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Bike Shorts Can't Squelch Lance's Swimmers

12/24/2008 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently the correlation between too much bike riding and male infertility is a bunch of hokum.

Or so Lance Armstrong has proven, as he's going to be a father for the fourth time, this time with GF Anna Hansen. According to PerezHilton.com, Hansen and LanceStrong "have been quietly dating since July. They met through Lance's charity work." Lance already has a son and two daughters.

No comment yet from Tory Burch Kate Hudson Sheryl Crow.

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Could Planned Parenthood please open a branch in LA?
Benji&Nicole, Ashley&Peter, Jessica&Cash, Lance, etc - condoms are great for STDs and pregnancy - both of which must be a real problem with all the bed hopping.

2128 days ago


Boy, Lance sure has hopped from woman to woman since his divorce. Disappointing to see he has gotten someone he has known such a short time pregnant, especially with his fickle history. Another unwed mother to raise a kid. He already has kids by his marriage he needs to spend time with. I would be surprised if he finds much time for them with his busy work life, dating female celebs and cycling.

2128 days ago


So he's been dating this chick for 5 mos. He's an egomaniac. Loser.

2128 days ago


isn't this why he left Sheryl Crow? because he didn't want a kid?
He wanted to retire, and just "kick back" and enjoy life....enjoy those 3 am wake up calls now Lance:-))

2128 days ago


This guy is such a jerk. Yeah, he dumped Sheryl, cuz he didn't want any more kids!!!! I am sure the real reason was she dumped him, cua he is a liar, cheating, bed hopping, loser of a guy. Sheryl you were lucky to get out without a kid by this dumbass. At least you had him right after the divorce, and not after that skank Kate Hudson. Amazing how all these losers end up with each other. Birds of a feather, I guess. Sperm banks in Malibu being kept busy this holiday season.

2128 days ago


Just gonna point out that Lance, as a survivor of testicular cancer, had every reasonable expectation that he couldn't have children without medical intervention (like the in-vitro that was used to concieve his other three children). In very rare cases there are spontaneous regenerations of sperm production. Looks like this is what happened to Lance. So don't knock him on the lack of birth control. Up to this point, concieving a child meant a trip to the fertility specialist.

2128 days ago


Wow, he looks like a "druggie" in this photo. You guys need to peruse your photos, and get rid of these stupid head shots. I read in people mag the only way he could have kids is through a sperm bank donation. His floaters don't swim upstream.....hahahahahah! Must have planned this pregnancy then. Anna Hansen, must have cast a spell over him, because he definitely said he didn't want any more kids in that article. But I will add to the rest of the majority comments, that he is an egomaniac, and a loser. His best friends are Robin Williams, Matthew McConahay, and the sperm bank. All losers in my book.

2128 days ago


If previous births were done in vitro, then I guess they guy is pretty surprised, and points out that he is having unprotected sexual activities. I also would be worried then about STDs, cuz this guy has a reputation here in LA as a player, and we only read about the ones that got away without prenancy. Course I still say he is another gay man, trying to prove to the world he is not.

2128 days ago


Totally agree with you BbG - STDs should still be a huge concern for him and the mother-to-be and any previous (and future) partners of his. Would have loved to hear his side of the conversation when Anna told him she was pregnant! And see his expression when the doctor confirmed that this child could be his!

2128 days ago


The photo TMZ ran with this story could have been the look on his face when Anna told him he was gonna be a daddy again!!!! Dang, bad picture.

2128 days ago


This guy is a womanizing whore. Kristin and Sheryl are all the better off for kicking his egomaniacal ass to the curb!

2128 days ago

kay in SA    

Hope he asks for a paternity test

2128 days ago


I actually feel bad for Sheryl. He told her that he did not want anymore kids, but he obviously meant he just didn't want kids with her. Oh well. She has her son and seems to be doing well.

2128 days ago


Ugh. Another kid has to have a lousy father. I gather this was Lance's story too (raised by a single mom) and he's repeating this pattern.

I don't know the guy but he sure does seem to be a narcissitic egomaniac who can't stay in relationships for the long haul. I can't imagine why any of these women think he will, given his track record. Big mistake to have a child with him.

2128 days ago

Aunt Esther    

Given this guy's history, he'll dump this woman in the very near future - and then what happens to the child? Who doesn't feel sorry for the offspring of these self-centered celebrities who don't bother marrying the other party in this whole baby-making experiment? Children aren't just a fashion accessory, they deserve better than this.

2128 days ago
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