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Killer of "Most Wanted" Host's Son Identified

12/16/2008 2:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The tragic murder of a 6-year-old that lead John Walsh to host "America's Most Wanted" has finally been solved -- a mere 27 years after it happened.

Police in Hollywood, Florida are finally going to ID the scumbag who abducted and decapitated 6-year-old Adam Walsh in 1981. Police are expected to ID the killer as Ottis Toole, a convicted pedophile who died in prison in 1996.

Walsh began hosting "AMW" in 1988 -- a show which claims to have led to the capture of over 1,000 fugitives.

The killer will be officially announced at a press conference later today.

UPDATE: Walsh's publicist just told TMZ, "Evidence proves beyond a doubt that if Toole were alive today, he'd be charged and convicted of abducting and killing Adam."


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It really is about time.

G. Hall, clearly you have no children in your life.

2083 days ago


How did they come to the fact it was him?? DETAILS!!

2083 days ago


This country would be better off without smart asses like comment 3
G Hall have you ever thought of moving to Iran, Iraq or Bosnia? I will gladly pay for a one-way ticket. You are a poor example of a human being

2083 days ago


I pray that they are able to find the rest of Adam's body and that God continues to comfort this family. Something like this can never go away. I have nothing but sympathy for them and the other families that have had to go through this. I can't even imagine having to go through something like this. Many other people were blessed by the work done through the AMW show.

2083 days ago

Just me    

For the person that typed "So What" you are obviously looking for attention.
As for the story. I am glad the Walsh family will finally get official closure. I am thankful to Mr Walsh for creating the show that led to a thousand captures of criminals. I am curious how they are now come to the conclusion that he was the killer? I admit I dont know anything about Otis Toole., and I wonder what took so long? Rest in peace Adam, and God bless the Walsh family.

2083 days ago


Yeah, this guy was always the prime suspect. I wonder why now it is only being confirmed. Guess all our questions will be answered at the press conference.

2083 days ago


Thank God they found out who the pig was who commited such an awful crime against a young innocent child ...... too damn bad the bastard is dead ..... I say it's 20 some-odd years too damn late..... The USA is supposed to be top notch and advanced. I see more and more that we are behind the times. When this crime was committed the authorities should have been able th home in on this excuse for life of a person. But, for the Walsh Family ..... at least they now know the name of the piece of !@$ who murdered their sweet innocent child ..... John Walsh has gifted society with America's Most Wanted I wish it was something we the people could do for him and his family. My prayers ultimately to the Walsh's .....

2083 days ago


Finally a definitive answer for John & his family!! He has given sooo much for crime victims & their families.

2083 days ago


#10- YOU SUCK!

2083 days ago


Why has it taken so long to ID this killer?

At least he died in jail. At least he was convicted of something. Too bad he didn't get his full justice served.

2083 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

At the press conference is John Walsh gonna sell tee-shirts or advertise his popular web site?
That guy has made a ton of money off of this tragedy.

2083 days ago

To #26    

#10, you're way off base if you think that John Walsh is only concerned about TV ratings and ego. He has dedicated his life to saving other children and the TV show is only the most visible manifestation of his work. Among his many accomplishments on behalf of children, he's a Board member and fundraiser for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and successfully lobbied for a law that aids in protecting all of our children from sex offenders. In this dangerous world we live in, we could use more people like him.

2083 days ago


You all can say all you want about how great it is they found the killer or about how all John Walsh wants is ratings but none of you will understand the hurt and pain you feel when you lose a child.

2083 days ago


"3. So what.

Posted at 1:00PM on Dec 16th 2008 by G. Hall"

Spoken like a true pedophile..

2083 days ago


It is about time this happened - I just wish that Ottis Toole was still alive just so that he can suffer the consequences for what he did - liver failure is a definite easier way to go than what this bastard deserved.

2083 days ago
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