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My Name Is What? Who?

12/5/2008 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After fading off into obscurity for the last few years, the rapper formerly known as Eminem resurfaced working on something in Santa Monica on Thursday.

Even though he used to be a big star and reportedly ballooned to 212 lbs, Marshall Mathers looked pretty much the same as he did when he was relevant.


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Eminem is the most talented person ever. I have been waiting for him to bring out another compilation. He is absolutely the most talented poet of my lifetime. He will go down as one of the most relevant literary figures of our time. He is brilliant. I look forward to everything he brings forth for us to hear. He is lovely.

2146 days ago

Kid Charisma    

Wicka wicka wicka. Slim Shady was about 4 years ago and before that shmuck wolfed down 800 Slim Slams at Denny’s. But he’s got tight rhymes son!

2146 days ago


Eminem is still hot and he looks great and healthy I am glad he is back, ill cant wait unitl his album drops

2146 days ago


For me, it is the tone and/or sound of his voice. Something about the sound of his voice when he is rapping that sort of grabs you. On top of that he has amazing insight into ..... truth of our times.... of our daily lives... of what matters......... Furthermore, given the absolutely moving song/video he had made about his daughter, no wonder he took time out to spend those precious moments with his daughter.. ..We can only imagine the concepts which his next videos will be exploring.

2146 days ago


Relevant? Are you serious? Just because he isn't touring he isn't relevant? What the. You don't call Dre irrelevant when he doesn't have a current album out. He produces. Marshall produces. Enough said. Another lame attempt at a story by TMZ.

2146 days ago


Say what you want about him. He looks damn good!

2145 days ago


Yay! I love him and this post makes me very hopeful that I will once again buy an album of his.=) I've missed him.

2144 days ago



2144 days ago


Eminem @#$%^&* ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @#$% all you gay hater wipes! Shady is a beast and his fans love him like the old dudes love the Beatles!

EMINEM ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @#$% you gay hater wipes. Eminem is more relevant than the frigging Beatles! SLIM THE $$$$ SHADY FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2142 days ago

the way i am    

You guys are so anoying you guys say he sux and all that well i bet you were singing along in '03

2141 days ago


Im so glad he's coming back out into the public i cant wait to see more of him he's still sexy as hell and for all u haters out there i hope one of his songs have hurt you in one way or another ur all jealous least he's living his life!! people need to disappear for a little bit to get their life on track and to get rest.....

2099 days ago


Marshall aka.Eminem is a very intelligent man!! He was well aware of when he was going to come back into the hip hop scene... Yes, he was alittle thrown off by Deshaun's aka Proof's death but if you are a true fan you will see subtle clues in his videos. Don't underestimate this man. He is a genuis, Here are some examples.. He played the part of Hannibal Lecter in a video(we all know how brillant he was) Look at his video "Toy Soldiers" he is wearing a "Shady 2008 black knit cap and light blue shirt". Think about it!!!!

2083 days ago
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