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Kook vs. Kardashians

12/24/2008 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kooky Courtney Love took to her MySpace blog to trash Robert Kardashian -- and now the whole family is hella pissed!

C. Love accused the Kardashian bro of a hate crime -- saying he attacked one of her employees and repeatedly called him a faggot. Courtney says she tried reporting the incident to cops, but they brushed her off. If she was as incoherent in person as she is online, it's not really that startling.

The Kardashian family is none-too-pleased. A rep for the fam tells us, "We are so saddened to hear that someone is blogging this insanity on Christmas Eve. Everything this apparently unstable person writes is obviously untrue and we will forward this terrible nonsense to our attorneys. Merry Christmas!"

And a Happy New Year.


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White christmas just so you know for the Kardashians is having some blow, maybe like an eight ball or two if Brody comes by (cause Brody likes one to himself, look at his nostrils) and maybe a little smack if Reggie is there. You gotta love this family. Hugs and Drugs is Kim's motto. They love each other so much if one takes too much coke, the others don't get mad. They just make that one person foot the bill next time. Usually Mr Jenner foots the bill but doesn't do anything but takes his lortabs.

2099 days ago

darling nikki    

@ #5: Sorry to break the news to you, but Shapiro was just doing his job. If it was not him, it would have been someone else. A good attorney's ethics value the law more than anything, and the law says that the accused is entitled to counsel. A good attorney is only being ethical when he or she provides that counsel and gets the best possible outcome for his or her client. There are a LOT of questions an attorney will never ask a client so that the attorney can get the best verdict or plea for the client without having to lie. If the attorney knows for a fact that the client has a future bad act planned--- real evidence, not just a gut feeling--- the attorney is required to report this to the judge and the police. O.J. was found "not guilty". "Not guilty" does not mean simply means that there was not enough sufficient evidence to find him guilty. Nobody has made the claim that he is innocent. If you want to be mad, be mad at the prosecutors who failed to ensure the evidence against O.J. they brought to the table was feasible. And instead of wishing harm on Shapiro's family, how about using your passion and write your rant to the states Bar Association....I'm sure they could use a good laugh.

2099 days ago

darling nikki    

^^^In my above post, I meant Kardashian, not Shapiro^^^^^

Anyhoo, Courtney Love may be crazy but she keeps it real. The Kardashian's have made a mighty successful career in playing the victim.

2099 days ago

lick me    

Hey No Chaser....

Robert Kardashian Snr hadn't practiced law for over a decade when OJ murdered Nicole and Ron. When his close friend OJ gave the mysterious bag to Robert, he removed it from the premises. He renewed his license So he could "join" the defense team,

2099 days ago

lick me    

As for the creepy, fakeass Rob Junior,

I completely believe this story.


Because I have seen emails that he sent to Haley Duff's (Hillary's sister) MySpace account during the time she had a fall out with Kim, where he told her that her 'birth was a huge mistake' and that she should just fu*cking
die bitch", and that "she wished SHE could live in Bev Hill", stating that "the only time she would ever see the number's 90210 (Kim's zip code) was on her scales!"

What an ass he is.

2099 days ago


All you have to do is read her bloq and you know that Coutrney is mental.
One time she made a statement that she saw huge amoounts of cocaine in the bathroom of a popular Los Angles restaurant. Never happened of course, unless she brougt it herself.
Courtney is NUTS.

2099 days ago

Still in Shock    

There is no way in HELL Robert Kardashian Jr. did this.

He wouldn't even kill a roach crawling across the floor.

He doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

Obviously Courtney Love has been "hitting the pipe" AGAIN........

Robert Shapiro, file a motion to shut this Bitch up!!!!!!!!

2099 days ago

white girl    

Courtney love was prolly trippin on acid....hallucinating!! If there was all of that proof, the cops would have HAD 2 do something....She's a wackjob!!

2099 days ago


The Kardashians are SUE crazy!

2099 days ago


Agree with #1. Courtney may be a little kooky at times but she tells it like it is. There's way too much detail for it to be completely made up. Besides I would believe Courtney over the spawn of Robert Kardashian any day.

2098 days ago


I believe the story is based on some truth and like Courtney i always thought that Rob kid was Gay also.And I LOVE COURTNEY LOVE, she is a genius that most of you simply cant understand. But what pisses me off is the way Courtney uses so many Gay sterotypes to try to insult Rob. She insists that if Rob is gay he must shop at A&F, listen to abba, wear his sisters undies, wear red glitter and 6 inch heals, go to Rage, etc. As a gay man I'm offended by those sterotypes used as insults twords Rob. Now Rob likely diserves none of my respect and i dont defend what he possibly did. And if he is Gay he should come out, and call me. But damn it Courtney, your words further the hate against us, they legitimize the language.

2098 days ago


I tried to post my thoughts on Courtneys blog but her boy banned me on both my myspace pages from all his little Courtney pages. Courtney is so kept in the dark about how her fans are treated by that dude.

2098 days ago

CL fan    

No doubt, whoever runs Courtneys myspace is a tweeker freak. He makes Courtney look like a tweeker still. And rants like this one dont help that clearly. But im sure Courtney is clean, hopefully she stays away from that myspace dude.

2098 days ago


the kardashians are not good people. harvey i'm sickened you are not stating the truth if you do in fact know it, don't let the kardashians pay you off - I live out here and their store is like umm so tiny you can barely turn around - they will sell their souls for one penny but .clovecobain although may not all with it now has hundreds of millions of what courtney and shana m they are both not telling the truth and the kardashains are just so perfect and angelic is that it?

2098 days ago


Ok, the kardashians are famous for their dead father, and Kim's ASS?
Who gives a c rap about her brother.
However, I am sick of the rich kids effing with everyone they can because daddy was a rich lawyer and has connections, and still a boatload of his money.
If he did do that, it should be made known.
HOWEVER, he can place him under citizens arrest and have his day in court if he wanted to.
And if he really did break his nose and reported it, I AM SURE R. Kardashian had friends at the Police Department.
TRUST ME its all about who you know. And If you know the guy who got OJ off I'd say you got some kind of connections.
I mean the guy killed 2 people and got off. You dont think that he can punch someone in the face and still get off?
Of course he can. MONEY TALKS.

2098 days ago
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