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Bush: Who Throws a Shoe? Honestly!

12/14/2008 4:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An Iraqi reporter who hates your guts, that's who.
Bush: Click to view!
During a news conference in Baghdad today, an Iraqi reporter launched two Nike missiles at President George Bush -- but he didn't quite have the accuracy to record a strike.


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TMZ Staff Are All Deuche Bags!!!    

Secret Service Wanted Bush To Get Hit With The Shoe!!!
I Wouldnt Want To Help Him Either If I Where Them!!
NWO Here We Come!!!

2137 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Danny - if you knew anything about other cultures outside of your little hovel you would know that that IS how they protest.
Their culture is different than ours and that is the way they act, and Bush and Cheney decided to give them a democracy. They reap what they sow...

2137 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

I had really good pasta tonite!!

2137 days ago


For all of you who think this is funny.... you make me sick. Whether or not you like or dislike President Bush, he is still your president. These arab nations hate bush and hate us TOO. Disrespecting Bush is also disrespecting us. He has kept us safe for 7 yrs. We went through the worst tragedy of our lifetime 7 yrs ago, he did and does what he has to do to keep us safe and that unfortunately includes war. War puts a huge stain on our economy, that is the trade to keep us safe.

So now when OBAMA takes over he can yank us out prematurely of the war and I pray we will not pay the price for that. It will only be a matter of time before you turn on your messiah, Obama. He is going to screw this country up and in 4 yrs (if he makes it that long) we will run back to the conservative ways again.

2137 days ago


Jaime, Thank you for pointing something out to me. So what you are telling me is that your son enlisted to SERVE his country during a time of war that he or you do not support? WOW! Call me crazy, but if you join the milkitary, especially during a time of war, then I would think there is a possibilty of being deployed. This just reaffirms my thaoughts about you, YOU are a complete MORON. And as for you Kurt, I would hope that I can protest against you, because then I would throw a shoe at you, because that is the way you feel I can protest. Freaking idiot. If you would like to know who I am, you can go to myspace and see. I am not afraid to hide who I am and what I stand for. Find Jason Huggins, Helendale CA. While you probably have nothing better to do than sit behind a computer and complain about or country and disrespecting OUR President. Guess what happened today in IRAQ, US convoys were getting shoes thrown at them. Jaime your son is next.

2137 days ago


Oh and for the money for college thing, there are other ways to get college money. If you would have saved for him, gov't grants, scholarships. Weak!!!

2137 days ago


To bad the guy missed. I cannot wait for bush to be gone. His ass should be in jail. He is responsable for every person that has got killed in Iraq. He wanted to finish up what daddy started. And boy did he ever screw up. I hope when he is out of office he drops off the face of the earth. We need never to see or hear from him again. I hope he tucks his tail between his legs when he leaves office. He is a total discrase to the US.

2137 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Jason - thanks for wishing bad karma on my son - it shows what a hypocrite you are- you don't really support the troops, do you? Well, maybe the ones who think like you,. the rest can all die. Wow you are really a jerk. Where in my posts does it say that my son does not support the war? Where where where.. I think a parent and their child can disagree on something and still have love and respect for each other, maybe you weren't raised like that, obviously not, to wish death and bad karma on our troops and not understand a loving relationship between a parent and a child. So sad for you.
I do not have a myspace page and do not feel the need to "advertise' myself on the internet. Obviously YOU are the one with nothing better to do than sit at the computer.
My son is interested in the Iraqi people and helping them have a better life, I guess that's NOT why we are there, right?? It's just to kill people like bloodthirsty animals. I guess we were lied to when we were told that there are soldiers over there helping to build schools and give candy to kids, and help them get medical attention. Gee. the films they showed my son about the good works bring done there must have just been propaganda?? Wow, I kind of always suspected it, but thanks for confirming that for me.
By your terrible attitude towards my son and his deployment, I am glad he will not be serving there with many defenseless Iraqi women did you rape while you were there? My son also told me about that and you seem to fit the bill. You insult the mother of a soldier and call her a moron and weak, you must REALLY not have no respect for women.
Do not call your fellow troops "brothers and sisters" - my son will be a more honorable soldier than you could ever dream to be. Get some help for that PTSD and anger issues.

2137 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I will call you crazy jason. You were probably discharged from service for mental issues. Or maybe one of thse guys laid up on the naked pile of Iraqis at Gitmo. You do not support my country if you talk smack on others who serve there, or those who disagree with you.

2137 days ago


Well, at least now we know President Bush has excellent reflexes.... I was seriously impressed!

The guy throwing the shoes wasn't insulting all of us, he was insulting the man who gave the orders to bomb, invade, and occupy his country. I think if, er, the shoe were on the other foot - and the USA was bombed, invaded, and occupied by a country 14 times our size and permanent foreign military bases were set up in every state of the Union - quite a few Americans would be ticked. No matter how bad our government gets - it's OUR government and OUR problem. Foreigners do not have the right or the wisdom to force us to do it their way.

I know that people who have ended up fighting this stupid war and their friends and family want to believe it has been for a good cause and that we "improved" the situation somehow despite all the chaos we unleashed. I did the same thing when my brother was dragged into the Vietnam War, hoping the government knew what it was doing. (It didn't. Just as in the Iraq War - it was all based on lies, and it was never about defending anybody's freedom or promoting democracy.) You just can't believe anything people under occupation tell the occupiers, people say what they want the guys with the guns to hear. Americans would do the same thing if under occupation, when they weren't shooting at the occupiers.

The plain fact is that Saddaam was Iraq's problem, not ours. If the Iraqis put up with him, that was their decision. That is what democracy is really about. People who really were working for change in Iraq were telling us before the first Gulf War that the first Mr. Bush's saber-rattling was interfering terribly with their efforts (just as in the US, when people feel externally threatened they don't want change). The damage done to their infrastructure and the direct and indirect human losses due to American bombs in even just the first Gulf War made things even more difficult. Most Americans in Iraq are probably unaware that pre-war Iraq was so different.

You can't take over a country because you sort of think that maybe its government perhaps might be a problem some time, golly gee what if all those UN inspectors missed some giant pile of invisible weapons of mass destruction? And you certainly can't do it because you are ticked that you lost oil contracts and the country decided to go for a different currency for oil transactions (Iraq's doom was probably really sealed when it converted from petrodollars to petroeuros), or because you want military bases in the area and your good friends the Saudis and their religious police make things too uncomfortable for you culturally (getting rid of a secular government in Iraq kind of backfired from that standpoint).

If we really supported our troops - we would first of all stop letting our government use them as mercenaries to protect the profits of a few companies and then treat them as disposable kleenexes when they are injured. And we would bring them home now. If they really want to fight for freedom and democracy - that fight is right here at home, not in Iraq or Afghanistan. Every minute they stay makes us less safe, not safer. People just get angrier and angrier at us. Not surprising, since our "collateral damage" is other people's husbands and wives, parents and children and grandchildren, other people's homes and schools and businesses.

2137 days ago


Every time he goes over there I'm saying damn I wish they'd keep him..

I would have busted a gut laughing if the guy would have hit him.I was disappointed when he didn't.

2137 days ago


Looks like Bush finally found those WMDs in Iraq!

2137 days ago


One of my favorite things about reading TMZ is the ridiculous comments people post. It's hilarious how many people find these message boards and use them for voicing their political opinions. Of course, this particular item _does_ have political merit, so here goes:
Admittedly, it would have been funnier had the reporter actually hit Mr. Bush, but that wouldn't have made an attack on a visiting head of state any more appropriate. If this President has taught the American public anything, it's that he can completely screw up and embarrass us all just by answering questions. And, for the record, Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim, but even if he were, and he had made the same serious foreign policy gaffes Mr. Bush has made, I'm certain he would be treated the same way.

2137 days ago

K G    

To the man/woman who wrote comment #8:
If it weren't for iraqi oil your troops wouldn't be anywhere near iraq now!
That's why you are in Iraq,that's why you are in GCC countries: PROTECTING OIL.
That's why some of your icons are demanding a clean source of energy..they want you independency when it comes to you won't spend money on troops all over the world to gurantee oil supply!

2136 days ago


That serves that b**ch right! I wish the Iraqi had hit his d*mn face, and in an ugly way!!!!
This over-the-hill do-gooder son of a b**ch and the whole american policy were always about to just rob those countries in the middle east of their OIL!!!
Now some brainwashed Americans may now respond: "Bull****! Why would America ever do that?"
Because the whole world and also America itself knows that the US is going down the tubes and the world is getting closer and closer to the exhaustion of the most important raw material! And the US is well aware of this shocking fact too, since the whole economic system(not only the one of the US) is connected with the provision of important raw materials. So America decided to save its ridiculous a** by robbing other countries of their goods with sneaky subterfuges such as that 9/11 garbage! As the majority of worlds population already knows, the 2 WTC were blown up by America itself to get an impudent and sneaky subterfuge to fly and invade those countries in the middle east pretending to "look for the bad and evil terrorists and help to estabilish things there..",... my a**! They just want their treasures, thats all!
Its now simple to understand why the world hates America. Well, except for a few suck-ups in the world and especially in the EU such as England, Germany(where I live), France etc...
Regarding all those facts, you might now understand why so many people in the world are furious with America and the head of it! Hope Obama's gonna do a better job!

2136 days ago
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