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MTV Reality Star Killed in Car Wreck

12/5/2008 5:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Kandice Hutchinson, one of the contestants kicked off the upcoming MTV dating show "A Double Shot at Love," died in a car accident a short while after taping her last appearance for the show.

We're told the producers of the show -- which features two bisexual twin sisters (above left ) looking for love -- edited her scenes to remove some of the more outrageous behavior, out of respect for the family. Sources close to the show tell us the producers have been in touch with the girl's family and they are supportive of MTV's plan to keep her in the show.

Launch photosAccording to KDFW in Texas, Hutchinson died on October 21 after her car was rear-ended causing Kandice to be ejected. Police said she died on the scene.

The first episode of "A Double Shot at Love" will be dedicated to her.


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she wasnt rear ending, she was driving drunk and hit another car causing it to go out of control and then weaved into the other lane the car was engilfed in flames, she was drinving a high rate of speed also. DDONT LET HER BE PAINTED AS A VICTIM IN ALL THIS SHE CAUSED THIS WRECK. READ HER MYSPACE IT WILL TALK ABOUT HOW SHE IS A TERRIBLE DRIVEWR AND DROVE TOO FAST AND ALSO ABOUT HOW SHE IS A DRUNK THAT DRINKS TO MUCH

2085 days ago


Wow I just don't get some people! Someone lost there life and people is on here saying she was a whore and judging her when they didn't even know her! I never watched a shot at love and don't plan on watching it but still show a lil respect! I mean someone lost there daughter and just think about what there going through and how hurt they're gonna b when they read these posts! ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE HER!!

2085 days ago


Nice, take a story from MDS.COM and fail to give credit. TMZ fail.

2085 days ago


I agree with Mandy! However, it is sad that this woman had to die and it is even sadder that she had to lower her standards as a woman, to get noticed!! All these reality shows are nothing but T&A anymore. I used to love to watch MTV, but no longer. And I feel so sorry for the younger kids watching such filth. These girls on that show have mental problems that is all I can say. I just don't understand how they can do what they do on live tv. Just plain sad. They make all women look bad!!

2085 days ago


"edited her scenes to remove some of the more outrageous behavior, out of respect for the family"

WTF? Obviously the parents supported her "outrageous behavior," so why not show it? Ah, yet another victim of bad parenting in an entire generation of morally bankrupt young women desperately trying to get the attention that they never got from their parents.

2085 days ago


my 13 cents:

lmao at how #42 goes you all said she was drunk, sorry she didn't drink, then #43 goes, yes she was drunk, most 22-yr olds drink.... her friends can't keep their story straight!!!

and btw: DOUBLE shot at love? 1 and 2 weren't enough? just when did MTV jump the shark?

2085 days ago


And another thing...yes, she was beautiful, but after watching her flashing her breasts and acting nothing short of a whore, she was ugly.

2085 days ago


See thats what im talkin bout people need to show respect cause her family and friends are gonna b readin this! MY prayers are with all of her loved ones. My heart really goes out 2 u becuse I just lost my cousin aroun that same time,oct 28 and it still is so unreal, Everybody needs 2 think about how they feel when they lose someone close to them and how they wuldnt want people bringing up all the negative things in there life, cause we all did wrong, but who r we 2 judge anyone when we have so much stuff that we need 2 change about ourselves.

2085 days ago


wear your seatbelt

2085 days ago

LA LA    

How sad she was Hott! R.I.P

2085 days ago


Out of respect to everyone why is MTV still on the air.

2085 days ago


Take this down. This has done nothing but bring it back up for people who have had to live through it (like a friend of mine who was close friends with her) has had to do. Her death has already gotten it's front page time, now it's time to let her Rest in Peace.

2085 days ago

Avenge, revenge, whatever    

Chloe, I'm sure there's some Ben and Jerry's in your freezer that is feeling neglected as you laboriously maneuver your bloated pink hands from letter to letter on the keyboard. She showed her breasts? Disgraceful! Didn't she know that we are living in Victorian England? How could she so blatantly offend all of our Puritanical sensibilities. Well, you're a dumb pig, so you have know idea what I am talking about. I will keep it as base as possible as not to waste either of our time. She was a whore because she was attractive (that is the reasoning your feeble brain came up with although you don't understand it at that level). You are angry because you are not attractive and you find fault with all who are. You and Mandy should get an apartment together. You could watch E! every night and complain about all the "whores" in Hollywood while soaking your cloven hooves in epsom salts and dipping your pizza in ranch dressing. Get over it. So you were born ugly, don't take it out on the rest of us. Enjoy your evening, you big old hog you. Oh and say hi to my friend Mandy (if in fact you are not the same person). Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Looser.

2085 days ago


I am completley disgusted at the shows they air on Mtv. Its almost like mild porn. These girla have no self esteem and I bet their fathers werent involved in their life at all growing up. Im no prude but is this the stuff that should be aired on a so called Music Channel?!

2085 days ago


I remember when MTV was music videos and not this reality crap. The reality crap MTV is airing is to sexual for the kids. shame on you MTV for going smutty

2085 days ago
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