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McGraw -- I Ain't Smart Enough to Gov ... Yet

12/16/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tim McGraw isn't gunning for Tennessee Gov just yet -- he says he's got to get "a lot smarter" before he does.

"There is no truth to this," says McGraw's rep to People, about rumors that spread this weekend. "It's something he is interested in, but not for 2010. Later in life." McGraw was reportedly being groomed for a run at the Governor's office by Tennessee Dems.

He's said before, "I would want to do it just to say I did it. I think I gotta get a lot smarter between now and then!"


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actually, a lot of governors aren't all that bright to begin with...Tim has nothing to worry about, lol.

2060 days ago


Too bad Toby Keith's not running.He'd win it hands down.
If Tim wins I hope the first thing he does is fire the entire CMA judging panel...LOL!!!

2139 days ago


Toby yes, Tim NO........because of his quote for one thing. He would do it, just so he could say he did. He hasn't got any experiecnce in helping people, only himself. Most of us vote for someone who is out there working for US. But maybe having a hottie for a wife, he could pull it off, but what the heck. Of course a fine example of celebrity politicians is the governator Arnold. Look what that schmuck did for California. Only 500 Billion more in debt during his time in office. And the state is fast becoming the state with the poorest population living in it. Mississippi may not be at the bottom of list for long.

2139 days ago


If Tim McGraw can fake country music then I bet he could fake being smart. If Toby ran the thing that very few people know is that he would run as a Democrat. He donates an enormous amount of money to the democratic party, but pretends to be a republican to sell records to country music fans.

2139 days ago


I went to a Toby concert many years ago, 1995, when they were free, and he was performing in out of the way venues just to get his start. This guy loves America and Oklahoma even more. If he ran the country like he runs his business, I would not worry about the state of our countries finances. He is an all right guy, either Republican or Democrat, I would vote him. I saw a recent interview with him on CNN, and he stated he votes for the man, not their party. A good way to vote. Tim, on the other hand..............just too stupid and superficial.

2139 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

How long can he keep wearing that stupid hat that covers up his equally stupid hair transplant. Can't believe he paid money for that.

2139 days ago


If you want a good laugh.... check out his very first video "Indian Outlaw" on youtube.

I just can't see how people can think this guy is "sexy." He and his wife are both egotistical people.

2139 days ago


He wants to do it "just to say [he] did it"?!?!! That's the wrong reason to run for gov., Tim! The people running for leadership seats should be doing so for the people, not for personal advancement or glory. I used to love Tim & Faith, but they have become very superficial Hollywood-ites over the past few years.

2139 days ago


When did Tim McGraw get hair?!

2138 days ago

calling it like i see it    

First of all, no where in his quote did he use the word "ain't". People who sing country music and listen to it, don't use the word ain't all the time, we have college degrees, jobs and even shoes. He and Faith are a very classy couple. Tim is sexy and Toby is a redneck. Plain and simple truth. That's why he doesn't win ACMA's. Country music is political too. Tim would be a great governor. He just may be a little too honest though.

2138 days ago


Well, for starters, he could boost his intelligence just by switching sides.

2138 days ago


so true

2137 days ago


Ok Tim McGraw isn't selfish him and his wife donated a lot of their time and money to their own hometowns and surrounding areas because they are from Mississippi and Lousianna after the hurricanes hit. So don't judge him just because you like Toby better. I like both guys just the same and I think Tim would make a great Gov. And unless you live in Tennesse it isn't really going to matter who the gov is.

2137 days ago


If Tim McGraw got elected, would his wife still use her FIRST HUSBANDS NAME OF HILL? She was married to Dan Hill for 7 years but wont give up his name. Mrs. Bush is Mrs. Bush. Mrs. Obama is Mrs. Obama. Why is she still Mrs. Hill?? I think the voters would NOT like that! And they are both so self serving. He shows off his motorcycles and she shows off jewelry that would feed all of the poor here in the USA. And their charity work usually means they will show up somewhere and sing a song for free!! Publicity hounds! How about shelling out some of that ONE HUNDRED AND NINE MILLION DOLLARS that Forbes just reported they made in 2008?? They made $ 109,000,000.00 in one year and are going for more, they are both peddling colognes now with their names on them. How much money do these 2 selfish people need? They give a free song for charity??? And neither of them ever wrote a song that amounted to anything. They cant compete with Toby Kieth who writes all his songs or Taylor Swift who writes hers. And at 42 who needed to see Mrs. Daniel Hill pose in her bikini?? Will that help Tim's election?? These 2 are MONEY HUNGRY CLASS LESS PEOPLE ! Any gentlemen would insist HIS wife get rid of HUBBY NUMBER ONES NAME !!! and if her first husband gave an interview, and her fiancee Scott Hendricks who she ditched for McGraw gave an interview, and Alan Jackson gave an interview, there will be no election.

2121 days ago

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