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Bo's Car Found -- Precious Accessories Still M.I.A.

12/10/2008 11:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Schneider's stolen car finally was recovered last night, but without its most valuable contents -- the two innocent adorable puppies he was supposed to give to his kids as a X-Mas gift.
John Schneider
The Cadillac Escalade was found stripped of its expensive seats and its instrument panel after it was stolen from a shopping mall in the Valley.

The two doggies -- 10-week old Marley and Paisley are still missing.


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Is anybody surprised? Didn't think so.

2109 days ago

my 3 cents    

I am sure that he could afford new puppies

2109 days ago


This is so awful! I pray that they find the little babies safe and sound! Who cares about the car?! That's what insurance is for. Little lives are at stake! And to #2 - if a child is lost would you say "Oh well. That couple can just make a new baby". Sheesh.

2109 days ago


Were the carjackers Korean? (they may have needed a snack).
Just saying.................

2109 days ago


Good example - go adopt a puppy from the local shelter or rescue organization. He's in Los Angeles and Los Angeles has one of the highest kill rates. There are worse things that happen to people and their stories never make the news. These celebs cry over the most pathetic things and they waste our news time. I'm in Los Angeles and the guy had a freakin' news conference about this. Celeb or not, many of us know, there are many people who will not have a Christmas this year - more people who don't even have a home. Sorry, just my 2 cents.

2109 days ago


His story didn't bring me to tears nor did it concern me. The story that did bring me to tears was the motorized wheel chair that was custom made for a 9 year old little girl who suffers from Cerebral Palsy - that was stolen from her parents van.

2109 days ago


He has money for an Escalade but not Lojack?! What about the On-Star system they come with? Doesn't make any sense.

2109 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Best not to leave pets in a car, unattended.

2109 days ago

Muffin Butt    

I'm a bit confused. He left 2 puppies in an Escalade at the mall? So, I take it he was shopping and he came back to no gas-guzzling SUV and no puppies. Poor things, hope it wasn't hot that day and he at least cracked a window. Maybe that's how the SUV got stolen in the first place -- cracked window.

2109 days ago


I hope he goes to an animal shelter to get new ones. I am wondering why didn't he just take those puppies home first and then go to the Mall? My mom had her expensive car stolen from Fox Hills Mall in Culver City some years ago. All she got back was the frame...

2109 days ago


John Schneider's raised boatloads of money for children's charities over the past couple of decades. I think his priorities are just fine. If he wants to get publicity so he can get the dogs back, big deal. It's not taking away from the homeless people.

2109 days ago


I dont see why people take pets with them to go shopping and such. Only time a pet should be in a car is when going to the vet or back home. Or if its a hunting dog, when you go out to hunt.

Go get some new pups, the kids didnt have them yet, so they werent attached.

2109 days ago


Don't leave expensive boutique puppies in expensive cars in shopping centers unattended. I don't care how much this guy raised for charity. That was just STUPID. And then cry boohoo when they are stolen. HELLOOOOOO, you live in Los Angeles, you should know better. Go to the shelter and save a few lives. I got my animals from the shelter and they are great with kids, cute, lovable...the best pets ever.

2109 days ago


With everything going on in the world...this is considered BREAKING NEWS? Only in LALA Land. Never leave animals unattended in a car for this reason. He wasn't held up by gunpoint. He did something stupid and unfortunately, the little expensive puppies are paying the price. I agree with other posters and go to the shelter and do the right thing. RESCUE!!!! I'm sure his kids will love shelter puppies just as much and if they don't, they don't deserve an animal.

2109 days ago


Scary how people on here are so quick to just say "get new dogs". Sad and scary.

2109 days ago
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