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Speidi's Elope-a-Dope -- For the Love of Money

11/27/2008 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not even marriage is sacred to self-proclaimed Jesus freak Heidi Montag -- because it looks like her "marriage" to Spencer Pratt was just an elaborate ploy to cash in.

After MonPrat "eloped" in Cabo San Lucas last week, they sold their story and photos. And the joke may be on the publications, because the "marriage" was as fake as Heidi's breasts.


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So sad when millions of gay and lesbian couples are fighting for the right of marriage these two are abusing the right to cash in on sad.

2159 days ago


Ah, the sanctuary of straight marriages... Aren't Californians proud to fight for marriages like theirs?

2159 days ago


Marriage is supposse tp be sacred theyre treating it like a joke, thats stupid but I still strongly beleive that a princess should marry a prince not another princess.

2159 days ago

Laffn Bear    

So.....Who cares?..........Really?

2159 days ago

ya right    

why even write about a fake article about a fake wedding with fake people on a fake show?.........just askin=]

2159 days ago


And you're the least bit surprised?
Honestly this was the first thing I thought of.

2159 days ago


What a b!tch.

2159 days ago


Please stop covering these losers

2159 days ago

my 3 cents    

I hear that Spencer wants to stuff Lance Bass's turkey for

2159 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

What? Fake celebrities getting fake married? I can't wait for the fake pregnancy.

2159 days ago


Please ban them from TMZ!!!

2159 days ago


I am so sick of these Ken and Barbie "wannabe's" PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM and hopefully they'll just go away! UGH!

2159 days ago

Another story    

I'm sick of seeing them.At least if they would know how to do good's like Rosie.

2159 days ago


I agree with AMC and louanne. With all of the hoopla about "protecting the sanctity of marriage" and not allowing gay couples the same rights as straight couples, we have these two religious freaks, their professed love of Jesus as fake as this marriage, doing this. I could not agree more with your readers who said stop covering these clowns. I've never watched the Hills, and I never will, so why give these losers the attention they crave?

Marriage rights for all, and no coverage for Heidi and Spencer!

2159 days ago


HAHAHAHA!!!! tooooooooooo funnny ;) You know, Its about time someone takes advantage of Hollywood like Hollywood takes advantage of people. These 2 kinda bug me but as of today, I will give MAJOR PROPS to them for pulling this one and cashing out on it. That was genius!! All those STUPID tabloids are so stuck in other peoples lifes, at the end of the day, these editors, writters etc are pathetic, soul-less individuals who live their life through people who they obviously value more? Sad. Heidi and Lil Spenc, good JOB!!!! Keep up the good work, make your money and if anyone says anything bad about it like these morons on TMZ, F them! Paris plays the media all the time and banks on it so why can't people like Heidi and Spencer do it too?? They need the money more than Paris the Attention-whore. If I was in their shoes, I'd do the same and US weekly, why don't you idiots get a life of your own? I don't even buy tabloids anymore...its the dumbest thing ever. Life is about surviving and these 2 are doing just that. For you idiots who buy and support tabloids, get a life of your own!

2159 days ago
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