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Dennis Quaid Settles with Cedars

12/15/2008 9:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid and his wife have settled their dispute with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center over a bungled procedure that almost killed their twin babies last year.

TMZ broke the story that the infants were mistakenly given a massive overdose of Heparin. We've now obtained legal papers stating the Quaids have settled their dispute with Cedars for $750,000, subject to court approval.

Interestingly, the Quaids never filed a lawsuit against Cedars -- targeting the drug manufacturer, Baxter Healthcare Corp, instead.

The settlement has no bearing on the claims the babies could make against Cedars-Sinai. Translated -- the infants could still file a massive lawsuit against the hospital, but the Quaids have put their dispute with Cedars to rest.

These papers have no impact on the Quaid's legal dispute with Baxter.


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That is good........hopefully, the twins will sue Cedars ass when they get older!

2137 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

I think it is great tht they settled and brought alot of attention to the ginormous amount of medical dispensing mistakes tht happen everyday in every single hspt...but messing with heparin , geez....hope tht gets fixed!!!!!!!!!!

2137 days ago


GREAT. More power to them, whatever the means they deserve it. THANK GOD the babies are fine.


2137 days ago


What happened should not have happened. Professionals are supposed to be trained. Apparently, someone had their mind on something else when caring for those infants. There is NO excuse for that!
Thank goodness nothing deadly happened...this time. I hope the babies develop normally and have a great life. They seem to have great parents.

2137 days ago

Get Girls Guru    

Do you think when they grow up they will still be able to sue? I hope so!

2137 days ago


This was a horrific accident. I had my baby at cedar's last summer and the nurses were incredible. Perhaps that's why the Quaids were reluctant to sue? However, if one of those amazing nurses almost accidentally killed my baby, I'm sure I would be involved in some litigation as well. I just wonder if they were hesitant to sue Cedar's and focused their blame on the pharmaceutical company because they were so fond of the medical staff.

2137 days ago


I'm sorry... those sunglasses scream "BITCH!" Any woman who's stupid enough to wear them won't get any action...

2137 days ago

danny boy    

actually the most they can sue for is $250,000 under the micra cap. this stupid law restricts the amount you can sue for malpractice in california.

2137 days ago


R7, Any woman who marries a man who is a known serial cheater and womanizer has a serious problem. No dout once these kids can actually remember anything, their parents will be divorced. Glad the kids are okay, though.

2137 days ago

ninja koala    

I get that what was done was wrong, but partially the fault of the drug company that manufactured the bottle and label. BUT what good does it do to sue a hospital? this is why health care is so expensive. I highly doubt they NEED this money.. er maybe.. well I guess he no career anyway.

2137 days ago


Does Dennis Quaid and his wife not only know that their twins have not just been overdosed by heparin, but the drug itself has been recalled due to heparin tainted syringes and iv;s. There are long term effects I know I am a victim. I have major medical problems years after given heparin. The Quaid's need to do the research regarding the Baxter Healthcare -- and sue them. I am so very happy the childen pulled through. Someone was looking out for them.

2136 days ago


On Oct 31st 2008 my son went in tho the hospital to have a routine valve replacement. He was given Hephrin during the surgery. While he was in ICU he started turning a purplish blue from his toes up to his forehead. The Doctors didn't know what was happening to my son. by the next morning my son had gotton much worse,. His whole body was turning purple and he was convulsing and then it stopped and started running a high fever. He stopped moving and wouldn't response . A CAT scan showed that he had 3 grey areas on his brain .an MRI was ordered. my sons fever was 105 and he was stiff and COLD. The only part of him that was hot was his torso. His feet were now Black ! My son died shortly after they did the MRI. Still the Doctors were confused. What had happened? They performed and autposy . The FDA was called in and they asked us to seek Legal advise. What they told me next floored me. My son was given the Contaminated Hephrin that had been recalled in Sept. And then just a few days later another child had the same symptoms, he was given a medication that they since found out could have saved my sons life and this 2nd child lived. but this child has brain damage. So I have hired 3 lawyers and we are going after the hosptial, Doctors and Baxter Labs. It won't bring my son back but it will make sure that this NEVER happens to another child.

2132 days ago

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