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Phelps' New GF Out for Bare

12/2/2008 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Phelps' new girlfriend is a real hoot-er.
Caroline Pal: Click to view!
Caroline Pal worked at the Déjà Vu strip club in North Hollywood from 2003 to 2005 -- while Mr. Phelps was busy winning his first six gold medals in Athens.

We can't say for sure if she actually stripped -- those strip club people are more tight-lipped than ... insert joke. But here's a clue -- her nickname was Sapphire.

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This happens all the time. He may be rich and on top of the world but he is insecure about his looks because he was picked on as a child. So when a "hot girl" "likes him" he will go for it no matter what. It is a trade off. She knows he is ugly but he has the $$ and that is what she is all about. Not surprising.

2153 days ago


Multiple tats may not make one a tramp, but, it is what people precieve. I don't make the rules here. I think that it is never a good idea for a woman to get a tatoo, let alone a giant one all over her back. But, this is America and one can do as they want.

All that sad, I would love if someone out there could explain to me WHY SO MANY young woman from the ages of say, 18-28 are so loose if you will. That is why the comment from from BobbyD is valid. What is the whole slut off with these ladies?
The dressing like a hooker, the poses for pictures that are always so suggestive, the fake lezzy stuff in front of the boys, zero morals, constantly trying to get attention, the cat fights, the public drunkeness, and the cussin'! These girls have mouths like truck drivers!

What happened to being a lady?

Ya, know I'm not that old gals and I'm shocked at where we are going with these younger gals.
My guy friends used to say: ya, got to decide if you want to be a lady or a pig. Well....... it seems there are way too many pigs out there. With pictures to prove it I gather. I can't beileve how many women are so dumb. To archive ones bad behavior is something I will never understand.

Oh, and don't give me the whole we are having fun thing, it isn't going to explain away the poor behavior of some of you gals.

2153 days ago


I am so surprised that many people in this world can be so mean. How can any of you say these crazy things when you do not even know who this person is? Are you so screwed up in your own life that you have to make somebody else's screwed up as well or are you just jealous of somebody else's fame and found love? TMZ can't even get her name right!!! That makes me think that their source isn't as credible as you all may think!

2153 days ago


Mean - mean - mean people! Santa will NOT even bring you coal for XMas! What's the dealio people? Is it easier for you to criticize than be criticized? So what if she MAY have stripped once upon a time? Oh, wait... if she was a blond-haired blue- eyed beauty in Playboy, then no problem, right?! Oh wait... and she makes - wait for it - her OWN money serving drinks at a Vegas Hotspot - but that's a bad thing accordingly to you? Oh, but wait, you think she's out to get his money? OK, Whatever. I get it now. You're stuck on the whole J-E-A-L-O-U-S thing. Mean mean people go back in your caves!

2153 days ago


Well, at least the Santa belt is hiding the fugly dark nips.

2153 days ago


to Oh Joy!!! - i would love it if someone out there would explain to me WHY SO MANY (((OLD))) Ladies out there have a problem with the way girls 18-28 are dressing/acting???? Don't you have something to sew?

But if you want a truthful answer, I would say it's their MOTHER'S fault. One is a product of one's environment. And don't portray women of your generation as such 'angels' (weren't the 60's & 70's drug using days)???? And I recall sharing needles to be one of the main reasons AIDS is on the rise. So I would suggest to you, to either get a tattoo yourself and start partying or start pleasing your husband more in the bedroom (maybe you won't be so jealous if you were gettin gsome)...I'm just saying...

2153 days ago


wow wow wee,

PINAY must be REALLY hot under the collar cos' she can't get rid of the mole on her face with the grey hairs growing out of it !!! LOL !!! LMAO !!!

"Buwa ka ng ina mo" & "ang baho ng pekpek mo" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You need to go back to your street corner in olangapo & bring your sista caz p wit uuu. you all need to be deported instead of workin' some ho house in Covina, while you're stuffin' your fugly faces wit siopaos & lumpias !!! man i could go for some pan de sal, come to think of it !!!


2153 days ago

lolita bunni    

you haters are probably fat and or ugly. dissing on the girl;she is hot. none of yo could BE a stripper or get one to possibly date you.

2153 days ago


Come on Phelps..this girl is a DOG!

2152 days ago



2152 days ago


I saw Michael Phelps this past Saturday night at the Borgata in Atlantic City, actually had a conversation with him as we are both from Baltimore, and this was not the girl he was with. The girl he was with was very pretty and classy. I have to say I was impressed by the fact that he seemed very normal (considering all that has transpired recently in his life) and very down to earth.

2152 days ago


whooooa you gotta be kidding me.. i know that girl from college.. we both went to csun and yes she did strip at de ja vu.. also did private parties.. if you know what i mean.. how the HELL did she get phelps?? someone needs to warn him about her.. that girl is NOT good news.. she slept with half the sig ep house during the time she was at csun.. im shocked that that skank is his new girlfriend.. she's originally from san diego.. i have her phone # if anyone wants it LOL!!!

2150 days ago


Michael Phelps wants his private life private - THEN DUDE SHUT-UP AND STOP DOING EVERYTHING IN PUBLIC. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out! He wants this attnetion or else it wouldn't be happening. MP is a low life.

2150 days ago


His millions in endorsments will soon be slipping away from his hands like a just caught trout. Hate to see Phelps go all Brittney on us...I dont hold him in very high esteem like I used to. Where are this boy's handlers? Being constantly featured in the rags,internet, and TMZ drunk doing shots in a bar with his buddies and an ugly hooker is really sad to see.
I was hoping he would be someone the youth of America could emulate. Dont expect him to be on the ceral boxes as you walk down the isle for very long...

2149 days ago


I worked security at the night club as a second job with Caz. Until you know her, don't knock her. She's doesn't act the way you all think. She likes sports, hanging out with friends and her dog. Makes good money as a WAITRESS in the club(six figures a year) and models. You can talk to her as a normal guy and she won't ignore you like most girls in her position. I'm glad to hear she met a guy she likes and hope the best for her.


2147 days ago
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