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Axl Rose Gunning for Dr Pepper

11/27/2008 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Axl Rose is accusing Dr Pepper of doing the same thing he did for nearly 17 years: Screwing people out of what they were promised.

Rose is accusing Pepper of profiting off the Guns N' Roses name, after the soda company's website malfunctioned during their free Dr Pepper giveaway on Sunday. The 20 oz. handouts were a promise made by Pepper if "Chinese Democracy" ever hit the shelves.

Axl's lawyers are demanding full-page apologies in four major newspapers, an extended period of time to collect on the free suds and payment for unauthorized use the GN'R name.


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Dear Axl:

Go Kiss My Ass.

2123 days ago


can somebody tell this guy to SHUT UP!!! after 17 years he made the most boring album eveeeer... he shouldn't be allowed to speak!!!!
I was sooo exited about Chinese Democracy and maaaan I'm disappointed...

2123 days ago


i used to love GNR, but the psychopathic axl killed all that, and killed their music! AXL stop having plasic surgery, you look frigging terrible, actually you beginning to look like a homo... those caps on your teeth makes you look like an inbreed version of mr ed.

2123 days ago


Dr. P's site was down on Sunday, but I just went back on Monday & signed up for my coupon. Just hope it doesn't take Dr. Pepper 17 years to mail me the coupon.

2123 days ago

Seamus O'Malley    

People are losing sight of the real problem here. Yes, Axl is a egomaniac.......& yes the new album has not lived up to expectations. However, his accusations are dead on about Dr. Pepper.

America has become a corporate nation. The days of small companies & local mom & pop shops has dissappeared because of Wal-Marts, McDonalds, Pepsi & the like. When our own people have no products & corporations rule our thoughts with marketing & big product endorsements - our opinions & demands mean nothing to these corporate sharks.
The need for REAL customer service is extinct because there is no competition - so who cares about the customer.
You see this clearly with your electric, gas, & water bills.
There is no other choice, so you buy it or not. If you elect to not buy it there are 1000 people behind you ready to spend.
This defeats the purpose of FREE market & opens the door for monopolies & facism.

Dr. Pepper has benefitted from throwing around GnRs name for quite some time. It also doesnt surprise me they conveniently allow their site to crash when they are NOT profiting. Nobody wants to give product away, but if your going to advertise for years - using someone elses name that you will do something, you better do it. PepsiCo is one of the hugest corporations on the planet earth. They steamroll everyone that gets in their way while they do as they please. This is exactly what is happening again. Everyone should be resentful, & voice dissent against these multi billion dollar corporate conglomerate snakes. Yes......and that even means when the child Axl cries.

Dont miss the point here. Axl may be on your hit list of rotten people today, But what Dr. Pepper...PepsiCo are doing is criminal. They will keep doing it as long as they want, because nobody will stand up to their big corporate lawyers with endless pockets. Get your free product & tell everyone you know to do the same. It wont even budge their quarterly profits.

2123 days ago


I have hated axl rose ever since he spit in that girl's face. She was yelling axl I love you I love you and he spit right in her face and kept walking. what a pig!

2123 days ago


screw you axl. Ever since Appetite you've been nothing. Drop the lawsuit and go back into hiding. I used to love your work, now your just a freak

2123 days ago

Saint Subversive    

The new album is lame, and so is Axl's usual sue-happy BS. Dr Pepper doesnt owe him a thing, or us. "Chinese Redundancy" would be a better title. It will sink off the charts and go down in music history as the most overblown, overhyped, overrated collection of overproduced and bland music ever created. At least when Kubrick took this long to make something, he generally delivered. "CD" is a stunningly bad album (and what happened to the mega 4-CD epic that he promised to release? from the sounds of what he did release, the rest of it is probably best left in the dustbin). Go back into your cave and stay there, Axl. Youre a bore.

2123 days ago


I like Axl Rose. psycho, has been known to display bizarre behavior, and has fits of angry insanity as well as various other forms of insanity... you know, hate to admit it, but sounds like me... I know that life is crazy and I am crazy and I flip out on people especially under pressure coupled with a lot of insane stuff that has happened to me and is happening all around me. What a screwed up world... and someone that doesn't even know you screaming they love you over and over? When there is so much waste, and death, and horrible things happening all the time in this world? And someone so unconscious as to scream out their love to Axl Rose makes me sick- she is part of the disease that results in real hurt to little children and women especially. Why isn't she doing something useful instead of screaming at someone at a concert hoping for a "piece" of him... Imagine the women throwing themselves at you until you are sick of it? If you counter that is just part of it and if he doesn't like fans he shouldn't blah blah blah... but, the reverse is just as true- if you don't want to get spit on, don't scream at a psycho rock-star you love him and get in his face professing your undying love... it's all part of the show!

It seems that all the negative comments are just like hands held out and if you don't get your alms, you snarl at the passerby who is just trying to survive this hell too. Where was the album for all this time? Does anyone know of the problems Axl faced and solved to get this thing to the stores? And all you say is, where is my promised album, where is my album, where is my album you promised!

Chinese democracy is brilliant. I think the genre has receded from it's most popular time obviously and as with Velvet Revolver's debut, the sound was already dated and lacked any depth or creative genius. You all have to admit that. I think it's merit lies in it's marketing model. They produced a safe if sagging sound and make some money since every G N R fan and STP fan had to buy it etc etc. Chinese democracy on the other hand shows where the true genius (besides Izzy Stradlin) lay in G N R. Without Axl the band was toast as a creative enterprise and hence the ego or should I say EGO.

As for surgery... is that Axl or Mark Wahlberg? The teeth capping al la frankenstein plagues many "stars" imho: Like Jim Carey lol.

2123 days ago


A hundred years ago, Axl's ego delayed a concert for 3 and a half hours in Dallas.
while he stroked it at an airport lounge. When His Majesty finally took the stage,
he whined that if "anybody else throws something, I'm out of here."
Someone then threw a full bottle of beer, missing his bloated head by inches.
Axl aka Bill Bailey is like Rosie O'Donnell, Lisa Bonet, Sean Young, Bjork, and
Shannon Doherty all rolled up into one big Man Douch.
Too bad this turd still breathes.

2123 days ago


This guys sucked from day one. They produced one decent song "WTHJ". They should be working at McDonalds like me.
Why do they keep getting so much attention?

2123 days ago

the mass majority    

Axl who???......

2123 days ago

Broken Axl    

Axl is about as relevant nowadays as REO Speedwagon. This is just his lame attempt to keep his ugly mug in the news just a day or two longer. Do you really think Axl has the smarts to make this mole hill a mountain? Of course not, I am sure his lawyers are pushing this whole thing with the goal of generating attention in the media for a lame ass has been lead singer. In the realm of things with the economy the way it is and the turmoil around the world who gives a crap about Axl anymore besides his mother? Tell the primadonna the world has moved on since his last contribution which happened take place in the 20th century. Some advice Axl, if the world knows you're a prick, your band mates know you're a prick, and you have no relevance anymore, make your return a favorable impression. Who do you think you are Bobby Brown?

2123 days ago


Seamus O'Malley aka Unibomber wannabe. Just as you say the giveaway 'wont even budge their quarterly profits', the offer itself didn't budge their quarterly profits either. How many people do you know that ran out and bought Dr. Pepper because of Axl's name? I bet zero. The mom and pop business known as Axl Rose has delivered what many believe is a defective product. That makes a free can of Dr. Pepper more a benefit to Axl then it is to Dr.Pepper, if only as a consolation for buying the CD. But the offer also advertised t the CD, and gave publicity and advertising to an irrelevant jerk-off and his (arguably) sub-par work.

Then you say 'they conveniently allow their site to crash'. Feeling paranoid on top of resentful? For openers, Karl Marx, most know that an inrush of activity can crash a server, and it was back the next day. The kicker is that the alleged advertising value of being associated with Axl would be limited to Axl fans. The free offer applies to the whole country. People who have never heard of or cared for the putz until now are getting free Dr. Pepper. ADVANTAGE AXL. Now get your bitter, resentful ass off the sofa and go do something useful.

2123 days ago


Let's face,it is over for GnR,the band ig gone,it's all Axl,Axl sucks now,Just needs to live off af appetite cash,your new record wont make much $$,geffen will have it in bargin bin this time next year,well excuse me,Im gona have a cold Dr.Pepper and play KISS' DESTROYER RE MASTERED,....m/ m/.happy Thanksgiving all!!

2123 days ago
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