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Madonna & A-Rod Have Landed ... Together

11/26/2008 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Despite all the rumors and divorces, Madonna and Alex Rodriguez have never been seen cavorting together ... until now.

The 50-year-old pop diva and the 33-year-old Yankee were spotted exiting a private jet in Miami early Tuesday morning, along with their manager, Guy Oseary. Madge then got into A-Rod's waiting Maybach and the two drove off into the sunrise.

Looks like A-Rod & Madge will be celebrating the end of the U.S. leg of her appropriately-titled "Sticky and Sweet" tour in Miami tonight.


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never read more disgusting comments. a man can barely get his d--- up at 40 but your picking on a well toned fabulously wealthy woman for what? jealousy? pick on hefner, costner, nicholson, eastwood, stallone..all disgusting limp, bloated,saggy, wrinkly puffy old geezebags, who need a crane to get it up. now thats funny and its all of your futures

2156 days ago


I guess 100 gadrillion bucks can buy a lotta lube....

She should return David to his father. If he's going to be in a broken home at least he could be in a stable one with real family.

2156 days ago


Hey A-Rod ........... Spitzer gets better cuts of prime than you ........ and you can afford the best ....... WASSUP????

2156 days ago


well here she goes again. she has her beautiful children to worryabout.. she needs to stop running around with these guys like everybody says christ shes old enough to be his mother what is she thinking.. i believe the viewers are right she cant get enough SEX she s one of the sexiest woman in the world.. and there´s nothing they could even want from eachother but SEX SEX SEX.. itss ashame modonna its THANKSGIVING be with your children and your husbandX to be pleaseeee .. pray honey ya need too ALOT please i beg of you WOW.. happy thanksgiving to you and yours amen ME

2156 days ago

Sonney Dey    

I was hoping her and actor Don Cheatie would do the nasty. I'm crushed!

2156 days ago

J R    

Men leave their attractive wives for younger women all the time. A-Rod has abandoned his beautiful wife and their baby for this older, extremely physically unattractive one. He doesn't need Madonna's money or her fame. He's just going to be another one of her exes. I just pity him, because he doesn't see that he'll wake up one day and realize he was just a whim. I hope Cynthia moves on and finds someone who will love and appreciate her and her child. It looks like Madonna and A-Rod deserve each other.

2156 days ago


God What the hell is up with all these people that hate Madonna? Jesus you all are making assumptions based on GOSSIP? Think about that...Madonna does not look bad either. If your a woman and saying these things you should be ashamed of yourself for speaking cruely about another woman that is 50. If your a man, you guys are stupid anyway...guys in the 50's are dating 20 year olds. Get a GRIP PEOPLE. You guys wish you had her money thats all.

2156 days ago


It doesn't dry up in your 50's, honest. Get some younger hot stuff for us all Madonna! Enjoy!

2156 days ago


Her new tour is called Sweet and Sticky--that sounds like a prune to me!!!!!!!

2156 days ago


what is she thinking she can have anybody she wants she needs to grow up and be with somebody her own age and stop thhis robbing the cradle sttff with these guys LOL... hes a fool hes young and the name MADONNA just tells him she can be had by whomever she wants give her some money and she s there . LOL you go dude get you some of that OLD WORE OUT STUFF:. she has been had by the best in the business.. oy i wouldnt give her up taht quick lol

2156 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!!    

... Madonna's EX, Guy Richie, didn't take any MONEY from Madonna in their divorce because he knows the 33 yr old A-Rod will DUMP Madonna (after the thrill is gone) and (REALITY sets in). ... Then Guy can have Madonna back. But the EX (Guy) doesn't realize right NOW that he probably will NOT WANT the USED up Madonna merchandise after she's dumped.... Folks, this is NOT love, it's "Infatuation" and physical attraction. Real LOVE is based on "RESPECT."

2156 days ago

Jerry Marlow    

I think Madonna ia absolutely gorgeous and I would revel at the opportunity to make love to such a goddess. Mr. Rodriguez could likely have any woman or quantity of women he wanted and likely he has at times, the fact he is with Madonna say it all. She's is one fine and hot woman and he's a very, very lucky man.

2156 days ago


A-Rod gave up his wife and baby for Madonna, all that money and no heart, He is a fool. Madonna will dump him when she gets tired of him or when she finds another younger stud. What is A-Rod thinking.

2156 days ago


Ms. X, why did you have to say that? The graphic will turn my stomach for months

2156 days ago

carolyn ferrante    

Well, I don't see how two Leo's can make it together; maybe I'm just jealous. Madonna should be ashamed of herself for brainwashing A-Rod (he doesn't seem too cerebral), and A-Rod should be ashamed of himself for spending bedtime with Madonna instead of being with his lovely, young ex-wife and their two adorable daughters. Phew -- this stinks!

2156 days ago
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