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Don King: Bush has "Unbelievable Reflexes"

12/15/2008 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He bobbed and he weaved -- from footwear -- and now Dubya is getting props from Don King!

The boxing guru was so impressed with Bush's shoe evasion tactics over the weekend, that he gave a statement to TMZ saying, "Bush has unbelievable reflexes ... he can stick and move like a boxer!"

King, who is currently in the middle of a huge charity event in Florida, even came up with a trademark rhyme -- calling the duck-and-move, "Aggression but with protection."

Hell, if Stallone could get back in the ring at 60, Bush might have a second career!


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Justin is Calling    

Haha. Bush didn't even look excited. Looked like he was about to releas some ground and pound on that Iraqi's ass!

2104 days ago


Remember people, when that reporter threw the shoes, he wasn't just showing his hate for Bush...he was showing his hate for ALL Americans, and that includes YOU!!!

2104 days ago

Mr. PreRequisite    

I'm with Don King, but originally I was thinking it was cuz President Bush has played some Baseball. Dodging the pitcher when at bat. The President is a class act or He would of caught the shoe and returned to sender *THUD* Shoe-thrower got his butt kicked by security, he may not survive to sign a book deal. Maliki was getting Bush's back, trying to block the flying footwear. Not all Iraqis are shoethrowin idiots, most Iraqis are glad saddam hussein is not still filling mass graves or torturing the Iraqi Soccer team if they play poorly.

2104 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

History has proven: the masses are dumb, and the truth only emerges slowly because of that. It has boiled down to a shoe throwing as a 'symbol' of intelligent protest. Obviously from a moron who has succsessfully impressed morons.

2104 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

I bet that reporter got that from his wife...

2104 days ago


Honestly, I thought this was his most impressive Presidential performance!

And to the nutjob above who thinks that reporter was trying to say he hates "ALL AMERICANS!" - get a grip. I think it was pretty obvious that he was simply showing his frustration about Bush's preemptive strike on his home country and subsequent 5 year occupation that has resulted in hundreds of thousands Iraqi deaths. Being a reporter and not a terrorist, it seems that he can make the connection that you are unable to - that the people of a nation (or ethnicity) don't just blindly follow their "leader."

2104 days ago


President Bush does have good reflexes. I noticed that the first time I saw the video. I was like... Go George W.!!!

2104 days ago


While I am disapointed that the guy missed, I am a tad impressed at how calmly he was able to dodge not one, but 2 shoes, that were flying directly at his head, while that fat f*ck Al'ma-what's his face just stood there with one hand up trying to block them. F*CK YOU IRAQI'S, ALL OF YOU!!

2104 days ago

Elaine 27    

This was comical. I do not condone what the journalist did to Bush, but just like how some Americans are offended, there are a lot of Iraqis who are angry of the carnage that the U.S, war brought to their country. A lot of Iraqis have been displaced, they lost love ones, there country is worst off then when Sadam was the ruler. I get to understand that this reporter was abducted twice. The reporter sees the mayhem everyday when he goes out on the streets to report the news. Please remember that even the administration had to admit that Sadam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction. The reporter snapped and used his shoes as a means of protest. He said take this Bush, this was for the widow, the orphan and the dead. If our journalist had enough spine and had challenged the Bush administration before this illegal war, then the country would not have been in this quagmire in Iraq, with the U.S. wasting billions of dollars in Iraq and Bush being disrespected in this manner.

In this life we must be careful of how we treat others. The Bushes could cold not accommodate President elect Obama and his family earlier in the Blair residence so that his daughters could be settled in and be ready for school in early January, because they have receptions booked for their staff members and now he got an embarrassing welcome in Iraq with a pair of left and right shoe thrown at him.

2104 days ago


So Bush CAN operate successfully at a reptilian level. Well somewhere between the frontal lobes and the reptilian midbrain there is a disconnect. That is still unresolved and won't be fixed by throwing shoes at him.

2104 days ago


When Obama officially becomes President, we'll get to see him treated the same way. But will his reflexes be as quick?

2104 days ago


He probably practices dogging bullets at home everyday! Shoes are noth'in.
I'd be practicing dodging things too if I were him
And who cares if the guy who threw his shoes hates Americans!

2104 days ago

Hon. Barney Frank (D-MA)    

Call me crazy, but I still love Dubya!

2104 days ago


" If the shoe fits"

2104 days ago


#9 get your facts together you could learn from #4...

better off my ass.... something #9 didnt see on The Daily Show or SNL....

2104 days ago
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