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Kid Rock to Judge: Screw Me? My Fans Screw You

12/4/2008 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock is declaring war on the judge who sentenced him for that Waffle House beatdown last year -- and now the rocker's legions of loyal fans are making the judge's life a living hell.
Kid Rock
It's all over the judge's decision to not allow Rock's upcoming live performance for the troops in Iraq to count toward his community service. After he was rejected, Rock decided to get even by posting the judge's work information -- including a phone number and email address -- on Rock's official website.

We're told the judge has received over two dozen phone calls since the blog went up, and he's not too happy. Kid Rock's attorney tells TMZ he wasn't consulted by Kid before the blog was posted, and he would have advised otherwise had he known.

Kid still has to serve 80 hours of community service by February 2009. As of right now he has zero hours logged.


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Dr. Adams    

hey ...DIESEL...looks like you got a little of Kid's sh*t on your face too.....B-OTCH!!!

2148 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

Bob Jimmy better watch out! His midget & fans can visit him in prison. I'd totally dump my man to do him!

2148 days ago


the judge should let him do the tours in Iraq................what is wrong with that judge............. going over to iraq to perform for the soldiers is like doing 5,000 hours of community work... come on judge...........give the guy a break..............and at the same time give our troops a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2148 days ago


He has performed for the troops once or twice before, He gets paid to perform, doesn't really count as community service. Go to a soup kitchen or pick up trash like everyone else.

2147 days ago



2147 days ago


Oh yes you stupid idiots who think he gets paid to perform he pays his own way last year he went on his own dime.

2146 days ago


I really don't know much about Kid Rock. I have read that he did do a thing for a Waffle House that raised $20,000. I don't condone his actions, but I am impressed that Kid Rock went up against the Judge. Why wouldn't you use some ones talent to benefit society rather than put some one in a position that doesn't use his full capacity. How can we build our society? NOT: How can we bring some one down? Of course, I would expect his attorney to advise him not to have people contact the judge. But it takes the judge and attorneys out of their playing field and puts them in the general public playing field.
This country has more people in jail than any country. If people don't like something about some one, they think the person needs to be punished or thrown in jail. Then we call it a free country. I have experienced the family court system and it's the most corrupt system I have ever experienced. The justice system is abusing children and human rights in the name of money. I'm looking for the e-mail address for the judge because I'll write him and side with setting up a Win-Win-Win situation.
Think of this perpetuating behavior: Some one does something that Kid Rock didn't like. Kid Rock REACTS with violence to put the people in their place. (unexceptable behavior). The Courts REACT with force to put people (Kid Rock) in their place. What this very act tells a citizen of this country is to take care of a situation, takes force rather than empowerment. Yet more and more crime is happening.

If you don't agree, that's your right and freedom. It's OK if you don't agree with this.

2146 days ago


Hey hillbilly ~

Screw You!!

2145 days ago


First of all guys, this is done free, and if you were sitting in Germany or Iraq, you would welcome this man coming and playing. It cost him time and money to do this. He has been at Ramstein and I applaud him. The situation at the Waffler house was so stupid...actually someone else started the mess. I think the person that started it should be the one punished. I Love Kid Rock and his concerts and his music. He is awesome.

2133 days ago


So many haters here, what for? Most of you are oblivious to what Kid Rock does do for the community on a day to day basis. The fact that it is not for one particular (approved by the judge location) is whack!! I think that Kid Rock perfoming for our troops is an honorable event. He does not have to do this. Yes, it was an event he was planning to do anyway, so what! And for all you whiners about a celeb being to good to do a deed, you are wrong. You have no idea the blood sweat and tears this person had to endure to get where he is today. Get over your depression about your own lives and move on. Go for a jog or take some vitamins or something. Live a little, you might not hate so much.

2130 days ago


Performing for US Troops in Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan for FREE is NOT community service??? REALLY? Who are you people kidding? Try to imagine the personal sacrifice of flying to the other side of the world to perform for free in the middle of a war. Do you think he's selling CDs in these countries? This was a completely selfless act. I can't think of a more fitting way for KR to serve his community. 80 hours in a soup kitchen would be a walk in the park compared to what's he's done.

When Bob Hope did the same thing for years, he was considered a national hero.

2128 days ago


What a wanker... good for the judge and now I hope the judge adds some more community service on as punishment for the KIDs immature posting of the judge's info. Double his community service time, hehe!

2128 days ago


The Atlantic Di*khead displays his Truck Driver IQ of 32 once again !! GO LIVE IN IRAQ ...since your too good for US justice..then you can donate all the charity time you want!! ...Where is your tattoo of JESUS ON YOUR FOREHEAD?? ...Wow! How creative is that CD ... "Rock n Roll Jesus"?? Are you related to Jim Jones?? The drunk badazz should spend 80 hrs in the same jail cell with Charlie Manson!

2115 days ago


.. The Judge should "Counter Post" on his website to get something "off his chest" also he gave the ungreatful moron a break and then gets pizzed on ... and counterpost all of Kid Jezus's info as well! Then all his trailertrash groupie fans can see,stalk and talk to the alcoholic Mr Ritchie in person anytime they want!... His phone numbers.. ..Atlantic Records contact info.. personal and business property locations...Tax and IRS information,,,Record Contracts.. .his contact email addresses many cars,boats,houses he owns! Last time he played in Irag he so drunk he could barely remember the lyrics or even hold a guitar!!


2115 days ago


I'm with the judge on this one as well. From what I understand, the only reason the judge refused this is due to the fact that KRock was already going to perform in Iraq way before the Waffle House incident happened, and therefore wouldn't constitute a fair punishment. It's actually sickening that Rock is trying to gain sympathy by using American soldiers.

2114 days ago
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