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Dixie Chick Maines Sued for Loud Mouth

12/5/2008 6:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dixie Chick Natalie Maines can't keep her mouth shut about a trio of murders in 1993 -- and now she's being hauled into court for allegedly placing the rap on a guy whose stepson was one of the victims.

The inveterate Bush-basher -- and her bandmates -- has been sued in Arkansas by Terry Hobbs, whose then-8-year-old stepson Steve Branch was killed back in 1993 along with two other boys. But, as reports say, Maines is singled out in court papers.

Hobbs has never been charged or implicated in the murders -- three other men were convicted -- but Maines has been outspoken in her belief Hobbs was involved.

Hobbs says in the suit he's lost income and reputation, and that Maines' claims are "so extreme in degree as to be ... atrocious and utterly intolerable." The band couldn't be reached for comment.


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Couldn't happen to a more deserving person. Maines is a self-absorbed, spoiled little jerk that will never learn to control her mouth.

2094 days ago

Its Brittany Bitch    

I think that she just needs to learn to keep her mouth shut! Has she no consern for those families who lost their loved ones? I hope this guy wins his case. I just wish she would learn her lesson and keep her opinions to herself.

2094 days ago


Go to to read about the case. The wrong people are in prison!

2094 days ago


Free the West Memphis Three!

2094 days ago


TMZ why don't you tell people about the case and how these three young men are in prison for something they didn't do.
I hate Natalie Maines! But on this one she is soooooooo right. One of them is to be put to death and DNA says those young men didn't do it!

2094 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Uh... yeah... she has concern for the families who lost their loved ones and the families of the boys who were wrongfully imprisoned. That is why she is speaking up. What would happen if we all kept our mouths shut? Upset Chick you are an un-American fool. That's what we do in this country... we see an injustice and we speak up so it gets fixed... you don't like that? Then move to a country where people are wrongfully imprisoned and no one can do anything about it... we don't need people like you in this country any more. This is America sweetheart... Our rights are too important to "keep our mouths shut."

2094 days ago


Opinions are like a!!holes, everyone has one! For Hobbs to file a suit against her means he has some really good proof that she is running her mouth and spewing lies or, he is a total idiot.

2094 days ago


Good!! She is a big mouthed, America hating, bitch!!!

2094 days ago


Last time I's still a free country. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion....if you don't like what someone is saying...don't read or listen to it. It's just that simple. Move on...........

2094 days ago

J D    

She has one of the biggest mouths there is and her and that mouth is one of the reason why I no longer listen to their music any more!!!!!!!!!!!

2094 days ago


It's about time somebody sued this loud-mouthed hog. I hope he gets millions.

2094 days ago


Hmm...Freedom of speech and the American way of suing for just about anything and everything. Yup sounds about right. Geesh what a world we live in.

2094 days ago


American Chick- whatever happened in this particular case-- there is freedom of speech, but there are are also liable & slander constraints decided upon in in civil court. If such claims can be substantiated to be both a) false & b) damaging then there are grounds. the issue is not whether he can move on, but rather the effcet the words have had upon others' opinions. when making the ol' "last time I checked" comments, you may want to check all facts.

2094 days ago


WRONG PEOPLE ARE IN JAIL!!! Terry Hobbs is a CHILD MURDERER!!! FREE THE WM3!! Terry Hobbs has been full of S*&T for years! He killed those 3 innocent children & 3 other innocents are in jail! Miskelly was pressured into that confession - I have been following this for years - Hobbs - why did you have all your gross teeth removed! Wasnt your wife found dead too!! Hes just looking for a free ride cause hes a low life child abuser & murder! Dont even go to - just google it & read about it elsewhere - watch the "Paradise Lost" DVD - these guys should get a fair trial and be out of jail. Im so not a fan of the Dixie Chicks - but shes trying to help get 3 people out of jail who really should no tbe in jail
FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2094 days ago


#11& the rest who hate Maines - Please - MILLIONS FOR KILLING HIS STEP SON!!! No way - she may be a loud mouth jerk - but this is the WORNG MONSTER to be suing her!

2094 days ago
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