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Fool Us Once, Sue You; Twice, Screw You

12/1/2008 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman and wife Beth have escalated their war against their former talent agent, claiming he and his company have deceived them yet again.

The Chapmans are embroiled in a fight over fees Boris Krutonog and his company, Pivot Point Entertainment, allegedly began collecting in connection with an A&E deal. The Chapmans say Krutonog secretly negotiated a producer's fee with A&E, which is based on a percentage of their earnings from the network. The Chapmans claim the fee is a subterfuge for a talent agent's fee, which Krutonog can't collect because he is not a licensed agent.

Now the Chapmans claim Krutonog is at it again, secretly filing a claim with the New York Labor Commissioner to resolve the matter, even though the case is already being heard by the California Labor Commissioner (New York is more likely to cut Krutonog a break).

The Chapmans now want the judge to put the brakes on the New York case. Wouldn't it be easier to just pick the dude up in the middle of the night and cart him over to Mexico?


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frogs and gravel    

One of my worst nightmares would be sitting in the back of "Dog's" vehicle, with a video camera
on me and being lectured by Dog about how to turn my life around. And then: People I know seeing
the tape. Yikes!

2129 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

These two have a lot of class...strictly low.

2129 days ago


duane lee is damn sexyyy

2129 days ago

Frank Lily    

Anyone that insults Dog deserves a fck ass kicking. You all suck. We stick up for Dog at the Fan Club. Way to go Beth, kick some f**** ass. So if you hate on dog, go take a flying leap off mount suck it

2129 days ago

Frank Lily    

I am also a proud Dog Fan Club member, and you haters can kiss our arses

2129 days ago

Frank Lily    

The fan club is full of fakes, liars, and dumb asses. The moderators are total asses. DoNT Join, THey ban every1 there and suck. THey send people here I heard. like we can not figure that out. They did that wen I was a member. Hate them all,

2129 days ago

Big Bear    

How are Nick and Bubba doing?? Did they finally have a honeymoon after they both got out??

2129 days ago


Gawd, these two knuckleheads look nasty. My nose curls up when I see them on T.V., as I imagine, and suspect it true, that they reak of cigarettes and just stink up a room with their presence. And WHY do they dress like that?!?! Do they really think they look good? He looks like he is eat-up with the dumbass, and she looks just simply unacceptable in most establishments.

2129 days ago


# 18: Re: Kramer......yes, he did apologize, profusely. He went on Leno and profusely apologized, as well all the other talk show circuits and news outlets such as the Today show.
Guess you missed that entire week. You were out of the country, right?

2129 days ago


I thought you had to have talent in order to hire a talent agent. I must be wrong.

They are the jokes of the A&E Network. I thought A&E stood for Arts and Entertainmnet. There's nothing artsy or entertaining about that show. It was a classy network until they hired these 2 two disgusting and obnoxiously racist losers. What's next for A&E, the Michael Vick Dog Show?

2129 days ago



2128 days ago

al loanese    

I cannot wait until I hear about some woamn kicking beth the draq queens azz on tv...these two are as low as linda hogan & hulk hogan...the only difference is that linda hogan doesnt look like some ghetto drag queen. bitch man! beth is a digusting transvestite whore and her mullet wearing bigot homo husband is just that a low life racist pig!!!!!

2128 days ago


I love Beth. She rocks.

2128 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

Where else but the good 'ol USA could you get such reality TV entertainment from human cartoon people? Duane (Hound Dog/Mad Dog) Chapman is a guy under 5' 7" with ridiculously high shoe lifts and girlie hair extensions trying to play an Hawaii five 0 Mighty Mouse. His wife is an even more wacked-out contradiction with a body like a Samoan wrestler who speaks as though English were a second language (e.g. "you make nui-nui; go get help.")

In a television Sahara desert with such little originality I hope these two fight the forces of "Eve-Vile" for a long time.

2128 days ago


I love the Dog and his family. The Dog haters here just need to go watch their classy shows like--The Girls Nex Door, The Bachelor, The Bachelorettes, The Bad Girls Club, Paris' New BFF. Or any of the other real classy shows on. Give me Dog anyday. At Least Dog does care about someone besides himself.

2128 days ago
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