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NBC's Bigoted "Momma" in Big Trouble

11/26/2008 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of all racists featured on NBC's upcoming reality show "Momma's Boys" may have been targeted because of her extreme bigotry -- and things could get even worse for her, once this clip gets out.

Khalood Bojanowski (common spelling) -- whose son Jojo is one of the bachelors on NBC's soon-to-air "Momma's Boys" -- has had her MIchigan house vandalized and her German shepherd killed, all before the Dec. 16 premiere of the show.

Cops are investigating whether the attack was triggered by her insane racist comments on the show. But Iraqi-born Khalood is so worried, we're told, she's already been flown to L.A. to get "a security briefing" by a major security firm.

But seriously: Watch the vid ... Omarosa, meet the new reality bitch queen.


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This woman is just straight up coo coo. I have two older kids, (white) Americans. Whoever my kids choice to be with is fine with me, color, nationality, sexuality it does not matter. I love my kids, and who ever their choice is., I will love them as my own as well. If they treat my kids right, then they are my family as well .

That woman is just really stupid and crazy !

2124 days ago


Hoping that your kid will marry a "nice Jewish girl" or "nice Catholic girl" etc. doesn't mean that the parent is thinking everybody else is inferior. It has to do with passing on traditions that are important to the parents. Religion is a more important deal than ethnicity, but there are also cultural aspects of ethnicity that will indeed be different for the next generations as people of different ethnic groups marry. So when the religion or culture is important to the parents, then they do hope their kids will marry within the religion or the culture. Often the solution is for the person marrying into the family to adjust (e.g., convert to their religion, keep up the cultural traditions of the spouse). But that isn't always possible. People who are not very attached to either their religion or ethnic cultural roots tend to misunderstand all this and lump it in with "racism", when it isn't necessarily so.

In this woman's case, obviously she has already mixed culturally herself although probably not mixed religiously (her husband was probably a Polish Catholic, she's an Iraqi Catholic). Just eliminating whole groups of people on non-religious grounds is indeed more suspicious in her case... What about a black Catholic (yes, there are a significant number of American Catholics who are black)? Would that be acceptable? If not, that pushes her more toward racist in my experience. Although I remember that in my mother's childhood, it was widely assumed that mixed Italian Catholic/Irish-Catholic marriages, for example, "would never work" .... So ethnicity is often intimately connected with religion regardless, making it harder to decide what's really going on when someone starts ticking off the acceptable/unacceptable boxes for their children's choice of spouse.

2124 days ago


"29. all you bloggers have forgotten the FACT that we have FREEDOM of speech,race and religion. i guess all of you hate your freedom and will line up for it to be taken away. sheeple!

Posted at 3:07PM on Nov 26th 2008 by C*MSOCK"

Your right, and we also have the FREEDOM to say shes a stupid b!tch.

2123 days ago


"69. Wait a second.. now I am NOT Defending this woman, and how she feels, but everything that came out of her mouth, I have heard before, from MANY MANY Moms over the years! Yeah, okay, You may just be hearing this talk for the first time, but this is honest talk without the BS. My Mom has said it, My Friends Mom's have said it.. I've heard people, women, mothers, whatever, say it like it between each other before since I've been on the Planet! You're telling Me You've Never heard anyone talk like this before??.. I find that very hard to believe. Don't act like, "Oh, How Dreadful!.. What a Horrible Excuse for a Human Being, let alone a Mother!".. BS!.. You're Full of Sh*t! Don't even try it!...

Posted at 10:27PM on Nov 26th 2008 by Bell"

This was a normal thing for you to hear? Wow, I feel sorry for you. This is not "normal" and do not pretend that it is.

2123 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

hey lady. you gotta learn somehow...even your own sons will turn on you to slip themselves inside that. any man will.

2123 days ago

Iagree Withher    

Having the heart to say what you feel is not always as you view it. NBC has promo'd a controversial show and that is exactly what they are getting. Don't call this person a bigot since you really don't know her. It is about time someone called a "spade, a spade." If you can't accept it, tune to another station when the show is aired.

2123 days ago


What a nasty whore. I hope she rots in hell.

2123 days ago


am i the only one who really loved to see her son making out with that beautiful black girl? ;-D first time i'm not even jealous of the bachelor hehe... hopefully he even picks a non-caucasian girl in the end! ^_^

2123 days ago


Its not the color of the skin its whats inside.....enough of this biggot stuff...........lets all live in peace and harmony already.......

2122 days ago


WOW this show is going to be out of control. But what do you expect Look at the people who produced this show. It came from Tyra Banks and Ryan Seacrest. Enough Said. But really what did that poor little doggie do? That is heartbreaking.

2122 days ago


Ah, excuse Me, Mr. Jones...
I'm Not Pretending Anything.. that is what I heard, and quite frankly, still hear. Now maybe YOU haven't heard that.. fine. But it all depends on the background of where one grew up, and from where I grew up, yeah, it was and still is quite normal. I'm not pretending anything.. so Please don't assume that this is something that is never said, anywhere.. cause than You would be the one pretending. Also, what is "Normal" anyway?.. There is no such thing as "Normal", an any logical person knows that. I think maybe "Appropriate" "Socially Acceptable" would be a Better term.

2120 days ago


Myabe it's all an act because her son is pretty open minded or should I say open mouthed.

2119 days ago


the issue here is not whether i or you or anyone else in the whole wide world agrees with her opinion - the issue is that she has the right to her opinions - she made statements about what she wants her family religion to be and her family blood line - they were general statements not personal attacks on anyone there - she was then attacked - i think the 'out of control' young woams was more at fault than was the mother - that is my opinion from what i have seen so far - we will see where this goes next.

2098 days ago


Many of the comments here are worse than the ones she said. I don't remember hearing her wanting the Black woman to be killed. The mother is just a loudmouth and that's why she's on the show. Many people scoff at these sorts of remarks, but they may have them inside or have a mother who shares them. Sometimes the ones who speak loudly are the most guilty. Most people marry within their race so she isn't alone.

(This is coming from a white guy, by the way, who is currently in a relationship with a black woman).

2097 days ago


Her son is SO GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAY GAY GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is just a fool!!!!! She needs to get laid GOOD!!!! and not by her son.

2081 days ago
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