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Refurbished Britney Unveiled

11/21/2008 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her hair, face, body and outfit looking the best they have in years -- YEARS!!! -- Britney Spears proved she may have actually exorcised all of her demons.

Papa Spears let the new and improved 26-year-old rehabilitated mother of two out of the house to attend a private, "beautiful fans only" screening of her new MTV documentary.

Ding dang! Looks like she really is back, y'all!


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YAY BRIT BRIT!!! we love u!

2160 days ago


That pic looks like OJ's butchered ex-wife....Nicole Brown Simpson.

2160 days ago


Let's be fair here. She looks great. She looks like a more natural beauty than 95% of the Hollywood crowd. She was at a crossroads and took the correct path. As for you haters, the list of heterosexual men in a non committed relationship that would turn her down would be very short.

2160 days ago


All you HATERS are just JEALOUS of her!!! She looks gorgeous!! Way to go Britney, you should be proud. You truly are one of the most beautiful women and with that, you have all the power.

2160 days ago


Why did you pull down the previous shot of her with the cigarette? Suddenly she's devoid of ALL her demons, when just an hour or so ago, she was lighting up with at least one...

2160 days ago


Are those here boobs hanging out her top--or what? I guess she looks good--but she will never be classy.

2160 days ago



2160 days ago


Certainly don't want to blast on the poor girl, but I really think she could have dressed a bit more "Mom of two young boys going to meet my fans," if you know what I mean. One can be cool, smoking and sexy without going almost naked.

2160 days ago


Britney is doing great and it warms my hear. I felt so sorry for her as she was having her melt downs and was so thrilled that her family came to her rescue and got rid of that despicable manager that was compromising her life, her family and her well being. I wish Anna Nicole Smith could have been as fortunate to have someone remove Howard K Stern from her life;

but I love to keep on reading about Britney and her wonderful life changes;
I too have a bi-polar daughter, but she is not as open to receive help as Britney has been, and she is past the age where I can do anything about it. God knows I keep trying.

2160 days ago


If I ever had the chance to hit it (which admittedly would never
happen), It would be all for the celeb factor rather than how hot she
is. I've seen a dozen women that are better looking than her in
Manhattan today alone. Let's not get carried away here.

2160 days ago

spread the love    

HA! Please....tmz you were the first to knock her down, now you want to build her up??? She still has a thick neck, cankles, AND a muffin top. She lives in LA and I guarantee you that she is in the bottom 20% in terms of looks. Stop trying to play her as hot. She is not, nor will ever be so.

With that said, she does look much better, for her. Still a skank though....

2160 days ago


I would tap that !!
Well, that's because you've got big jugs. I mean your boobs are huge. I mean, I wanna squeeze 'em. Mama!

2160 days ago

Been there    

I think if people had to walk a mile in Brittney's shoes they might be more understanding. It's great to see her healthy and on her way back to having a good life. We all make mistakes people! And living with mental illness is harder than you can even imagine.
Keep it up Brittney!

2160 days ago


Hey! As long as she looks good, that's all that really matters, right? Who cares if she brought 2 kids into the world to ignore for her "music" carer? (And I use the term loosely) Who cares if her father has permanent control over her life? I suspect most of the commenter's here are zit faced air heads whose only concern in life is how you look. Can somebody point me in the direction of some adults?

2160 days ago


Looks are not the point and, no, if the illiterate hick lost some weight (it was about damn time) it does not mean she's looking great or even that "she is back". She still has short fat stumpy upper arms and swollen FAS eyes of a 40-year old and age rings around her neck and can't sing to save her life.

This pic mercifully doesn't show her huge potato nose or her fugly tree trunk legs but she has THOSE too.

What IS the point is that this trashy skank is a selfish, self-indulging slut and an abusive mother. Even her parents thought is was best for the kids not to be around. And just look at her now - she is not complaining that she lost her kids. No, the incompetent saggy cow is whining how boring her life is. Yeah, not being able to f*ck the paps or undress in front of them all the time or invite them to the gas station bathrooms or sleep around like there's no tomorrow does that for you, Barfney. Try whitewashing what you did to your kids all you will, people still know who and what you are.

2160 days ago
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