with this!

Smith Jerrod Jason Lewis went for a dip in Miami Beach this weekend and showed off his stellar body of work.

He's hired!


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Luke Warmwater    

Maybe he's a jerk.

2133 days ago


hey andrea, how about we get us a pice of this... dejay out...

2133 days ago


He may be a jerk luke warm but I only want to use him for his body----------Use them then lose them lol

2132 days ago


yeah, find someone with a good body and keep 'em no matter what! It's no wonder y'all posted this headline; that's how shallow you've become and then some!

2132 days ago


Ummm, are you people just stupid? This guy is an actor from Sex & The City... Samantha Jones is the CHARACTER he was dating. The headline says "SEX" in it because it realtes to the title of the show and movie... DUHHHHHH

2132 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    


2132 days ago


Smith was the hottest sweetest character on that show. I would soooo do him!!

2132 days ago


Kelli, do you mean after you're done doing the gardener, the mailman, 3 guys at the car wash, some guy in a crosswalk and the 23 guys you've picked up in bars in the last two weeks?

2132 days ago


Hey Jason, do me a favor and grown your hair long and blonde again. Yum.

2132 days ago

Moan Ica    

That's too pretty to be .............. straight !!

2132 days ago


So gay.

2132 days ago


trampAlert, get a life, loved that show and he was the hottest there! Had a blind date set up by a friend. Ended uo being the quarterback from High School 2 grades higher whom I had a huge crush on! Yee Haw life is good and thanks friends for hooking us up. Can't wait for our next date tonight!!!

2132 days ago


wowwwwwwwwwwwww! I am on my way to Miami:)
I want to bare his children:) aye pappi xoxooxox

2132 days ago


I dont think any of you have any right to judge him unless you know him. I actually do and I can tell you he is definetly not gay he is not a himbo or a jerk I met him a few years ago the first time when ROSARIO DAWSON his X girlfriend was doing this parade in the east village called HOWL FEST she supports a lower east side girls club. I was and still one of the main photographers for HOWLFEST eventsTurned out her Aunt Rosiaro knew me from around Im the the one with the camera who seemed to know everyone. Anyway i spent the day with them. Jason was with her and we spoke alot, joking around and just talk I didnt relize he was from Sex &the City at first becasue his hair is short now he had a baseball hat on and sunglasses it was summer, then after a few hours i said Hey your SAMANTHAS boy friend your an actor im sorry and he was forget it and laughed. NO EGO problem at all ., I thought he might of been a model, he was extreamly close to Rosie and she with him they were goo goo in love, there were a few private moments I could of taken a photo since I was with them the whole time, and also when they were eating and everyone was covered in bar be que sauce looking like a mess but I am not that kind of photographer, Once I was on a JEWEL video shoot she fell and I put my camera down while another clicked away. SO I spent a great day with Rosiario and Jason and ran into Jason again a few times in NYC and also ROSARIO and her brother and he is so sweet and what a doll hes very open friendly jokes alot talks goofs around hes adorable hes totally straight i should know I had a gay brother and alot of gay friends and my gaydar is excellent..just because someone is born very good looking dosnt make them horrible dumb or gay or whatever people say about who ever on web boards or TMZ
he s a good actor and I hope he gets some bigger parts he had a small part as a cop in a movie the JACKET with Adrien Brody and he really came off just like a cop ..Rosiario and Jason broke up a while back, but I bet there still friendly with each other becasue JASON is so cool so good he is the nicest dude around No egotistacal behaviour no additude nothing hes just a great guy who happens to be incredibly tal and good looking with great eyes. I hope to run into him again one day in the city. and I wish him well he is a sweetheart and a good man and yea Rosario is a very cool woman we talked about film makers and SIN CITY and how she hoped one day shed work with Tarrantino which she later did.
She is very down to earth born in brooklyn in coney island and later grew up on the lower east side, i think her mom hung out a CBGBs
Any way she is cool and very beautiful without makeup , and shes a brooklyn chick so shes really alright in my book
as JASON , I wish he d get a part on TRUE BLOOD on HBO he would be perfect on it
so stop bashing JASON hes a cool cat

2132 days ago


He really is just awesome! So yummy to look at and he was fun to watch as an actor, too. Seems to have a great personality that shines through and he's STRAIGHT!

2132 days ago

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