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She Screwed You ... Yeah Yeah Yeah!!

11/20/2008 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom HanksTom Hanks is being dragged into the middle of a legal war over The Beatles.

Tom's wife, Rita Wilson, just had to have a 1962 vintage Beatles poster priced at $75,000 as a gift for Hanks.

According to legal papers filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Wilson agreed to ante up -- provided the seller, Melissa Pearl, coughed up a certificate of authenticity. When Pearl came up dry, Wilson said she would bail on the deal.

That's when Pearl, "became belligerent" demanding not only the $75k but an additional $300,000 "for what Pearl absurdly characterized as her time and trouble to obtain the evidence requested by Wilson that the poster was authentic."

Wilson wants a judge to declare she can legally walk from the deal. P.S. -- according to the suit, Wilson was overpaying in the first place ... it's good to be rich.


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Oh, please. Get over yourselves people. You're shocked that celebrities have a lot of money and spend it on very expensive things to make themselves happy? How many celebs have garages full of cars that cost well over $100K? Or multimillion dollar mansions in areas prone to wildfires and mudslides? There's no point in getting miffed because some people out there are far more wealthy than you (or I) and choose to spend their money however they damn well please. It's much more distressing that millions people will far less money to burn than Hanks/Wilson are encouraged to spend it unwisely on crap like Twilight.

The amount that Wilson was willing to spend on the poster is a non-issue. People pay much more than that for art and other types of collectibles. This story is about a wife trying to do something nice for her husband by buying him a very personal gift he'd appreciate and then getting screwed by a greedy seller.

2171 days ago


@ #17
Yea, you may be right. Rich people may have huge homes, and many cars.
HOWEVER you can not live in, or drive poster...... ARTOFWAR.

2171 days ago


and these are the people who put Obama in the White House??

2171 days ago

Old School    

This woman is friggin' PATHETIC to pay $75,000 for a lousy poster when there's people out there having a difficult time keeping there house not having money to pay the rent or morgage and Americans losing there jobs all over with companies going out of bussiness and the financial markets collapsing and people too poor to feeding there kids. Someone told me the story of Nicholas and Alexander the other day and how in Russia this guy Lenin overthrew the rich because of the Rich having 2 yachts and Huge Mansions and money coming out of the A** while the poor were dying on the streets from poverty...kinda makes you think when you hear how the wealthy in this country have no concern for the poor and if i had crazy money like this Rita Wilson and able to throw $75,000 away on a stupid poster I think i would really at least give say 10k to some kids charity and then spend the rest on a present for someone and by the way what has she ever really done except marry Tom Hanks and spend his money.

2171 days ago


Give it a rest. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are well known for their contributions to charities. This is a very simple Purchase and Sales Agreement: Buyer will pay a certain amount for said item; in return, Seller will provide a Certificate of Authenticity. Failure to produce such Certificate renders the P&S Agreement null and void.

2171 days ago

taro john    

have heard Melissa Pearl's music. She is an exceptional musician. These allegation must be false. I have known Melissa for years; she is honest and trustowrthy. Probably just another rich Hollywood type trying to take advantage of their fame and money over a regular hard working personto get out of a transaction. Thumbs down on you Tom !

2170 days ago


@ 21 taro john: What does Pearl's music and her musical ability, or lack thereof, have to do with anything? No one cares about her music or her supposed musical ability or your opinion of her supposed musical ability, and none of that has anything to do with her inability to provide a certificate of authenticity. Pearl, of course, has the right to sue if she wants to -- but I'll bet dollars to doughnuts she'll lose. Any person in their right mind would agree, if one is paying $75,000 -- for ANY collectible item such as this, where authentication can be accomplished by any of a number of ways -- one is ENTITLED TO some type of certification of authenticity. The way this story has been reported makes Pearl look like a grifter. Why does she have such a problem proving she actually has what she claims to have? unless, of course, it's FAKE. And tacking on that $300,000 is not only usurious, it's just plain TACKY AND FRANKLY LOW-CLASS.

2167 days ago


It's not mentioned in this article...but Pearl supposedly was selling the item on behalf of a guy whose business is selling rock posters.
Why would he need an agent for the sale?

I don't know anything about Melissa Pearl but the memorabilia business is filled with fake items and shady characters.
Rita Wilson should have gone to a recognized expert in Beatles memorabilia.

There's a good chance something is wrong if a dealer can't show where an item came from.

2162 days ago


I too know and have been screwed by Melissa Pearl, for refusal to pay thousands of dollars for work finished. She has burned just about everyone that works in her line of business. There are unsettled lawsuits against her, collection agencies out on her, and many many people who would never do business with, or even talk to her again. This kind of news does not surprise me in the least.

2145 days ago


I happen to have met this crazy person Melissa Pearl! She is vindictive and angry!!! She is all over the place and has a hard time having a normal conversation. But of course she tries to rip people off...she has to support her boyfriend. She is nuts!!!!

982 days ago


If Rita wants a "real" Beatles poster, by a reputable dealer - check out this Web site of Beatles posters

As far as Melissa Pearl is concerned, she is not a good person - a manipulative sales person, dishonest, a liar, and I am proud to say that I managed to untangle myself from a sale she made to me (for nearly $1800), which I decided (within hours) wasn't something I wanted, and I had not taken possession yet, and after confirming the charge had not gone thru (and because my VISA card went missing), I canceled my card, and left her a VM within 6 hours of the purchase….She called my home the next day 3 times within 5 mins, claiming she already put through the charge. On the first call, I told her "I know you are lying, I don't believe you," and when she kept talking I said, "sorry, it is not going to happen," and hung up. She called back, and my husband answered, and when she said, "I already ran the charge," he responded, "well, good luck with that!' (knowing she didn't), and her 3rd call, she threatened us with a law suit, say we are "not done", and she's an attorney…. She called one more time, but we didn't answer. She is claiming she already trimmed the canvas, but I don't believe her, that on a Sunday, after being at a Swap-Meet (flea market) all day, that she rushed home, and worked on trimming our poster/canvas that evening -- don't believe her -- and now I found this story about her, and all the comments, and if she wants to sue us, bring it on! It will make a great story.

255 days ago
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