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Hard Abs

12/22/2008 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President-elect Barack Obama is still humble enough to do laundry -- ON HIS ABS!

Check out B.O. in Hawaii this weekend. Somehow, the folks over at Bauer Griffin got the pic, despite the 1,400 motorcycles blocking the view.


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Oh Puke! When are you libs going to get done orgasming over thisjunior senator who sailed into the presidency with the help of themedia? No hard questions, nothing said at all except Change, Change,Change. Christ stop and think about it. What do you know abouthim...,.what has he done????? If I hear one more person in the mediapanting over this guy or see one more commercial showing his likenessnext to actually great presidents like Washington and Kennedy (who, bythe way thought more like a Republican than some Republicans thesedays) I'm going to start projectile vomiting.

2107 days ago


Media Alert!!!!!!!!!!! Please do whatever is necessary to greatly annoy #175, which will eventually lead to projective vomiting and whatever that will eventually cause. Fingers cross, people. When can hope

2107 days ago


Yowza, Obama is sssssmoking!! He got the look fer shur. Mmmm, makes me wanna vote for him all over again!

2107 days ago


Eww. The man-child shirtless. Just what I needed to see. I would take Clinton over that and that's no small feat.

2107 days ago


Instead of talking about Obama's yummy abs, we could talk about the complete failure of the Bush administration. That would make the Republicans happy. Their best boy destroyed our economy, wasted our military, and congratulated the buddy who let New Orleans suffer. I guess they want to talk about that because they get all jealous and mean-spirited whenever anyone talks about Mr. Obama.

2107 days ago


Good pic of a 98 lb weakling. Careful he don't get sand kicked in his face at the beach.

2106 days ago


Ah yes, Roy is another one of those caring liberals. Don't worry Roy. I won't get sick--after all its the working folk like myself who have to pay the taxes so all you libs can get everything taken care of by the government--healthcare, babysitting, Heck you probably won't even have to wipe your own ass with Obama in there Roy!! Lie back and relax--we'll all take care of you!

2106 days ago


F'N NASTY!!!!! Looks like the Cloverfield monster!!!

2106 days ago


Dear Bunzer,

The last Democrat president left this nation with a budget surplus. George W. has indebted us to the tune of over 500 trillion dollars. So how about you shut your stupid yap about who doesn't know how to be wise with money, unless you want to admit the truth: Republicans act like teenagers on a spending spree when they get ahold of our tax dollars. Fool.

2106 days ago


I would tap that..... He looks yummy

2106 days ago


These photos are a really guilty pleasure of mine. I feel sort of bad about oogling at them because I respect Mr. Obama so much..but unfortunately, I don't feel l bad enough not to look. Our future president is not only smart, but he is eye-candy as well. Finally, something for the ladies in 2009. Go Obama!!!!

2106 days ago


I have multiple thoughts regarding this picture and the subsequent posts.
* looking president ever...shirt or no shirt.
* How did they get that close? Please SS keep him and his family safe.
* Black men are more likely than white men to have less or no chest hair.
* Not man boobs...definitiion ~ I know unfamiliar to some of you.
* On holiday with family as most Americans are doing.
* STAYING at an estate and I am sure it was chosen for many reasons, including security.
* IMHO he has done more work in the past few weeks, to take this country to a better place, than the previous administration. He, like all Americans who work hard, deserves a vacation.
* Mr. Obama was vetted by the MSM and America for two years. He answered all of the questions put to him. Because they are not the answers you want to hear does not make them secret.
* I do wish that the media would be a bit more hands off, especially with pictures like this, I understand why it is hard not to...we have a president elect and family that is interesting and more representative of american citizens, than others and their ranches, wealthy friends, "royal" lineage, etc. His background and his life's journey speaks to me and the other millions that not only asked him to run but supported him every step of the way.

As an African American woman of mixed heritage I recognize the racists (posting here) and how they use other issues to hide their racism. I live it and recognize the code words and actions. I do not mean that all spewing their hate here are racist, Some are jealous, some are so far to the right they forget they have a middle or left (neo cons, etc.), some are just nasty mean people that will find fault with anyone who is not them or like them. I have respect for those of all parties, religion, ideas, and thoughts when they are based on fact or policy (in the case of politics) as for the others who just need to be nasty and evil. SHAME ON YOU!

A new dawn has come to the "United States of America" and the White House...I hope you will join me in revelling in that and supporting our next president as he takes on the HUGE tasks in front of him. If he fails...we all fail...even you that hate him. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Mr PE Obama and family.

2105 days ago

Go Sarah!    

I am so sick of this guy,

2105 days ago


Sure, 188.
Because not all of us blindly support him, we are racist. OK. Vetted? Riiight.

2105 days ago


AMEN!!! on comment 188....Very well spoken!

2104 days ago
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