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Man Sues Dead Victim

in Brandy Crash

12/16/2008 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A man banged up in Brandy's fatal 2006 car crash is now suing the singer for allegedly causing the wreck -- and suing the lady who died for allegedly contributing to the chain reaction collision.

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Donald Lite is going after Brandy and Awatef Aboudihaj -- the married mother of two killed in the accident -- claiming their disregard for road rules caused the multi-car pileup that left him with extreme physical damage.

In the suit, filed last week in L.A. County Superior Court, Lite says their failure to keep a safe distance, mixed with their inability to travel at a safe speed, caused Brandy to rear-end Awatef, which sent Awatef's car smashing into his.

Lite says he's suffered "serious and permanent injuries" that racked up a lot of hospital bills -- and is suing for an undetermined amount.


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This is something that's going to haunt Brandy for the rest of her life. If she weren't a celebrity, none of this would be going on. Wouldn't this guy's car insurance cover his bills, or how does it work down there?

2134 days ago

darling nikki    

Ummm...this accident happened years ago. Now he thinks to sue? What is the statute of limitations on these things? This recession must be hitting him hard and he is in for some quick cash.

2134 days ago


TMZ - finally some real news that has substance - good job! Keep it up.

I don't see anything wrong with him suing both of them - even if she is dead. Besides, he would be suing her estate, if I am correct. Sad sad story - I feel sorry for her family; however, sounds like she was driving recklessly.

2134 days ago


Brandy's actions killed people. This low life murderer should be in prison. Just after she caused deaths she was out partying. She was caught on video, but yet Brandy claimed that she was so damn sad about it that couldn't leave the house.

Brandy was careless and didn't pay for her action in ANY way. I think this man has every right to sue her. He's tried to make it without asking for money, now he physically may have NO choice. Brandy should pay up.

2134 days ago


This chick needs to pay for her actions. Brandy got off too easy and now she still wants to get off free when other people are either DEAD or INJURED because of her.

Pay up BITCH!! You're a damn murderer!! Charged with a crime or not now.

2134 days ago


Isn't there any such thing as an accident anymore? People should work for a living, not run around looking for someone to sue. Unless they can prove that she was negligent the courts shouldn't allow this.

2134 days ago


Kay, that's how how it works. If you're at fault in an accident, you or your insurance company must pay for the vehicle and health bills. It doesn't matter if you were negligent or not. Brady is at fault because she hit that dead lady's car in the back, causing it to hit this guy's car.

2134 days ago


Can't imagine how the deceased victim's at fault. Brandy's the one who caused the chain reaction.

2134 days ago


Just another case of celebrities thinking they can commit heinous acts and get away with it. The drawback is that Brandy is a has-been and has probably depleted what money supply she had therefore this guy gets nothing. She should spend time in jail if she can't cough up the money to this guy. Brandy is a no-talent, pathetic, murderer.

2134 days ago


Im curious but how many of you were there? You're pointing the blame at brandy only because she is a celebrity.
Calling her a murderer but if I'm not mistaken Rebecca Gayheart (the wife of the doctor on Greys Anatomy) hit and killed a 9 yr old little girl. Rebecca is a "celebrity" where is the outrage for her? This lawsuit is saying both are at fault (if that is even the case) and you all jump on Brandy.

2134 days ago


Suing the dead chick? Seriously, I think she has more than paid for her mistake already..sheesh.

2134 days ago


From my understanding they were both going way too fast and the deceased lady slammed on her brakes. Because Brandi was following too closely at a high speed - rear ended her which caused her to run into the man suing her. They are BOTH at fault and they should be held liable for his pain and suffering. Kay, I highly doubt he's running around looking for someone to sue - if I were in his shoes I would probably sue whomever it was that caused the accident to cover my medical bills caused by their negligence. Just think what our society would be otherwise - nobody would be held accountable for their actions and could just say "it was an accident - get over it."

2134 days ago


This is really sad. Go ahead and sue Brandy but leave the other lady that died out of it. She already had paid enough with her life, whether she was in the wrong or not. No one here really knows that story but leave the one who passed out of your greedy suit. Let her family and kids who I am sure have already had enough to deal with financially with burying her and all of the other expenses and emotionally alone. What are you trying to make sure to get her life insurance out of this? Why? Leave all her kids have left of her with them you greedy son of a bi***. Go after Brandy and leave the other family to grieve. You have no heart, soul, or consience to go after this womans estate, if she even has one left!

2134 days ago


Donald Lite is entitled to the coverage from Brandy's car insurance company, and the coverage from Awatef Aboudihaj's insurance company as well. If this covered his medical expenses and car repair, he isn't "entitled" to anything more. Awatef Aboudihaj's estate is certainly not entitled to $$$ millions from the accident, either. They should accept the insurance company settlement, but if they pursue a civil suit against Brandy, they should get no more than maybe $1 million. And that is not $1 million each. I think about 10 of Aboudihaj's relatives are suing her. You know, if I think hard enough, maybe I can come up with a reason to sue Brandy, too....

2134 days ago


Ever wonder why your insurance premiums go up each renewal? Here's the reason. Frivolous lawsuits that's why. He sees deep pockets and wants to sue. Make your money the old fashioned way EARN IT.

2134 days ago
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