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Dead MTV Star's Mom: Don't Cut My Daughter Out!

12/7/2008 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kandice hutchinsonThe mother of Kandice Hutchinson -- the "Double Shot at Love" star who died in a car accident -- is telling MTV thanks but no thanks for cutting her daughter's craziest moments from the show.

Valerie Campbell told us she's not happy MTV edited out scenes of Kandice's most outrageous moments -- something MTV did out of respect for the family -- because she says that's just how her daughter was, and that's how she wants to see her.

One thing Valerie is grateful to MTV for: The fruit basket they sent her.

Kandice died in a car accident in October -- after a driver rear-ended her, causing her to be ejected from her car.


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Jitesh Patel    

Some of these comments ive read on this blog is pretty heartless she was a pretty girl that died in a terrible accident but as the old saying goes nothing good happens after midnight and this accident happened i believe 2:50am over a month ago there are alot of drunks on the road and that must have been some impact that she flew out of the car and into a concrete median

2116 days ago


yeah mom keep telling yourself that. do what you have to make yourself feel better.

2115 days ago


Well, as one of Kandis best friends i am very hurt by the thngs that people have said about her on here. Kandi was fun! she wasnt like most ppl.. she was crazy.. and she liked to be different.. she dressed different.. did her hair different.. and she was still the most beautiful person in the room. she LOVED grabbing attention and standing out. and all of you ppl who are puting her down even after she has passed, i just wanna tell u how sad i think u are. you need to grow up. ppl dnt do that.. ya know u need to think about smething.. this girl had a FAMILY and FRIENDS and we are hurt enough that we have lost her. you really think we need to hear u say mean thngs to cut her down the way you have? no.. not at all. our hearts are crushed. She played a major role in a lot of our lives. You look at this girl and you see big boobs.. lng hair.. lots of make up.. crazy style.. and as sme of u stated u think this is "trashy" .. but what u DO NOT see is.. this girl has an amazing personality. i cant tell you how many times she has been there for me.. made me laugh when i was totally crushed. you never saw her do make up.. she did it like it was art it was amazing!! you dont see that this girl had a beautiful singing voice that could melt ur heart and bring tears to ur eyes. u dont see that she had two little sisters that she loved and cared for so much.. or had a mother who was like her best friend and grandparents who she was VERY MUCH attached to! can u imagine their pain?? it is very hard knowing that when i call her cell she wont answer.. and yes i do still call it sometimes.. just becuase. because i miss her so much. i miss her making me laugh.. i miss watching her do her make up. and telling her "omg kandi you were supposed to be ready 2 hours ago!" LOL.. i wish she could make me late just one more time.. i hope nxt time u wanna cut down a dead person.. u imagine it being ur mother.. ur daughter.. ur sister.. ur grandaughter.. ur best friend.

2115 days ago


oh and to comment number 19... Val isnt saying this stuff to make herself feel better.. shes telling the truth. one day.. i hope u have to hurt as bad as we are. mabey youll see how it feels.. you deserve something awful to happen to u :) oh yeah and .. have a great day!!

2115 days ago

Valerie Campbell    

Correction to number 17 comment. Last night the number 10 comment was from fire nina, it is now the number 12 comment so my comment to number 10 is now to number 12 ( fire nina ) comment!!
Number 10 comment ALICIA ( JADE ) Thank you for your comment:)


Valerie Campbell

2115 days ago



Please don"t let these people get to you, I really pray for them.
They did not know Kandi.
We love you!

2115 days ago


Kandi and her family live next door to me and have since she was 14. She was a light in all of our lives and the most talented person I know. Her Mother and Grandparents could not have loved her more and supported everything she did. Yes, they were there for her when she was growing up as well. She may have been a little wild in some of your eyes but, far from the names you are calling her. We all love her for not caring what others think. I am sure there are so many of you that ACT as if you have never done something others may see as bad.
She has a loving family and two school age little sisters. I would hope you could find it somewhere in your hearts to stop.

2115 days ago


I't sure is easy for you people to trash talk about a person who has passed,and to do it behind a computer.
If you know GOD you should know THOU SHALT NOT JUDGE! My family knew Kandi and loved her very
much.She has one of the best families I know.I feel priviliged to have known her.Luv Ya Kandi!
Val we love you!Don't let these cowards upset you,because obviously they did not know Kandi or they
could have never said such things.

2115 days ago

Mydeathspace rules    

Wonder why TMZ deleted my comment??

Since they got this story from mydeathspace why didn't they mention that site??


2115 days ago

fire nina    


As much as I am sure that it hurts you to have lost your daughter, you are barking up the wrong tree. I think you need to be more concerned with how God is going to accept your daughter than him blessing us. You keep saying God this and God that. If your daughter had respect for herself or God she would have shown it. Going on national television to look for "love" with two bisexual twins is probably not what God intended when he blessed you with her. I'm pretty sure God forgives all of his children, or at least that is what I've been told all these years, so hopefully she is in a better place where she can reflect on the decisions she has made and look down upon her friends and family and guide them into making less disgusting and degrading choices.

It's not "judging a book by its cover" when people choose to air all their dirty laundry out. I am not going to even watch this trashy show, but if I did I would not sit there and think to myself "oh gosh, I bet she's a really straight, kindhearted, genuine person OFF camera.." I'm pretty sure it's considered "contact" when MTV sends you fruits and a card, so technically they didn't lie. I am curious though how a woman of God could raise a child who would have to even have scenes from a trashy reality show edited to make her look less disgusting. It must be something wicked if MTV feels the need to edit it. Apparently they care more about how your daughter is or isn't remembered than you do. And at this point "number 4" is about accurate. God bless you!

"Valerie Campbell told us she's not happy MTV edited out scenes of Kandice's most outrageous moments -- something MTV did out of respect for the family -- because she says that's just how her daughter was, and that's how she wants to see her." Oh, I'm sorry. Did you still want some respect after that statement? You stated yourself right there this is how you daughter is. I can't wait to "judge a book by it's cover" because I'm pretty sure she's gonna "look" like a "genuine" drunk, bisexual slut. You want us to respect your daughter and she, and you, clearly don't respect her.

So the accident is still being investigated, therefore it still may be that she was at fault for this. And she was still drinking. I'm sure the "Another thing, my daughter was not a drunk!! She had an equivalent of 6 beers over a seven hour period" was a guesstimate of how much she drank and probably came from them measuring her blood alcohol content and dividing and all kinds of other neat math. And then still doesn't mean she's "not a drunk". You don't know if she was drunk and she could have pounded a few shots before cruising on out. In addition, "and my daughter would not drive drunk". I have a hard time believing that with all the things she has ever done, and I'm sure this show will shed more light on your daughters drinking habits, she has never driven drunk. She was drinking, she drove, end of story lady.

I am no angel. I have had my share of filthy fun, and I'm still young so I'm sure there will be more room for error and learning in my future. But you can be sure that if I or anyone I knew chose to willingly be portrayed as what you daughter got herself into before she died... I would be saying the same thing. If she had never gone on this show, this would never be happening. It has nothing to do with people being cruel. It's human nature. People are judgmental. And don't even act like you have never said a nasty thing about another human being both warranted and UNWARRANTED. It just so happens to be your daughter on the chopping block. I feel for your family. Death is the most devastating thing that can happen to anyone. But I don't feel bad for your daughter. I feel bad you all have to live on without her, and even more so, with her as the person she will soon be even more so remembered as by people who probably would have appreciated her if she had made better judgments.

I know you want to defend your daughter, but would you do the same if she were still alive and doing the same ridiculous things? Trying to convince us of how amazing of a human being she is while she pranced around committing sins? Or is this because she is dead, and that means everyone should respect her?


2115 days ago

what a joke    

If you did not want people saying what they think, then you should have shut down her myspace page so that her pics could not be used on websites like this one.

2115 days ago


wow you people are heartless...

2115 days ago

Valerie Campbell    

This comment is for number 27 ( fire nina ) I'm not barking up any tree. I'm not worried at all about God accepting my daughter because I know she is up there with him right now as I speak. Regardless of what YOU or anyone else think, my daughter was a God fearing young woman and knew God!! Obviously you and others don't see it that way and that's fine!! But to say mean, cruel and ugly things about my baby and she's not even here to defend herself is way wrong. So therefore that's where I step in!! I can't keep anyone from saying negative and mean ugly things about my daughter on the internet, but I bet you wouldn't be so quick to say it in person to my face now would you?

As for the quote you copied and pasted in paragraph 3, that is not what I said. I said I knew my daughter well enough and anything she did, did not surprise me. It's that infamous saying; don't believe everything you read because it might not be true or it could have been taken out of context:) Kandi was Kandi and all of her many friends, family and I loved her unconditionally for that !!

You say in paragraph 2, sentence 2 that you aren't going to even watch the trashy show, but yet in paragraph 3, sentence 5 you say, YOU can't wait to "judge a book by it's cover" and then of course the ugly things you said after that ( very brave of you, saying mean things about my daughter on the internet ) I have to wonder, just how brave are you in person? So I'm guessing with your statement, you'll be tuned in to MTV and watching it along with everyone else!!!! I bet you end up recording it!!!!

Why would they still be investigating the accident to prove it was her fault when she was the only fatality? If you could explain that one to me I would love to hear it!! You obviously don't drink and that's great or maybe you do and you had a bad experience with drinking or something,!! But you see, Kandi, my family and I have many friends in the law enforcement field and if you did your research before spouting off at the mouth than you would know better than to say what you did. You obviously didn't know my daughter and don't know what she's done or what she hasn't done and I have to say that I am glad for that. YOU have no idea what she did in the last few hours of her life, but I do and as I said before, the accident is still being investigated ( and it's not to find her at fault )!!! As far as the show goes, it's a reality show, they are supposed to act crazy and all that kind of stuff, that's what gets the ratings!! I don't owe you an explanation of any sort but just for the record, regardless of what you see on the show ( because I know you'll be watching ) my daughter was not a drunk. I don't deny that she drank but she wasn't a drunk.

My daughter was happy with where she was and where she was headed in life, because she was not afraid to be herself and she lived life to the fullest!! She was well on her way to fulfilling her dreams before the accident occurred. You certainly don't need to feel bad for those of us that love and miss her, thanks but no thank you., not from a person like you.

I always supported and still support my daughter and yes I would still be doing the same thing if she were still here. I am not worried about convincing anyone of how amazing she was and obviously still is. Committing sins,; you need to take a good looooooong hard look in the mirror!!! Not judging you, just saying you seem pretty judgemental and you didn't even know my daughter!!


Valerie Campbell
Rock the Heavens My Angel I Love & Miss You Kandi

2115 days ago


rock on momma val

fire nina is prob some fat slob of a woman jealious cuz she tried out for the show and didnt make it!

or some fat nasty dude masturbating behind his computer got turned down by kandi over myspace and is pissed off

2114 days ago


i would totally bang her!! dead or alive!!!

2114 days ago
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