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Rihanna and Brown Sued Over R&B-eatdown

12/2/2008 9:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A photographer is looking for a massive payday from Rihanna and Chris Brown, after he says he was beaten and robbed for snapping a photo of the young couple in May.

Luis Santana just filed a $1 million lawsuit in Florida -- claiming his $3,000 camera was stolen from him after being form-tackled outside Brown's 19th birthday party at the Vintage Ultra Lounge in St. Petersburg.

Luis says bodyguards for RiRi, Brown and the Lounge attacked him for taking a photo of the couple through their open limo window, according to The St. Petersburg Times.

The reason Santana's suing for such a large amount -- he says the photo would have made a killing since the two lovebirds weren't officially dating, and it showed them together.


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I respect everyone's opinion but I do have to add this comment. While their doesn't seem to be any legal wrongdoing by the pap, the fact remains he violated their privacy. Yes, they're celebrities, but does that mean it's open season each time they make a public appearance? I believe celebrities have a right to enjoy themselves in a public place without having to be concerned with the nonsense from the media/papparazzis. And for those of you who condone this behavior you may want to think twice. In this day in age with so many people toting video or digital cams how would you feel if your life was put on blast. Would you be happy if your evening was interrupted by photogs? It'd be different if they were at an event to promote a CD, movie, awards show, or any other related event but they weren't. Chris and Rihanna were just trying to have nice evening out. I'd also like to add, I don't feel the celebrities should be blamed for the actions of their bodyguards nor the club's bodyguards. It's like be blamed for something you didn't do. The lawsuit is ridiculous and just another pap trying to get paid . Photogs are notorious for filing lawsuits. Get a real job, paps, and quit trying to live your life lavishly by ruining someone else's. By the way, "Adrien Rules" I'm not a Rihanna fan either, but the comment you made was very disrespectful and unnecessary. I'm sure you have some physical attributes that are not very pleasing to some people's eye either.....grow up because that was elementary.

2153 days ago


Do any of you read the comments that some of these folks write, Wow, comment number one this punk is saying she got a big head (Adrien Rules) what in the hell does that have to do with the issue can you say ha-tah, and comment number 10 (elninito) this clown thinks Chris Brown is Nick Cannon saying that Chis is married to Mariah, lol can you say ahh just dumb as hell, but anyway respect them folks privacy and next time you will still have your camera and an eye that's not fat from a beat down to still take other pictures, lol

2153 days ago


Or could it be they didn't want their picture taken because the legal drinking age in Florida is 21? Hmmm...

2153 days ago


ok seriously, who cares. I hope he gets nothing. How creepy, if someone was to take pictures of an every day person through a window in their house.. stalker. If there are security guards out there they obviously don't want you around and you should leave them alone, or you will get the hell beaten out of you. Get a life

2153 days ago


Stupid. why be a celeb if you don't want your picture taken. It's like being a criminal and avoiding jail. eventually it will happen. Celebs spend the early part of their carrers trying to get famous and then when the achieve their goal they try to reap the benefits of fame and eliminate the drawbacks. As far as the security gaurds, massive overreaction. the photographer should only be given 3000.00 to replace his camera plus about 8000.00 for the ass wuupen, because the expected price of a photo is speculative at best. what if it was a bad shot leaving the subjects unrecognizable.

2153 days ago


That person who made the first comment is a a-hole for real. I would really like to see how you look, since you like to point out other peoples flaws. Anyway, pertaining to the topic, this incident happened in why is he coming forward NOW???? It looks like someone is trying to get rich quick.

2152 days ago


i agree with #19 100%. These celebs are something else. They love the paparazzi & media when their fresh out the gate & they can't take enough pictures. Like Rihanna for exam, she gets her SUV to pick up some ladies fm a restaurant when she clearly could have called them fm her vehicle & told them she was right out front. She knew the paparazzi was shooting her was almost modeling for them.

Chris used 2 be all up in the camera's talking about "where my singles ladies at? Holla at me!" Now he's dating the Bajan Princess, his love life is to personal to talk about. What's up with that? Privacy is one of the sacrifices they make for fame & fortune and the way those 2 shop, they need all their money which brings me to this dude thats suing them.

So come on Chris & Rihanna, pay up @least for the mans camera & physical injuries.
At least thats not a worth a million bucks

2152 days ago

game thuto keakopa    

aggg!!!shame....he shudnt hav been attacked man...i feel sori for him buy hey,rihanna and chris brown are celebs so he shud have asked first....

2152 days ago


There should not be any photos taken of celebs if they are paying someone to guard them from unwanted photos

2146 days ago


2126 days ago

nicole aka weirdo cole    

man people are carzy

2085 days ago
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