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Barry Bonds -- "I'm Not Retired"

12/15/2008 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We're not sure what's more shocking about this video -- the fact that Barry Bonds comes off as a likable guy ... or the fact that he repeatedly claims he's "not retired."
Barry Bonds: Click to view!

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2116 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

At least he didn't refer to himself in the third person...the drugs must be wearing off.

2116 days ago


We love you Barry!!!!!!

2116 days ago


Barry Bonds may not THINK he's retired, but the majority of his ex-fans certainly consider him GONE. Take your steroids and go home, you liar....

2116 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

I've never heard that he retired. He isn't playing because NOBODY WANTS HIM. There is a difference. Retirement would have been a graceful exit. It's hard to be graceful when you're pumped up on 'roids.

2116 days ago

Triple Play    

He doesn't have to retire. With his attitude and Steroid use, no one wants this jerk.If he wasn't using Steroids, why is his head that size of a basketball. Prison will do you good Barry, you can think about how you lied to the Senate committee about your Steroid use

2116 days ago


haha, look at how normal looking his head is now that he's off the roids; i bet he's down at least 4-6 hat sizes. How did TMZ not post some side by side pictures of the non-steroid using Barry with his old self?

2116 days ago

Stl chic    

Ahh how the mighty have fallen.... I'm glad to see even Barry Bonds can stomach some humble pie

2116 days ago


He actually seemed pretty cool, but he did look a little smaller!

2116 days ago

Bonds defender    

I understand that I'm talking to people on TMZ here..who don't know how to form their own opinion..they base it on whatever the media is telling them, but how about wait until Barry Bonds' trial is over before you just convince yourself that he took steroids. I don't care what the media said. The media is gonna say whatever makes the better story. I don't believe he took any. And even if he did..steroids don't make you hit a baseball..let's see some of you sorry bastards go try to hit a 95 mile an hour fastball. He hit all those home runs because he shortened his swing and finally figured out the exact science of hitting a baseball solidly everytime.
So Barry..I support you, and I hope you do find some way to get signed to..even just a 1 year deal this upcoming season.

2116 days ago

The Dude    

Does he still talk like Mike Tyson used to, or did his nuts unshrivel?
(common side effect of the roids)

2116 days ago



Face the facts. Unless you buy a team, nobody wants you. You were belligerent to the fans, the press, team officials, and your own teammates. You cheated and got caught.

The only reason you haven’t announced your retirement is because you don’t want the 5 years clock to start running on voting for the Hall of Fame. You must be hoping that the longer you wait for the voting, the better chance that people will forgive your blatant cheating and illegal drug usage. That won’t happen. You will be remembered as the poster child for the steroid era and asterisks in the record books.


2116 days ago

Teresa: I am standing up for the homeless guy!    

I'm more shocked for the valet guy whose face was like "What the f--- this rich bastard is not gonna tip me!"

2116 days ago


Greatest ball player..!!

2074 days ago

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