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Barkley's Party Pal --


12/31/2008 12:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Did he do that?

Charles Barkley was hangin' with a celebrity party posse before he was popped for DUI in Arizona early this morning -- and were told one of the guys in his crew was Jaleel White -- aka Steve Urkel!

Barkley spent Tuesday evening at a Scottsdale nightclub called Dirty/Pretty. Sources at the club tell our pals at TheDirty.com that Barkley, Urkel and former NFL superstar Michael Strahan were boozin' it up at their own private table.

Sources close to the situation also tell TMZ Barkley had some interesting accessories in his car when he was popped at the DUI checkpoint -- wine coolers and bear claw donuts. Seriously.

No word if Barkley had driven drunk to the donut shop -- or if they were stashed away from an earlier munchie run. We'll keep you posted.

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love her!    

I don't care about the bear claws but I am disgusted for a public figure to get caught driving drink...Idiot!

2124 days ago

love her!    

lol I meant drunk not drink lol...I am not a public figure & typing while intoxicated is just fine

2124 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Bear Claws donuts as driving home drunk food? Ewwww! Every player knows you get a sack full of SLIDERS from White Castle while driving with one eye open! The bed of onions helps cover-up the booze on your breath and nothing sucks-up the excess booze in the stomach better than all that fat in a half-dozen Sliders!

2124 days ago


Hey OooooNooo!
If you are a "player" you should know there aren't any White Castle stores in Scottsdale or Arizona for that matter. Donuts were a viable option for him.

2124 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

TMZ is the new CNN. While TMZ has been breaking this story, all the talking heads on the morning television shows in Phoenix were doing what they've done for 50 years - reading the Arizona Republic on the air as their news. Unfortunately, the Arizona Republic hasn't had any news in it for the past year/ It did not report Barkley story until 2-1/2 hours after TMZ.

Guess Phoenix news hasn't heard about "new journalism," which began in the mid-'70s. As John Mellencamp said about horse towns, they're either 5 years ahead of time or 25-years in the past. See you later.

2124 days ago

charley hardman    

the DUI scam. if unsafe driving cannot be detected via eyeballs in the skulls of cops NOT sitting on their butts at an illegal, suspicionless checkpoint, it should be acknowledged exactly what the DUI scam is and intends to be.

google "legalize drunk driving".

2124 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

If you are a "player" you should know there aren't any White Castle stores in Scottsdale or Arizona for that matter. Donuts were a viable option for him.

Posted at 11:06AM on Dec 31st 2008 by what?

No White Castle? Wow. Guess that leaves the tacos at Jack In The Box. Now don't tell me they don't have them there!

2124 days ago

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