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Barkley to LeBron:

You're Too Cavalier

11/29/2008 1:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James and Charles BarkleyIt's a clash of the titan egos as Lebron James looks forward to putting some serious money where Charles Barkley's mouth is.

The Cleveland Cavalier is calling Charles Barkley "stupid," firing back at remarks that Charles Barkley recently made saying James needs to "shut the hell up" because he isn't showing respect for Cleveland fans and his teammates by discussing a possible free agency following the 2010 season.

But hey -- with the Knicks clearing up some salary-cap space in anticipation of the 2010 free-agent status, it's easy to see how Barkley's sideline advice might fall on deaf ears.

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Lebron is a bitch ... Go Chuck .

2154 days ago

ky jones    

Lebron is a ungreatful big baby..I have never seen a young player disrespect a hall of famer!! You would have never heard of that happening when barkley was playing. And charles barkley is a great player who would know about trades and fee agency.

2154 days ago

my 3 cents    

My attention span did not let me read your borring "news article" TMZ - Sorry :(

2154 days ago

Ben's getting taken to the cleaners    

Who cares if Barkley is a Hall of Famer (never won a NBA title)

What a punk ass be-atch!

Shut up Charlie!

2154 days ago


Lebron won't be freeagent for two full seasons. It is way too soon for him to be talking about other teams. I have lost some respect for Lebron over this.

2154 days ago

Kendra Would Rock Your C**k!    

I can't think of anything LESS important on the face of the planet than the National Basketball Association, personally.
Neither one of these two physically freakish dimwits could pass a 5th grade Math or English class. Yep, that N.B.A. is an important link in evolution.

2154 days ago



I think Sir Charles is absolutely correct...I have thought the very same thing!

I also wish LeBron, who is my shining star even if I am 71-years old, would
have been mature enough not to respond to Sir Charlie's comments!


2153 days ago


Even though I'm from Cleveland, I agree with Charles. LeBron needs to shut his mouth. This team (and city) bends over backward for him, and yet the guy is openly talking about possibly leaving? Total B.S.

And what makes it worse is that LeBron knows he's gonna be treated with kid gloves by the Cleveland media and everyone else in this city because they don't want to piss him off. So, he's gonna purposely talk because he knows he can get away with it.

Look, I get that he's a star for not just Cleveland but for the NBA as well, but Charles is absolutely right. LeBron is being an ass.

2153 days ago

montana mike    

it doesn't matter what team lebron plays for-he will never win a championship

2153 days ago


I live in Cleveland too, and I agree with Charles - he should be quiet, but, but the media in general is just jumping the gun and should QUIT asking about something so far down the line. Right now, who cares?? First of all, look at the Cavaliers record NOW - they totally spanked the Knicks last week, and Lebron and the other starters did not even play the 4th quarter! Lebron is more concerned about a title then just "moving to New York" for the sake of doing so, and sure money talks, but it ain't gonna buy him a title - only a good team can do that! We all know he likes NY, but who cares where he goes two years from now, the team the Cavs have now, is probably his best chance to win the title he wants if they continue to play as is, and no money will make him leave esp if he gets that with Cleveland, to some crappy team in New York, just because he happens to like the Yankees! Lebron went to school here, his family is here, and he just built a huge house here. Give me a break!!!!!!

2153 days ago


That is just what people want to hear. LeBaby has been given free reign since his high school days in Akron. Not a team player... its all about him. Take some of the money you have been given by your hometown of Akron and put it back. Alot of people are out of work at this time. His mom gets off with a hand slap over a traffic incident anyone else would have seen jail time over. Get some morals and marry the girl you have 2 kids with if you want some respect.

2153 days ago


Lebron has said that he does'nt want to talk about 2010 because he does'nt want to be distracted. Comm. David Stern has made it where you have to answer questions from the media, or get fined.....If a question is asked about 2010, he can't refuse to answer. Barkley knows that. And besides, how many times has Charles Barkley said something he should'nt have.... distracting his team-mates? Charles just has to say something. He loves startin' stuff. Peace to Charles Barkley, and leave Lebron alone.

2153 days ago


First of Charles is right...all this hoopla around LeBron is bull...I told everybody when LeBron, Wade, Carmelo was up for draft.I said WADE would be the 1st with a ring and it happened and this was draft night when i said this...LeBron is OVERRATED just like DeShawn Stevenson said..He is just a strong player strong meaning hes lifting toooo many damn weights with that hard as shot!!! so with that being said Charles is right Lebron is talking side ways , why talk about the free market in 2010 with the NBA bodies go hard, he need to think about injury, the wear and tear on the body...The NBA is very physical and he do not know want awaits his future...He might get caught up in scandals and others scams who knows its a dirty world out here..For Lebron best interest he should make a decision that he would benefit from long term and not just on the basketball court make a business deal with owning part of the team/marketing or something because he's HOT now but the NBA age players quickly and hes a star today and tomorrow here comes the new generation of players ask Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill remember they thought those 2 were the next MJ too!!! lol soooo CHILL lil Bron Bron

2152 days ago


"6. I can't think of anything LESS important on the face of the planet than the National Basketball Association, personally.
Neither one of these two physically freakish dimwits could pass a 5th grade Math or English class. Yep, that N.B.A. is an important link in evolution.

Posted at 1:28PM on Nov 29th 2008 by N.B.A. = Nothing But Afric..s"

WOW!!! Clearly it was important enough for you to read the article, form an opinion, and comment!! So I guess my question to you is; WHY ARE YOU HERE? What happened to LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS? Go live your life freely and pursue what makes you happy!!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and to have an ignorant, racist, bigoted view of athletics and athletes!! (OORAH!! I fought for that right for you!! ) I am assuming you missed the memo that a Columbia University/Harvard Law School graduate who happens to be black, follows the NBA, and has been known to shoot a few hoops is going to be YOUR Commander and Chief for the next 8 long years!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D GO RACISM!!!!

2150 days ago

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