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Kid Rock to Judge: Screw Me? My Fans Screw You

12/4/2008 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock is declaring war on the judge who sentenced him for that Waffle House beatdown last year -- and now the rocker's legions of loyal fans are making the judge's life a living hell.
Kid Rock
It's all over the judge's decision to not allow Rock's upcoming live performance for the troops in Iraq to count toward his community service. After he was rejected, Rock decided to get even by posting the judge's work information -- including a phone number and email address -- on Rock's official website.

We're told the judge has received over two dozen phone calls since the blog went up, and he's not too happy. Kid Rock's attorney tells TMZ he wasn't consulted by Kid before the blog was posted, and he would have advised otherwise had he known.

Kid still has to serve 80 hours of community service by February 2009. As of right now he has zero hours logged.


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My fiance was over in Iraq when Kid Rock was suppose to perform. Kid Rock showed up drunk and got back on the plane - without performing. Not honorable at all, especially for the troops that are sacrificing so much. Kid Rock doesn't understand sacrifice. If he did, he wouldn't be whining now.

2147 days ago

Jomica Man    

Another so called celibrity who thinks he deserves a sentence of his choosing, other than the courts. His lawyer claims he would have advised against his blog actions. I doubt very much this yahoo/hick/hillbilly creep would have listened. I hope he gets the most humbling community service the judge could throw at him. In fact, If I was getting these calls and emails at home because of his immature stunt, I would make it a point to read him the riot act in court for his behavior. Yeah, his stage name is "Kid Rock", but a man his age needs to stop acting like a kid with rocks in his head. I don't think much of Pamela Anderson these days, but I do think she is much better off not being married to this poor excuse of an so called entertainer. Hit him hard and strong Mr. Judge.

2147 days ago

Triple Play    

Kid Rock is a phony. He was a repper then he was a rocker now he wants to be a C&W star,The fact is he is a jerk. Getting in to a fight at a waffle house is a joke. Actually he should have been arrested for going to a waffle house. He should butch up and do his community service quietly. No one needs him to get more publicity for doing what he should have done in the first place.

2147 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Has anyone here been to a Waffle House? The food is only OK and most of the restaurants and clientele look filthy to me. I find the place borderline disgusting. So for Kid Rock to get in a fight there tells me all I need to know about what a redneck skank head he is. Serve your time, Kid..which is not vacation.

2147 days ago



2147 days ago


i think it should count!

2147 days ago


I like Kid Rock, but I totally agree with the judge. Going to Iraq was something he would do anyway and shouldnt be considered community service. He's not above the law and should serve his sentence just like anyone else. Come on Kid Rock. Put on your big boy pants and suck it up!

2147 days ago


if entertaining the troops is not a community "service" i don't know what is. i agree with him. rock on, kid!!!

2147 days ago


Here is a true case where a celeb thinks he is above the law. If I was the judge I would resind what he had done and put Punk Rock (Kid Rock) in jail until he realizes he is just a stupid person who has done nothing for this world. With what he done.

2147 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Community service is for the community the guilty party committed his crime in / against. Last time I looked at a globe, Iraq is nowhere near that waffle house.

Kid should just be a man and pick up trash on the highway just like anyone else.

And since he can't use the Iraq show for service time, does that mean he'll cancel the show?

He's a jerk who should shut the hell up and do his time.

2147 days ago


While I do normally like Kid Rock and commend him for his willingness to entertain our troops, I think he should do it because he wants to! Because giving back to the people who lay their lives on the line for the freedom you enjoy is the right thing to do - not because it will serve as community service hours for a random act of stupidity!! While you were @ the Waffle House acting atupid, they were in the deserts of Irag being shot at and eaten alive by sand fleas while praying to God they get home safely to their families. Entertain our troops, give back to our troops, do everything you can for them, they deserve it - but do it for their benefit, not yours!

2147 days ago


Oops - that would be IraQ. lol

2147 days ago


It's time to grow up and face your responsibilities, Peter Pan.

Kid Rock also needs to recognize that he's getting too old to carry off his image as a pot smoking, hard drinking, white trash bad boy.

2147 days ago


kid rock should pay for what he did, but to sit there and say mean things about him is not right just because you dont like him

I know people that know him and he is a very nice down to earth guy

He goes every year to support our troops "what do you guys do for them" so I can see him asking why cant I do that for my community service

The judge does not like him we get that

I am sorry to say but Kid is A-list and just got 2 grammy nods "what do you have"
How can you judge someone you do not know and who's shoes' you have never been in like you are all just perfect

He should be allowed to share what he wants on his website with out being punished for it he did not ask his fans to email or call anyone they did that on there own yes they should not of done it but don't punish him for that

He is upset and wants to vent like you have never been hurt and wanted to vent people have his back who has yours

2147 days ago

Kid's fan but...come on now..    

I agree with the judge. Kid Rock normally goes on these tours to Iraq to perform, which is a great service to our men and women over there, BUT it should not serve as community service. The judge is correct is stating that Kid Rock would have gone over there anyway.
Community Service is just that - Service to the Community. Do something different and something else to help out areas and communities in need. Work in the soup kitchen, help clean-up the highways, maybe volunteer at a local shelter, do something!
As for blogging about it - I agree with "OK" that it is Kid Rock's blog and he can write and complain about whatever he wants - his fans are free to do whatever they want - BUT the fact that the Judge's name, work address and number were purposely PROVIDED on the blog is wrong. If Kid Rock's fans want to write or call the judge to complain, I am sure in this day and age of internet, they can LOOK UP the information on their own. But the fact that Kid facailiated and provided this information is wrong.
Why is it wrong? because now the judge's chambers is flooded with frivolous complaints about an ORDER by the court. Instead of being concerned about other cases that the Judge must see to, his staff and the Judge must now deal with Kid Rock's infantile behavior.
Kid Rock - love you and your music - but you gotta face the music and GROW UP. Money and fame cannot get your everything you wish for. Suck it up and do the community service. Your fans and the community will respect you more for it and love you more for it.

2147 days ago
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