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Fred Goldman Wants to Drain Juice from Dealer

12/7/2008 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fred Goldman isn't finished with O.J. yet -- well, O.J.'s stuff, to be exact.

Goldman's lawyers are filing an action against Mike Gilbert -- the memorabilia dealer who claims O.J. confessed to killing Ron and Nicole -- asking a judge to force Mike to give Fred everything he has that's Juice-related.

A letter to Gilbert's lawyers says the dealer promised to give Goldman the property during an appearance on the "Dr. Phil Show", but he never did.

Goldman is also filling a temporary restraining order against Gilbert -- a hearing is set for Dec. 12.


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If Ron wasn't trying to get this Johnson s*CKED, he would be living today

2114 days ago



2114 days ago


All the OJ supporters certainly are throwing pissy fits over their boy being thrown in jail, aren't they?

Cngrats Mr. Goldman. The butcher is finally where he belongs and can no longer flaunt the fact that he murdered 2 people and got away with it. Lot of good that money he tried to hide from you is doing him now.

I hope you and your daughter finally feel a bit of justice has been served.

2114 days ago


How dare you people talk about Fred Goldman like that. How would you like it if someone got away with murdering your child and walked the streets everyday living the high life. He always thought he was above the law. I know I could not get over it and it would consume me knowing how he was laughing in everyones face. I think Goldman has every right to go after him and I hope he gets it.

2114 days ago


I don't blame the Goldman family. If he'd murdered my son, I'd be there to haunt him everyday, rile him, taunt him, and everybody associated with that MURDERING S.O.B. ...I'd do it until my dying day.

2114 days ago


Like someone else mentioned, OJ still owes the Goldman's a lot of money from the civil trial and has spent his years playing golf and living it up, not giving them a penny. I believe, they simply want some sort of revenge and with feel getting some of his money, they will be taking some of his enjoyment in life away. It doesn't seem like he will be living it up much in the years to come, however :) Karma is a bitch!

2114 days ago


Fred Goldman needs to go to jail with O.J. I'm so sorry his son died but go away buddy and take your daughter with you.....Enough about the money It's not gonna bring him back.

2114 days ago


Of course Fred is miserable, His son's killer has spent the last 15 years living the the life of luxury!! I hope OJ becomes some guys wife in prison.

2114 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't O.J. Simpson found "not guilty" of the murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson?

2114 days ago


I'm sorry, but when you kill a man's son, you deserve to have that man hound you for the rest of your days. Fred Goldman obviously never gets a moment's peace, so why should O.J.? Never let O.J. forget about the two innocent people he brutally hacked to death! Personally, if it was MY son that O.J. murdered, I would not rest until I either killed the son of a ***** in return or I made the rest of his life a living hell.

And for those of you who think it's so wrong that Fred Goldman is receiving money from O.J.'s book, remember two things: #1. This book was another one of O.J.'s ways of reminding everyone about the whole ordeal and bragging. #2. Fred Goldman had the title changed to "If I Did It: Confessions of the Murderer" which I personally think is a pretty clever way of sticking it to O.J., not to mention the fact that he prevented O.J. from profiting from this awful book. Think about it, you're so appalled by the fact that Fred Goldman is receiving money from a book about the murder of his son, but who would you rather get that money--O.J.? Give me a break! If anyone SHOULD profit from the sales of that book, it is the families of the victims.

Go, Fred! Make O.J. pay one way or the other for what he did to your son!

2114 days ago


Poster #69 (OJ Couldn't Cut Left), not only was O.J. found responsible for the deaths in the civil trial, but if you read the court case of the criminal trial, you would see that there's NO way O.J. DIDN'T murder Nicole and Ron. O.J.'s lawyers never proved that he was innocent--they only convinced a very ignorant jury that evidence was possibly contaminated so they could not convict O.J. beyond a measure of reasonable doubt. DNA evidence was a new thing at the time, and if the trial had to happen today, O.J. would never have gotten off. Besides, even one of O.J.'s own lawyers (Kardashian) had doubts about his innocence! O.J. didn't exactly spend much time and effort tracking down the "real" killer like he promised he would, either, did he? That's because he knew who the real killer was all along and saw him every time he looked in the mirror.

It's sad that so many people are still in denial that O.J. Simpson IS the murderer.

2114 days ago


I rhink the Goldmans should go haunt Judge ITO, that little wimp of an A--Hole that let the trial and Ojs lawyers get away with MURDER-- Those bastards are just as guilty as OJ

2114 days ago


Fred Goldman & daughter Kim need to get a job. I'm sick of seeing these two pathetic golddiggers in the news putting on their sad act. Like another poster said, it's been fourteen years and these two are still making the tv shows prospering off the death of Fred's son. GET A JOB YOU TWO IDIOTS AND EARN YOUR OWN MONEY. I THINK THE MONEY SHOULD GO TO O.J. & NICOLE'S CHILDREN.

2114 days ago


#68, i hear ya! i thought he was found not guilty of the crimes...but you know, crazy people don't care...they will never get over it...this is not about a homosexual who didn't have a relationship with his father being murdered at the house of oj simpson's estranged wife...this is about something much deeper and i think it even goes beyond oj simpson. why does this man spend money to fly on a plane everywhere oj is?

feel sorry for him. hope he finds peace one day.

2114 days ago


what on earth is wrong with people?
Did we not all wish for OJ to get punished for the crimes he committed. Us, society, who had nothing at stake in this but a sense of injustice? How much more would someone feel and act that way, who actually lost their child to the hands of the monster? How far would you go if your kid got killed? Especially when the murderer got set free? Did he choose to have his son killed by a high profile person? No. But that is a big reason he got set free. It is admirable, that those Goldman people stayed within the law. I got kids and I am considered a non-violent woman, but seriously, if my kid got murdered by some smuck celebrity that gets off free, what would I really do? Impulsively, I feel I would shoot the guy, but if I had a judgment against him, I believe I would want to get all money away from him possible, not as much for me to have it, but for him not to have it. I would not want that guy to live a swell life when my son's was taken. Ron apparently was there at the wrong time, however, he was friendly with a woman, that had a psycho ex and when you involve yourself with people who are in that type of lifestyle you can expect the worst. By no means, am I implying, that he deserved any of this, but he got himself with the wrong crowd. It appears all bling and shine to be part of that celebrity crowd, but most of them are immoral, sold their soul to the devil and got nothing to offer but hyped up glamour. I always wanted to become an actress until I got to Hollywood, then it was a big turn off and I rather continued college, got a successful career, and chose my friends based on their heart not their wallet. I do some schtuff in entertainment, but strictly for the reason to be invited to gift suite events. being famous is the downside of being creative. Nicole was a victim, however, her family let her pay the price in order to be in the glam light. If my sister got beaten ONCE by her man, he is in jail. They knew what went on, and did nothing. Ron was intrigued by her persona and paid dearly for it. His family is right to 'drain the juice' for all he is worth. It does not bring the son back, but it stops allowing a murderer to roam free and laugh in our faces for being stupid enough to let him get away.
Ironically he gets locked up for a crime I feel is justifiable given our broken system you can wait a long time to get your schtuff back from a thief, but got set free by the system for actually doing the most horrific crime there is. Twisted.

2114 days ago
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