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The Church of Latter Day Studs

12/14/2008 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the Mormon Church being blamed, at least in part, for the passing of Prop 8, there's at least one thing everyone can agree on -- their missionaries are hot!
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Being excommunicated didn't stop Chad Hardy from producing another Men on a Mission calendar and the photo shoot went down this week in Vegas. Praise Joseph Smith, Jr. ... or at least the bodies of his followers.


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A calender full of ugly thanks!

2108 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Dude. Those are not Mormons....and I bet the real ones are p1ssed that they are being misrepresented as naked body flashing sperminators. These man loving men should be careful whose religion they use to display themselves. Then don't be surprised that someone's more than adamant to pass Prop 8.....durrr tardos.

2108 days ago

who cares    

Hey TMZ>>.prop 8 did not pass (thank God)

We are all rejoicing!

2108 days ago


I wish the Jehovah's Witnesses would do the same, so that the next time one came to my door I would know not to open it.

2108 days ago


NOT hot! Something about a ripped, waxed and oiled down man doesn't turn me on. Look kind of gay to me.

2108 days ago

Lenn K.    

Prop 8 didn't passed because 70% of the blacks and 60% of the hispanics voted against it. Gays are afraid to confront these two groups and we all know it. Mormons didn't want the bill and neither did alot of other religions including muslims. Go to a muslims and protest in front of their church.

2108 days ago


Are these some of Donny and Marie's children or grandchilldren? hahahahahhahahahahahahahah!

2107 days ago


i thought mormons weren't allowed to be gay?!

2107 days ago


These are NOT Latter Day Saints..the missionaries are well respected, honest, modest men and to do mock them like this is travesty...and YES PROP 8 PASSED - THANK GOD!

2107 days ago


F this stupid cult!! They were founded on polygamya by a man who could not keep it in his pants but now they want to tell everyone else they can't have sex.

They were also against civil rights for negroes and helped defeat ERA. because they don't want to let minorities into their stupd little club.

2107 days ago


The Mormon so-called NOT respected.
It's a cult which fleeces its members and gives out no financial statement.
They operate in secret - just like Madoff did and we all know how this worked out. RUN if Mormon missionaries approach you.

2107 days ago


OF COURSE those are Latter-Day Saints.

The producer was excommunicated for this stupid calendar by theLDS church!!

This cult operates like a totalitarian governament.

In fact, the Germans in 1930 could not distinguish between their "church" and Nazism.

Many Germans thought Hitler would be the one to usher in the Millenium.

2107 days ago


The Mormon church is blaming blacks and Hispanics for Prop 8 when in fact it was MORMONS who funded and spearheaded the drive to defeat gay rights.

You have to understand that Mormons are very goodat whitewashing their own history and shifting blame to oher groups.

During the Mountain Meadows Massacre Mormons disguised themselves as Indians and killeed 180 men,women and innocent even children.

Then they blamed the Indians.

But the wagons and blongings of those hapless pioneers were auctioned off at the Mormon bishop's office in St. George,Utah.

2107 days ago


Oh jah. TheMormons were Nazi through and through in Germany.
There was this one teenager who saw through their crap and printed anti-nazi literature, he was caught and killed with an axe.
The the Mormons then excommunicated him posthumously.

2107 days ago


Damn Mormon cult is much worse than the Scientologists.
Mitt Romney wants to dominate the world and do what their false Mormon prophet tells him to do.
World domination has alwaysbeen their goal, ever since the days of Joseph Smith who also ran for president back then.
Lucky for our country, the crook Smith was assassinated by Masons for disclosing masonic secrets and using them in Mormon temples.

2107 days ago
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