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Charles Barkley

Popped for DUI

12/31/2008 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Barkley was arrested on suspicion of DUI early this morning in Arizona.

Charles Barkley
Barkley was arrested by the Gilbert Police Department at a DUI checkpoint and had his blood tested on scene by a mobile DUI task force.

He was released a short time later and took a taxi home.

Story developing ...

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He has vices just like you    

Many of you sound like a bunch of haters. Drinking and gambling are his vices, what are yours......hating? He is an ex-player who was smart enough to still have a career after playing. Guess what else..... he makes more money than you. Can you afford to bail yourself out if you got caaught?

2091 days ago


He wasn't pulled over ... it says he went through a DUI CHECKPOINT which means cops stop everyone who drives by to check for drunk drivers.

2091 days ago


The government cares about making money off innocent tax payers - not protecting them. Insurance companies support any laws that protect and enhance the enormous and outrageous profit they keep making year after year.

People who kill or hurt others because they were too drunk to drive made a terrible decision to drive and should be punished appropriately on an individual bases. A repeat DUI/DWI offender is a chronic problem that has not been properly addressed with a reliable solution from the courts or carmakers as of today.

Legalized intrapment is not something anyone should condone. Studies funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have shown that only three of the field sobriety tests are effective in detecting a drunk driver: nystagmus, one-leg-stand and walk-and-turn. In other words, all other field sobriety tests are simply unreliable. basing laws and penalties on actual evidence of impairment whenever possible. Blood alcohol content should only be used as prima facie evidence of impairment, and there should be flexibility in laws that base penalties on blood alcohol content.

Drunk-driving roadblocks violate protection from warrantless search and seizure, and fail to meet probable cause standards. They have not been shown to be effective at deterring impaired driving.

DWI penalties based on blood alcohol counts should be graduated to reflect the potential severity of impairment. The more severe penalties should be phased in at a BAC of .15 where impairment begins to directly correlate with accident involvement. Lower penalties should be adopted for less severe DWI violations.

2091 days ago


post - new day

I hope you're not shocked by how extremely racist the white posters on here are.
Just imagine ALL the others out there.
Alarming, Huh

2091 days ago

Wayne Newtn    

hey chuckee,

say goodbye to makin' eazy mo' money from dat eazy gig you have (had...LOL) @ TNT doin' yo b-ball shiznit smack !!! yo ma brotha...you can have ma cell, coz it be empty soon...gonna be free to make mo' money in da NFL when i git outta hizzee !!!


2091 days ago

Alabama Folks    

My kin is human.......Half of Ford and General Motor Exec. are drunk by lunch time ..every day

2091 days ago


Man I have read some really sick and disturbing comments some of which have made sense some of which haven't .... blame Blacks... blame Whites.... blame the fact that he has money.... blame the fact that he is a ex-sports star...he's washed-up.... he has fat lip(really silly).... blame our President Elect Obama..there goes his political career..did he have one? say bye to the easy money that he has made...have you ever been a pro-basketball player... anyone..i think not try banging with Shaquille and tell me that's easy not that they played @ the same time should have said Patrick Ewing just as big.... maybe a over paid analyst but they all are hell some of us do it for free with our friends..same thing we just don't get paid...do REAL bottom line is this....Charles Barkley was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol early Wednesday.An officer with a task force that targets drunken driving saw the former NBA star run a stop sign about 1:30 a.m.,... key word being Suspicion...do u think that if had been drunk they would have let him take a cab home..oh my bad he was black.... let him go cause he might sue us....We as a people are so judgemental... hell let Tom Cruise jump on my couch and I'm kicking his behind...Trust me. I wouldn't normally even write on a blog (is it a acronym or what) but I'm really fed up with the bashing of people of color with so many Blacks and Whites having baby's today I'm thinking we will all be the same color in 100 years or so...Then What Will you say...What will u Hate Then...the fact they they wear Sir Charles Barkley Nike Shoes! Hug A Black/White person Today and Be Safe there are a lot of REAL DRUNKS on the road who will never be arrested but might introduced themselves to you when they come Thur your windshield

2091 days ago


Thank you Spideyf2424

Finally a comment I don't mind reading.

2091 days ago

doody bubble    

I think Charled Barkley brought all these comments on himself. It was stupid that he thinks a coach should be hired for the sake of having "more black coaches" Whatever happened to being qualified? It seems to me that having to give a person of color ,like in the NFL, they have to interview a minority and then if he gets hired, he has to be offered a multi year deal. They don't "have to" offer whites those kind of deals. As people of color, don't you feel insulted by getting offers by your skin color not your qualifications? I also think it's sad that some use it as an excuse to get a job.

2090 days ago


Wow! Can anyone really be this stupid? A loudmouthed motormouth who really is a lousy role model. Probably get a new TV show out of it.

2086 days ago


I'm Shocked! He didn't get his DUI in Vegas after losing his shirt? Here he is in Arizona ....and with his shirt!
The only good that might come out of this is he gets fired from Television, finally hits bottom and .....
well thats it.

2083 days ago

big fan #1    

u all are a bunch of hypocrites just because he is suspicious of drinking and driving doesn't mean he did. He is not the only one who does it and any one drives with at least one beer in their stomach. He was an awesome player and a nice guy doesn't mean he is not allowed to express himself.

2076 days ago


Mr. Barkley,

Why have you become so "Tebow Tired" ?
Would it be his faith and expression of faith or maybe the way he plays ball. Could it be that he comes from a great family, has a great relationship with his Father and Mother. His friends, family and former teammates all respect and say great things about him. He made great grades in both high school and college and has been a very charitable person even before becoming famous.

What could it be; not his hair color or anything immature and feeble minded as that! So, I thought I would ask some people that would know and I just can't believe it. I can't believe what I'm hearing. I won't believe it until I hear it from you. So, I thought I'd just ask you myself.

I've done some research and can find no evidence that you ever mentioned being "Tiger Tired". Back in the day everyone, including you, talked and talked about Tiger. He was everywhere you looked. But never “Tiger Tired”.

So why so "Tebow Tired"?

Thank you,
Sincerely, I am,

J. Cliff Graham

1017 days ago
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